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Hey guys, it’s a me! The Modern Gamer is back with another title for your puzzling pleasure! Today we look at something that is more made for kids, but if you like a good storyline and a good puzzle adventure, then this one is for you. I especially love the animation, it reminds of the movie Box Trolls. This is yet another game where I would love to see a movie to go with it.

This game is fun because of all the exploration. Our buddy Willy Morgan can even go outside without a mask, though none of us should do that in real life. Anyway, Willy will be collecting clues and objects, turning them into useful items and solving the pirate curse of Bone Town! You know, like in a good old fashion puzzle adventure.

You start out as Willy reading an email from his mom who is currently in the Amazon on an expedition. He goes over how long it’s been since his dad’s disappearance ten years ago. After reading it, off he gets a letter in the mail that’s from his dad. Surprised and excited, Willy gets ready to go to the Dead Man Inn in Bone Town, to figure out what happened to his father. You help Willy gather objects and clues in order to solve that mystery.

Before your journey you’ll have to get all the parts you need to fix up a bike to travel to the Dead Man Inn in Bone Town. You’ll have to put together a bike that you took apart and used for other things. That will take you awhile, so if you’re new at adventure puzzle games, do take the tutorial. I have to admit it’s all pretty straight forward, unlike Edna and Harvey, even though it takes some getting used to.

It took me hours to find all the bike parts! Like, why are you taking your mother’s diamond ring? Why did you use that cog as a hair filter? How did those other gears get into your piggy bank? Why did you start your day at 2pm? I mean granted you’re only a kid (you find out he’s only 15). And there are some small mushroom jokes at the end there.

The graphics in this game are simply gorgeous. It’s really like playing through a movie. I give some major kudos to imaginary labs, they did a great job. It’s very stylized and reminds me of several movies, mostly in the stop motion variety. Box Trolls, The Missing Link, and Kubo to name a few. Everything is very detailed and even has animation for the smallest of things. (Like when you plunge into the tub at Willy’s house.)

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town is pretty cool and also pretty long. I would say this is a great way to enjoy what’s left of summer and get in the mood for Halloween. (I joke this is the month of Septober.) You guys have got to play this. And Imangarylab, please find a way to make this into movie or animated series! The animation is too perfect not to. That’s all for now folks, Modern Gamer out!

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