Remaking Games Done Right

Remastering games has become a big deal in the game industry, but doing it right requires more than just some graphical updates. Fixing errors and adding in DLC can go a long way for games like Mass Effect Legendary Edition and The Witcher 3, keeping them a cut above most of the other remakes.

Anthem – the next big thing in online gaming?

This February marks a release of is Anthem. Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, this game has the potential to become the next great thing in online gaming. At first glance, many players might feel like Anthem looks like Bungie’s Destiny. This is only partially true. The game combines third-person shooter genre with aspects of an action RPG and huge open world. Anthem is focused on multiplayer hunts, raiding – players run missions to gain experience and gear in order to progress. Classes of the game are also something to look forward to. Anthem doesn’t have game classes … Continue reading Anthem – the next big thing in online gaming?