Trailer: Creepy Road

Groovy Milk is happy to announce the start of Creepy Road Kickstarter campaign! Creepy Road is a from-left-to-right 2D indie game with classic game play, funny characters and great art style. After a successful Greenlight by Steam community and long Russian holidays Groovy Milk was step by step getting closer to start climbing Kickstarter’s peak and now they are almost here.

“Our goal is to raise enough funds to make developing more quick and comfortable and to realize all features that we want to show you in Creepy Road. But this is not the only goal” – said Ilia Polutis, Art director of Creepy Road.

“Another reason is that the Kickstarter campaign is also a unique opportunity to connect with our potential fan base, to get the valuable feedback that will enable us to make the game really awesome!” – Vladimir Sarafanov, Producer of Creepy Road.

The game tells a story of a brutal truck-driver, Flint Trucker, with a big gun who wants to get home as soon as possible, his love – the rhinoceros’ trainer Angeline is waiting for him. But the car got broken, way to home is blocked by thousands of creepy animals and mad men. What is left to do? Take a shotgun and discover yourself what the hell is going on!

Release of Creepy Road is scheduled for summer 2016 worldwide for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac and Linux Platforms.

Please visit the developer’s Kickarter page if you would like to support this game.

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