Viva Media Publishing Dark Arcana: The Carnival


Viva Media and Artifex Mundi are proud to present the most terrifying carnival to visit a town near you, Dark Arcana: The Carnival. Enter the Hall of Mirrors and witness a distorted reality, where nothing is as it seems and people aren’t as they appear. Discover the dark secrets of a traveling carnival as you take on the role of a detective. Searching for an abducted woman, you must go beyond the colorful delight of the carnival attractions and immerse yourself in the ghastly horrors that lie awaiting, just beyond that last mirror.


Explore two beautifully crafted worlds ‘ the one you know and a dark, surreal alternate reality.

Easily switch back and forth between

hidden-objects scenes and mini games.

Experience a challenging adventure with a gripping storyline that keeps you moving forward with every twist and turn!

Will you be able to rescue the mother of a young girl?


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