Viva Media Launches Crazy Machines Golden Gears on Steam

Get your gears in motion and ignite your ideas with Viva Media’s latest release, Crazy Machines Golden Gears! The Minneapolis-based game publisher announces the release of Crazy Machines Golden Gears on PC. Fans of the creative physics-based puzzle game will not be disappointed. The game boasts gorgeous graphics and effects that are brought to life with incredible clarity on the big screen. After the solid success on iPads, iPhones and Android devices, a new PC version was added to help meet the rapidly growing demand for the Rube Goldberg-style puzzle game. Additional Mac and Linux platform options will launch later … Continue reading Viva Media Launches Crazy Machines Golden Gears on Steam

Alex Hunter Lord of the Mind Adventure Added To GiN Reader Prizes

If you think you can match wits with a criminal genius, then you can win the platinum edition of Alex Hunter Lord of the Mind. Our good friends over at Viva Media have generously added codes to download the game to the GiN Prize Pool. As you know, there is a winner every single week here at GiN, and winners can pick from anything in the pool. In Alex Hunter Lord of the Mind, you will track down a missing scientist as you explore the place where reality meets illusion. Over many years, Private investigator Alex Hunter had worked on … Continue reading Alex Hunter Lord of the Mind Adventure Added To GiN Reader Prizes

Second Wave Of Crazy Machines 2 DLC Invaders Deploy

The newest Crazy Machines 2 DLC is in orbit and ready to land on the PC starting July 31! Launch your brain into the farthest reaches of the galaxy to take on a second wave of Invaders from Outer Space! Battle new alien life forms like Shape Shifters and Retro invaders. Utilize an amazing arsenal of parts and weapons as you solve new challenge levels and demolish extraterrestrials in your own devious experiments! Use velocity pads, EMP bombs, and Pushing Beams and much more to construct your own masterpiece of chaos in out space! Stunning HD graphics, extraordinary physics, particle … Continue reading Second Wave Of Crazy Machines 2 DLC Invaders Deploy

Crazy Machines Golden Gears Is Amazon Free App Of The Day

Crazy Machines Golden Gears is Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day! Released Today as Amazon’s Free App of the day, Crazy Machines Golden Gears is an Amazing deal! Normally $2.99, today it is available for download at no cost for Android Devices. The coolest part of this is that the 937 levels (at last count) created by players using the editor can all be downloaded for free as well. Android users who want to get the free game, just head over to the Amazon page and instantly download it. Publishers: Viva Media Platforms: Android

Giana Sisters Now Available

Independent game developer Black Forest Games announces that their twisted platformer, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has been released in the US and EU Regions (APAC scheduled for August) through PlayStation network for PS3. The game is available for $14.99 (14.99 in Europe). After a hugely successful campaign on Kickstarter and successful releases for Windows-PC and Xbox360, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams ‘ grandchild of the 80s classic game ‘The Great Giana Sisters’ ‘ is now finally available in the US and Europe on Sony’s PlayStation 3. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a challenging fast-paced platformer with a twist and an amazing … Continue reading Giana Sisters Now Available

Viva-Media Beefs Up GiN Prize Pool

Viva Media is beefing up the GiN Prize pool, and that’s great news for all fans. As you all know, we choose a winner every single week from among the pool of subscribers to our weekly newsletter. And subscribers can pick from anything in the prize pool. And now to celebrate the recent redesign of their Web pages, Viva Media is offering a bonus prize to that lucky winner each week. In addition to the normal prize, anything on the prize page, the weekly winner will also receive a code to download a full game from Viva-Media. We’ll be … Continue reading Viva-Media Beefs Up GiN Prize Pool

Viva Media Revamps Webpages

Publisher Viva Media, which has become a premium destination for Adventure, Family, Strategy and Kids games, has recently undergone a huge re-design of their Webpages. The new homepage at now highlights the various gaming genres the publisher offers, and also emphasizes the latest digital downloads. A quick look at their new homepage reveals some pretty scary adventure games being featured, like the devilish Sacra Terra and the hauntingly beautiful Shadows: The Price for our Sins. Many of the top games that have been nominated for Game of the Year awards are also now available for digital download, for … Continue reading Viva Media Revamps Webpages

Viva Media Publishing Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Viva Media and Artifex Mundi are proud to present the most terrifying carnival to visit a town near you, Dark Arcana: The Carnival. Enter the Hall of Mirrors and witness a distorted reality, where nothing is as it seems and people aren’t as they appear. Discover the dark secrets of a traveling carnival as you take on the role of a detective. Searching for an abducted woman, you must go beyond the colorful delight of the carnival attractions and immerse yourself in the ghastly horrors that lie awaiting, just beyond that last mirror. Features: Explore two beautifully crafted worlds ‘ … Continue reading Viva Media Publishing Dark Arcana: The Carnival

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