Upcoming Construction Simulator 4 Announced With Trailer

Publisher astragon Entertainmen has announced that Construction Simulator 4, an upcoming new game for iPhone and iPad, smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems and Nintendo Switch, will be released on May 28, 2024. The newest installment is developed by Independent Arts Software. Pre-order in respective stores is available now. For the first time ever on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, players can complete more than 10 extensive construction jobs together in a cooperative multiplayer in Construction Simulator 4. An extensive campaign and over 100 jobs are awaiting players in single-player mode. As with previous installments in the Construction Simulator … Continue reading Upcoming Construction Simulator 4 Announced With Trailer

Golem Arcana Release Date Announced

Harebrained Schemes has announced that its Kickstarter-funded game, Golem Arcana, will be available at retail stores nationwide in August 13, 2014. Golem Arcana is a digitally-enhanced miniatures board game that combines a smartphone or tablet with strategic tabletop gameplay to deliver a completely engaging and unprecedented experience. Golem Arcana merges the social fun and tactical depth of a rich tabletop experience with the ever-evolving dynamics of digital gaming. Players use a Bluetooth-powered stylus and a free mobile app on an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone to interact with the figures, game board and cards. Players assemble their armies of pre-painted miniatures and digital characters and launch attacks using the stylus and the app. Just tap a … Continue reading Golem Arcana Release Date Announced

Hellraid: The Escape Creeps To Mobile Devices

One of Shortbreak Studios’ goals is to develop a mobile game unlike any other on the App Store, a game that will elevate immersive gameplay and stunning graphics to levels previously reserved for PC and console titles. With Hellraid: The Escape, it was only possible thanks to the Unreal Engine 3 technology and the team’s determination in optimizing the final product. Hellraid: The Escape takes the lead in an exclusive group of 3D, premium mobile games with full Retina Display support on the latest Apple devices. With the resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, the image is smoother and more detailed than … Continue reading Hellraid: The Escape Creeps To Mobile Devices

Edna And Harvey: The Puzzle Coming To iPad

The Hamburg-based studio Daedalic, together with the developer Chromatrix, will release Deponia – The Puzzle and Edna & Harvey – The Puzzle for iPads and Android tablets. Both games will be available on the App Store on May 28th and on Google Play and on the Amazon App Store on June 12th. The cult adventures return as mobile puzzle fun and provide a genuine Daedalic feeling. With each game offering 96 puzzles of favorite background themes from the Deponia trilogy and the Edna & Harvey series, long-term puzzle fun is guaranteed. Three different modes are available in the single-player version. … Continue reading Edna And Harvey: The Puzzle Coming To iPad

Trials Frontier Now Available

Trials Frontier, the free-to-play mobile title from RedLynx and its best-selling and award-winning Trials series, is now available only on the App Store. The series’ first appearance on mobile devices, Trials Frontier transports players to the distant future where they find themselves the newcomer in a run-down town desperate for a hero.

Zombie Stampede Shambles To Mobile Devices

Namco Bandai Games Inc. today announced the launch of Zombie Stampede, a free-to-play tower defense action game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In Zombie Stampede players are immersed in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a devastating virus. Facing waves after waves of flesh-eating zombies through intense action sequences, the game proposes users to take control of a team of ferocious hunters with a variety of unique combat abilities and destructive weapons. Beyond the action, the game offers a powerful cocktail of strategy and collectability with multiple in-game commodities such as the Card Box filled with common and rare hunters … Continue reading Zombie Stampede Shambles To Mobile Devices

Frontline: Road To Moscow

From developers 88mm, Frontline: Road to Moscow features the story of the Wehrmacht campaign on the Eastern front between 1941 and late 1944. Players will have to lead the German forces to victory through 35 scenarios, and face many different battle and climatic situations along the way. In this entertaining WWII game with top notch graphics, players will be in charge of setting up the global strategy of their army by giving orders to land, naval and aerial units. Completing missions will allow them to upgrade their units and unlock new equipment and even weird prototypes. Sign up for the … Continue reading Frontline: Road To Moscow