Attentat 1942 Developers Working on New Game Svoboda 1945

Charles Games, the team behind Attentat 1942, an award-winning video game about the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, announces details of their new game in development titled Svoboda 1945. Attentat 1942 was released in October 2017 and received several prestigious awards, including the “Most Amazing Game” at the 2018 A MAZE festival, “Czech Game of the Year 2017,” and a nomination for the 2018 IGF Award for Excellence in Narrative. Like Attentat 1942, the new game Svoboda 1945 is a historically accurate game written by professional historians. “Svoboda 1945 immerses you in the story of a small village in the Czech-German … Continue reading Attentat 1942 Developers Working on New Game Svoboda 1945

Dark Fantasy Sanator: Scarlet Scarf Begins Steam Demo

Serafim Onishenko, a book author and experienced narrative designer, announces the release of the demo of his indie game — Sanator: Scarlet Scarf. Scarlet Scarf is a visual novel inspired by the legend of Plague Maiden. Dive into the dark mysteries of a dying city with the fate of Sanator Richard Murdock in your hands. Perhaps it’s not too late to stop the on-going calamity… This niche, narrative-based project in the dark fantasy genre is intended to fill the void in the market of videogames heavily focused on storytelling, according to its developers. “Our goal is to create original games … Continue reading Dark Fantasy Sanator: Scarlet Scarf Begins Steam Demo

Most Anticipated Games of 2019

The big games of 2019 include a cyberpunk search for human connection, dystopian DC, demon slaying and a spot of fishing and weeding. That’s right, all our hobbies are represented in the next 12 months with Animal Crossing, the latest from Platinum Games and From Software, as well as some indie gems like Sable.

CrazyGames launches Gaming Developer Portal

CrazyGames, one of the ten largest free browser game platforms in the world, launches a developer portal and opens its game platform for testing new games. The startup wants to use its 10 million monthly users to help developers improve their games and earn revenue from them. CrazyGames is a browser game platform where users can play free games in various categories. Raf Mertens (27) founded the website in 2014. It started as a hobby project and grew into a small company with four employees. The site has 10 million users and is one of the ten largest browser game … Continue reading CrazyGames launches Gaming Developer Portal

Gift of Parthax has launches on Steam for PC and Mac

To celebrate the pixel art game’s launch, the company released a new launch trailer and announced special launch pricing of $8.49, a 15 percent launch discount off the game’s normal $9.99 MSRP. An Xbox One version of the title is currently in production and will launch at a later date. Gift of Parthax is a 2D top-down arena fighter featuring a gothic pixel art style that puts players in the shoes of Arif, a mage on a quest to save his friend. To do so, he must defeat all enemies in Atixa’s grand arena—and receiving the Gift of Parthax may … Continue reading Gift of Parthax has launches on Steam for PC and Mac

Build and Manage A Medieval Cemetery in Graveyard Keeper

The most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of the year Graveyard Keeper is out on Steam and Xbox One! In Graveyard Keeper, you build and manage a historically inaccurate medieval cemetery while making questionable ethical choices. Featuring witch burning festivals, organ harvesting, and organic foods. Game features: • Face ethical dilemmas. Do you really want to spend money on that proper hotdog meat for the festival when you have so many resources lying around? • Gather valuable resources & craft new items. Expand your Graveyard into a thriving business, go ahead and gather valuable resources scattered in the surrounding areas, … Continue reading Build and Manage A Medieval Cemetery in Graveyard Keeper

Good Shepherd To Release Flat Platformer Semblance

Good Shepherd Entertainment has revealed that Semblance, the world-busting puzzle platformer from independent South African developer Nyamakop, will launch on July 24, 2018, on Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop, as well as Windows PC and Mac via Steam. Semblance is a puzzle platformer where your soft, bouncy character and its soft, bouncy world are almost entirely deformable. An infestation of hard material has spread throughout the land. Squish, squash, mold and deform yourself and the environment to solve challenging puzzles, squeeze through tight spots and bring your delicate home back to life! A winner of multiple special honors from … Continue reading Good Shepherd To Release Flat Platformer Semblance

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