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Todd Hargosh, a.k.a. GiN Hardcore, loves to tell it like it is, no matter who gets hurt. If you do good, and put out quality stuff, he will praise you to the ends of the earth. However, if you betray him, God help you.

On The Fence About Nintendo Switch

Todd saw a lot to love at the big Nintendo Switch event, but he’s still on the fence about a few things. The odd way Nintendo is planning to parcel out free games, limited battery life and apparently weak third-party support are troubling. Then again, there is new Zelda and Mario. Will the Switch be hitting with gamers?

I Want My PTV!

This week Todd says goodbye to his cable TV provider. But what to replace it with? After trying several services, he zeros in on PlayStation Vue, where he is pleasantly surprised by the quality of the programming and low costs. Who knew PlayStation did TV so well too?

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