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American Holiday

You'll have to excuse me if sense eludes me this week, but I'm suffering from jet lag. ECTS wore me out, but fortunately I had a ten day holiday to the USA planned. Although relaxation wasn't really on the agenda, it was a welcome break for my brain and my ailing thumb. First stop was Washington DC for my best friend's wedding and some time with my cousins. No sooner were we inside my uncle's house than we were taken to behold a thing of wonder. This is the stuff of legend – a tricked out Xbox worthy of The … Continue reading American Holiday

Sports Talk With The Fan

To start off this week, I want you to take a look at my new title. With the start of the REAL sports season (which occurs after the first college football game and the start of the NFL season), I am now adding the title of Sports Correspondent to my resume. As a result I will now be in charge of all the annual sports reports. My NFL report will be coming out soon (I am still waiting for one last review title to come in), with the first ever NHL report to arrive before the Caps' home opener on … Continue reading Sports Talk With The Fan

It’s Always Something

I just don't get it. Why is it that when there is a big launch week coming up, something has to happen to my systems? Remember how I went through "The Big One" last year right before the launch of key titles such as GTA: Vice City and Metroid Prime? And now it has happened once again. This week, namely August 26th, is a key day on my gaming schedule. Not only will I have an extended weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, but we are in the midst of several critical launches: Aside from the obvious Soul Calibur … Continue reading It’s Always Something

Chella On Injured Reserve?

Hi gang. Welcome to the playpen. Unfortunately your favorite playmate has been hit with a terrible malady! Even now, as I write these very words I am risking everything. A cruel twist of fate has rendered my right thumb almost completely useless. And let me tell you, the implications this can have for a gamer are far-reaching and cannot be over-estimated. My thumb is a victim of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). No, this isn't some kind of divine intervention sending a plague upon my house for excessive gaming. And I'm not even mourning the death of my firstborn. This particular … Continue reading Chella On Injured Reserve?

Bad Games Selling Fast?

It all started two weeks ago. After an intense DDR Extreme workout earlier that day I went out to lunch with a few of my friends back home. One of which works for a software store, and he told me how a crappy title like Big Mutha Truckers is selling like hotcakes. I couldn't understand why, except possibly for the fact it was only $20. As far as I'm concerned if you want to spend $20 on a game, get something impressive such as Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, not some stupid redneck trucker game. Anyway, it got me thinking, and … Continue reading Bad Games Selling Fast?

Chella Is So 1980’s

A couple of weeks ago dear playmates, I entered the 21st, no actually, the 20th century. And how did I make this brave leap I hear you ask? Well it took a steely nerve and a cast iron determination, but one Saturday afternoon I drove into town, walked right up to a sales assistant and demanded to be sold a mobile phone. Yes, that's right I now own a mobile phone, or alternatively"yes that's right I've never owned a mobile phone before! Needless to say friends and relatives were agog and aghast. Some were even slightly disappointed. People's mothers and … Continue reading Chella Is So 1980’s

DDR Out Of The Closet

(We won’t say Dancing Queen – he would kill us) My name is Todd "GIN Hardcore" Hargosh, and I am a DDR junkie. At first, my opinion of all the music/rhythm genre titles (DDR included) were that they were all a joke to me: part of another niche Japanese gaming fad that would die in time. After all this is the same company who releases cheap dating simulators or games where you literally spank a plastic butt and are then given a fortune that predicts your sexual future. Given that to get the fortune you have to assault a computer … Continue reading DDR Out Of The Closet

SEC’s Jack Booted Thugs

It should come as no surprise that the game industry is under the microscope again, and as usual it's not a good thing. What is unusual is where the pressure is coming from this time around. The industry has often been criticized in the past, normally with much fanfare. I personally remember Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison at a hearing waiving a copy of Doom in the air and promising a first amendment fight to restrict game sales. This was in the days following the shootings at Columbine High School after it was learned that the kids who did the … Continue reading SEC’s Jack Booted Thugs

Can I Get An Amen!

Games PR is a tricky business and with evermore games vying for attention it's not set to get any easier. As the competition heats up and publishers have more to lose with each passing year, games PR reps are feeling the pressure. I suppose we could argue that the industry has become a victim of its own success. As we creep closer and closer towards the mainstream, the less sway originality holds against a key license. Publishers are chasing the mighty buck and that means sequels, crappy licenses and cheap movie tie-ins. Why pour money into the PR for Rez … Continue reading Can I Get An Amen!