Viva-Media Beefs Up GiN Prize Pool


Viva Media is beefing up the GiN Prize pool, and that’s great news for all fans. As you all know, we choose a winner every single week from among the pool of subscribers to our weekly newsletter. And subscribers can pick from anything in the prize pool. And now to celebrate the recent redesign of their Web pages, Viva Media is offering a bonus prize to that lucky winner each week.

In addition to the normal prize, anything on the prize page, the weekly winner will also receive a code to download a full game from Viva-Media. We’ll be rotating in new games all the time, but the first one will be the award-winning Crazy Machines 2.

"At GiN, we are used to having a winner every week," said publisher Nate Wooley, "Now with the help of Viva Media, those winners just got a little bit luckier. And be sure to check out the new, fantastic-looking pages over at to see all the great titles they now publish."

To be eligible to become a weekly winner, just click on the subscribe tab at the top of the page, check out all the great prizes, and sign up for the free weekly newsletter. If you are a winner, you not only get to pick anything off the prize page, but automatically get the bonus prize as well.

Good luck everyone!

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