No Man’s Sky Huge Foundation Update Trailer

Hello Games just launched a huge update for No Man’s Sky that allows for base construction, a new freighter class ship you can dock your fighter into and use to store resources, automatic mining over time, teleporting and waypoints. Plus there is a new creative easy mode and a really difficult survival mode. Blast off with the new and improved No Man’s Sky from Amazon!   Developers: Hello Games Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4

New No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer

Hello Games revealed a new No Man’s Sky gameplay video at The Game Awards, on Friday – hence the whooping crowd noises. The video shows ships landing and taking off from gorgeous, multi-coloured planets populated by alien flora and fora, which we’re told are all procedurally generated. No Man’s Sky wowed everyone, when it was revealed earlier this year and seems to be living up to the hype, so far. The more we see, here at GiN HQ, the more we want to play it. The sci-fi game boasts millions of procedurally generated planets, each with their own plants, animals … Continue reading New No Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer

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