Wildermyth Early Access RPG Gets New Chapters

Wildermyth, the character-driven mythmaking RPG that mixes the storytelling of D&D with the tactical combat of X-COM, has just launched a brand-new campaign for players. “Eluna and the Moth” is the most intricately crafted experience in the game yet, and mixes up the game’s formula in some big ways. To fit with the story, the first chapter takes a more structured approach with less of a focus on overland management. Many of the battles and events throughout the campaign happen at less expected points. The campaign happens over a smaller span of time, allowing the player’s starting heroes to make … Continue reading Wildermyth Early Access RPG Gets New Chapters

CrossCode Finally Sees the Light

CrossCode is a game that lots of fans of the simulated RPG genre have been watching for years in its long development slog. Finally released, CrossCode is packed with content that will keep players engaged for hours on end, though towards the end of the story, this may not be such a good thing. We dive into this long delayed title to see if it reaches RPG greatness.