TNT: Tales of Demons & Gods Chapters 41-80 by Mad Snail

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the second set of chapters for one of my favorite series. It’s Tales of Demons & Gods Chapters 41-80 by Mad Snail!

Plot Synopsis: Having been granted a second chance at his life, Nie Li has decided to right all the wrongs of his past life and make up for the deaths he saw then, by saving all his friends and family with this second chance. Nie Li gathered a group of close friends, including the beautiful Xiao Ling’er and Ye Ziyun, and gave them all new and better ways to train in order to better prepare for the upcoming wave of destruction in order to save their lives. He sets off on a young nobles expedition to gain the priceless Shadow Devil Spirit that he knows lies there from his past life. He and Ziyun are seperated from the rest of the group and stumble upon an ancient tomb while running for their lives from Spirit Beasts and the Dark Guild. He discovers not only the Spirit Lamp, but a piece of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book as well.

Plot: The plot picks up right after that synopsis, and rushes head long into even more action and hijinks by Nie Li. I love this series, and these chapters are some of the better ones.

Characters: We don’t really get many new comers, but Nie Hai and Nie En are probably my favorite of the two, especially with the way Nie Li treats them. It’s pretty funny.

Overall: An excellent second set of chapters, in an excellent series. You really ought to be reading this!

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