Argue the Toss Firewatch

Trekking Through Firewatch

Argue the Toss is back for Season 2 and Chella has a new pal. Drew Moffatt is in the hot seat to chat about the things that really matter in games.

Up for discussion in episode one is Firewatch, the narrative exploration game set in the wilds of Wyoming. Join Chella and Drew around the camp fire and don’t forget to bring marshmallows.


One thought on “Trekking Through Firewatch”

  1. It didn’t bother me that the conspiracy turned out the way that it did, because I recognized a lot of the government stuff was just scientific equipment. The cave situation also resolved okay for me, but I wanted the camera and collecting the notes to be more useful. I wanted a scene at the end where I got an actual debriefing with someone who isn’t Delilah, I wanted cops or something at the end to make all the pictures and collected items to be worth it. I agree that the dialog was excellent.

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