Dancing Them Into Submission

Prepare to fall in love. She’s sassy, can strut her stuff on the dance floor and doesn’t look too bad in a skin-tight outfit either – always handy when fighting enemy security droids. Her name is Vanessa Schneider and she just happens to be a freelance mercenary and robot killer rolled into one. That’s a very good thing when you’ve just been hired to tackle an out of control security system on a distant planet. PNO3, which stands for Product Number 3 is one of Capcom’s latest offerings for GameCube. This is a third person shooter without much of a … Continue reading Dancing Them Into Submission

Resident Evil: Code Veronica rocks

Capcom’s Resident Evil series on the PlayStation is one series I could do without. To me, it was just one long tedious trek through flat, boring backdrops, while waiting forever for each stage to load in during that boring "opening door" sequence. And if that isn’t enough, I was not a fan of that God-awful voice acting that many other players would consider fitting for the series. To me it was just cannon fodder for a computer game of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Resident Evil 2 was the only game in the series that I actually sat through in its … Continue reading Resident Evil: Code Veronica rocks

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