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A longtime gamer and writer, Marion Constante has been playing PC games since childhood. Today she plays multiple games across platforms, both PC and PS4. The games she likes most are games that are open world, MMOs, Real Time Strategy, RPGs, and first person shooters. Some of her favorite games are the Assassin Creed series, Call of Duty, Age of Mythology, and the Dragon Age series. When online she is either playing Call of Duty or Star Wars the Old Republic. Marion is a huge Star Wars fan and has played almost every Star Wars game made. Her favorites are Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, and Jedi Outcast. When not gaming she likes art, writing, reading comics and books (mostly sci-fi and Star Wars), and scuba diving.

Recent Posts

Rebels and Gaming News from Star Wars Celebration Europe

An Iconic Figure Returns to Star Wars From July 15 – 17th in London,  Star Wars fans around the globe gathered for a celebration of everything Star Wars.  Star Wars Celebration Europe debuted the latest from Rogue One, Rebels, and gaming.  In Rebels news, it was announced that an iconic and beloved character will be returning to Star Wars canon.  He will be one of the main villains in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 and the main character in a new book by Timothy Zahn.  The iconic character is none other than the superior tactician and Imperial Navy commander,  Grand … Continue reading Rebels and Gaming News from Star Wars Celebration Europe

Cosplay at AwesomeCon 2016

GiN headed off to AwesomeCon 2016 to check out all the amazing events at this growing national show. We begin our coverage this week with a look at the cosplayers who were on-site to add a lot of fun, and dare we say awesomeness, to what was already quite an amazing show. Check out our photo montage from the halls of AwesomeCon.

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