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GameCube Gets Hit

The Nintendo Gamecube has worked up a bad reputation as being a system for the kids. Compared to the Xbox and Playstation 2, Gamecube has very little mature games that appeal to older gamers. Nintendo has tried several times to get third party developers to make mature games for the Gamecube, and has been relatively successful. However, most third party developers have been scared away because they don’t want to compete with Nintendo’s excellent first party games. Eidos released Hitman 2 on all platforms, but it was released on the Gamecube a few months after the other systems. By releasing … Continue reading GameCube Gets Hit

Marvelous Music Mayhem

The game Frequency was cast aside by many gamers amidst the holiday buzz of November 2001. The game was praised by many reviewers, deservingly so, but was lost not unlike games such as ICO. It featured a new spin on the Dance Dance Revolution and Parappa the Rapper-style games. The easy to learn, hard to master gameplay featured many popular artists, as well as some underground techno DJ’s. However, it succeeded well enough to spawn the sequel Amplitude that was released in March 2003. The game follows the same pattern that Frequency laid out: hit buttons to a beat to … Continue reading Marvelous Music Mayhem