Fresh Look Goes Back to Old School With the Classic Dragon Age Inquisition

As I’m still in my long recovery from foot surgery, my journey through my classic titles continues. N3: Ninety-Nine Nights was starting to annoy me, so I switched to another classic I didn’t play much before now because my Xbox 360 had given up the ghost. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most ambitious Dragon Age series title that I can remember while writing this column from my wheelchair, and it’s the only game of the Dragon Age series that I have never completed.

I put in the first disc of Dragon Age: Inquisition and was ready to start attacking the forces of evil. It told me it needed to install. Sure, why not. The bar started moving as fast as an escaping slug, so I went back to watching soccer. After watching nearly half a soccer match, I returned to the Dragon Age installation process. The bar finished and a warning popped up.

“Please insert the game disc.”

What in the unholy hell did I put in then? Turns out it was a mandatory install disc. After all of that and my foot feeling every bit of the postoperative pain, I turned my 360 off for the night. Maybe if this was a pre-ordered game that I had been anxiously waiting for I would have fought through it, but there was no sense playing this in a bad mood.

A few days later I booted it up again (with the proper game disc inserted this time) and got to playing. I was glad that I waited so that my anger and pain had both eased. I say that because there is something really amazing about playing an old BioWare RPG. It reminded me of when I was back in high school playing Mass Effect. Sure, there are the weird facial expressions that are kind of creepy, but it’s the overall experience that matters here, being able to fully sit back and enjoy the worlds that BioWare used to create.

I know it’s kind of an artifact of the past, but having actual dialogue choices in Dragon Age: Inquisition that really affect its characters and that world is great to see. I even forgot about my pain for a little bit while I was fully immersed in the world of this Dragon Age adventure.

I’m not too far into Dragon Age: Inquisition, so there will likely be a second column on my progress. So far it is great and reminds me why I like RPGs so much to begin with. It’s also nice to play a title where I don’t need an account just to play the thing (looking at you, Squadrons).

I am still, for the most part, in the prologue. So next column should have more information about my Dragon Age: Inquisition and postoperative recovery adventures. I’m trying to figure out a name for it. Maybe The Adventures of the Guy in My Mirror Who Looks Like Me If I Lived a Much Harder Life. I’ll workshop it.

Also, as a side note, no, I have still have not beaten Final Fantasy XIII yet.

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