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Jevon has always had a deep "love for the game" even since the days of his early childhood when 2D gaming was more than just a fad and the arcade scene was larger than life. He is always ever watching and ever searching for that new, unexpected, and nostalgic element in a game indicating something far beyond a fancy jewel case, promising screenshots, or big time brand. Jevon plays and enjoys every spectrum of gaming across all platforms, because he never wants to miss out on any opportunity or diminish his gaming experiences in any way whatsoever. As a result he has developed a deep respect and appreciation not only for the game, but for the gaming industry as a whole and the work that goes on behind the scenes. And in his own words: "What better way to appreciate the gaming industry than from the view here at GiN?"

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Takin' it to the Street

Let me take you to a place where there are no "Mile High Stadiums" or "Lombardi Fields." No camera crews or sellout crowds. No big commercial deals or million dollar contracts and no playoff berths or Superbowl appearances. Just a place where serious ballers go to live their dreams, play for bragging rights, defend their honor and their turf and of course do a little trash-talking. Any true baller knows that the origin of all football began in a backyard, or in a wide-open field, on the blacktop of an abandoned parking lot, in the alleyways of a Slum, or … Continue reading Takin' it to the Street

NHRA: One for the Winner’s Circle

Racing fans/gamers have experienced just about all of it. We’ve experienced what it’s like to get behind the wheel of an Indy car and reach speeds above 200mph. We know that awesome sense of victory and accomplishment that comes with claiming the checkered flag at the Winston Cup Talladega. We’ve endured the 24-hour Le Mans road courses and braved the dangerous terrains of the Rally car circuits. We’ve crushed lines of 2 ton scrap cars with our massive Monster Trucks. We’ve spun wheels on the back roads of street racing and at times found ourselves in a few high speed … Continue reading NHRA: One for the Winner’s Circle

Diary Of A Cubite

[[Note: The following pages were forcibly ripped from the diary of senior writer Jevon Jenkins.]] It’s Friday afternoon on Nov 16th at 3:30 p.m. It’s cube time. Payday…well…more importantly though, my wife’s payday. For myself, getting paid every two weeks sucks and isn’t it just my luck that this launch happens to fall on a week I don’t get paid? Never the less, I always have a plan B. Now I’ve been putting a little money back for the Cube for some time now, but recently I’ve had to dig into the console piggy bank for…entertainment expenses. So as one … Continue reading Diary Of A Cubite

Akimbo: Kung Fu Hero is a Throwback Classic

Observe!! The "Crane Stance!" Wytaaaaaaa!!! "Moon Stance!" Wootooooooo!!! "Bear Stance!" Mootooooo!!! "Crouching Tiger!" Shen-muuuuuu! "Hidden Dragon!!" Voodooooo!! "Flying Foot Kick!" ShaaAAAWAKAAAaaaaa!! * Takes a bow * Phew! Man, you wouldn’t believe the adventures I’ve been on the last few days. I mean I’m fighting bug-eyed tarantulas, thorn-filled hedgehogs, fireflies half my size, snapping seashells, giant wasps and all sorts of wild creatures wanting a piece of me! But lookout, my misfortune-filled foes, cause I’m well versed in the ancient forms of martial arts, and with my lightning quick reflexes I’m untouchable!!! That’s right, I shall make you all rue the … Continue reading Akimbo: Kung Fu Hero is a Throwback Classic

World Series 2K2 Cracks a Homer

Finally! Sega Sports has come back to World Series Baseball. And this year’s game is running the bases in a whole new way. Visual Concepts knows they dropped the ball with World Series 2K1 and so this time round they’ve gone with a completely new gameplay engine that has a bit of a learning curve, but with a little practice is sure to gratify most loyal fans of the WSB series. It just further goes to show that when gamers talk…Sega listens. It’s no secret that last year’s version of the game had many "issues" ranging from poor control or … Continue reading World Series 2K2 Cracks a Homer

Lego Stunt Rally Takes the Win

I don’t think there’s a kid in all America who didn’t grow up on Legos. And if there just so happens to be someone out there who never played with Legos when they were coming up, just what planet are you from anyway? I mean Lego’s were the only thing that could occupy my full ten-minute attention span when I was a kid. Heck, Lego’s taught me to be a more responsible kindergartner…well maybe, that’s pushing it. Though there was a master builder at E3 whose job was, get this, to build really cool robots from Legos, my expertise is … Continue reading Lego Stunt Rally Takes the Win

Insane Races Toward Classic Status

Every racing game has to have its own "niche" in order to declare its individual uniqueness and to let it take a run at the Gamer’s Hall of Fame. I mean let’s take a look back at some of the great ones. Ridge Racer for PlayStation brought us out of the era of two dimensional racing when it introduced its 3D escapade of race cars and cool environments. The Sega Saturn’s first "VRally" title set the pace for most "offroad" racers to come. Then came games like "Gran Turismo" claimed fame with its impressive "reflection images" and awesome replay. Other … Continue reading Insane Races Toward Classic Status

4×4 Evolution is Evolved Muddin’!

Recently my fellow GIN-mates asked me, "Hey Jevon man, so what do you want for Christmas this year?"Â To which I humbly responded, "My friends, my friends, take heed to this wise parable. These kind of answers take time and careful thought. I mean you just can’t go blurting random Christmas wish lists right off the top of your jabroni with hardly any serious thought at all. I mean think about it. This great holiday only falls on us every 365 days. Therefore in order to achieve the true inner peace and happiness of receiving gifts during this special time … Continue reading 4×4 Evolution is Evolved Muddin’!

StarPeace is Multiplayer Mayhem

What would you do with a hundred million dollars? Hmmm, let’s see. First things first: one might tell your power-hungry boss to take this job, turn it side ways and stick it straight"well, you get the idea! Then one might proceed to the car dealership and trade in their chitty-chitty-bang-bang for a brand new ride to match their newfound riches. Then one might decide to never set foot in or ever ride by their former "rent-a-home," but instead drive straight over to the neighborhood of the "rich and famous" and set themselves up in the most luxurious of bachelor/bachelorett pads. … Continue reading StarPeace is Multiplayer Mayhem

Rally Challenge 2000 Rocks N64

Everbody knows that the N64’s "quality" racing sims are spread pretty thin. On top of all that how many "Rally" titles have we seen in the last year or so? I mean let’s be honest they’re like a dime a dozen, each proclaiming to be different than the others. In truth the only variation between them are colorful case covers. I’ve played many rally titles across different systems, and in the end they all gave me that all too familiar "Where Have I Played This Game Before" feeling. But Woohoooo!!! Finally, somebody’s got it right! That’s right you heard me … Continue reading Rally Challenge 2000 Rocks N64

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