Furious Turn-Based Strategy Warfare Continues in Clash II

Clash II continues the endless battles in the series and pitts the colonizing Pure Ones against the druidic-like Old Ones fighting for strategic lands. At its core, Clash II offers players a solid but formulaic turn-based strategy experience.

Horror Rides the Rails in Shinkansen 0

Liminal horror games and those where you need to spot anomalies are extremely popular right now. And one of the best developers working in that genre is Chilla’s Art, as their new anomaly-spotting horror title set on bullet train Shinkansen 0 proves.

Breaking the Mold With Atmospheric and Historical RPG The Thaumaturge

Dripping with an incredible atmosphere that combines dark magic and supernatural entities with the intense historical setting of pre-Great War Poland, The Thaumaturge is one of the most unique, story-driven RPGs to release in years.

Genie Reprise Walking Simulator Strolls Onto Consoles

Genie Reprise is a 3D first-person exploration title that tries to make use of the power of the newest consoles to deliver a unique walking simulator experience. It’s an interesting concept, but it unfortunately is a bit disappointing in terms of its gameplay.

Steering Into Mysterious Adventure in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is a unique title that combines survival horror with expansive exploration and crafting, all from the driver’s seat of a 1947 station wagon that will be your home away from home as you face the dangers of the game’s deadly Exclusion Zone.

Sovereign Syndicate: A High Point for Narrative RPGs

The Victorian England steampunk setting is a perfect backdrop for the narrative-focused RPG Sovereign Syndicate. Similar to other titles like Disco Elysium and almost as wacky with its unique characters and dialogue, it has players playing as three different characters and uses tarot cards instead of dice to determine skill checks.

Keeping the Trains Running on Time in Rail Route

Modern Gamer columnist Marie Brownhill this week is planning and managing some really intricate train schedules in the train dispatcher simulator Rail Route, where players are tasked with keeping an entire city’s rail lines working at peak efficiency, with all the trains running on time.

Beaver City Builder Timberborn Makes for a Dam Good Time

City builder titles are incredibly popular right now, and Timberborn finds a way to stand out from the rest with a post-apocalyptic plot that finds industrious beavers constructing massive cities, healing the land and trying to do a better job than their human predecessors.

The Joker Is Truly Wild in Balatro Deck Builder

Balatro is a new roguelike deck builder that takes the general rules of poker, and then uses mercurial joker cards to magically scramble everything around for players trying to achieve high scores and battle big bosses. It’s a unique experience with eight difficulty levels to test players’ skills and luck.

Chugging Along Towards Constantinople in New Railway Empire 2 DLC

The Railway Empire 2: Journey to the East DLC takes players on a whole new railroad-building adventure through the Balkans and to Constantinople with new locomotives, cities and an exclusive new luxury train service. It’s a challenging but rewarding addition to Railway Empire 2.

Abriss Is a Knock Down Success in Puzzle Gaming

Players in Abriss – Build to Destroy are tasked with some heavy demolition jobs using some really unique and dangerous methods of destruction like utilizing combat tanks, explosions and tossing big blocks into target buildings to try and cause a dramatic, cascading collapse.

Kid Friendly, Family Adventuring With Little Panda’s Jewel Adventure

This week the Modern Gamer takes a look at the rated E adventure Little Panda’s Jewel Adventure by developer BabyBus. Parents looking for a great title to amuse their kids, or for something to play together with them, should check it out for iOS or Android.

Fresh Look’s Thoughts on the Jurassic Period of Video Games

Fresh Look columnist Neal Sayatovich has a Jurassic problem on his hands this week. He was looking for a dinosaur fix akin to how he used to feel playing Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. But will modern dinosaur titles live up to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis or will they just let him down?

Celebrating All Things Gaming at PAX Unplugged

The PAX Unplugged show is dedicated to tabletop gaming in all its forms, including role-playing, boardgames, card games, cosplay and more. It’s also one of the best organized shows around, making sure that everyone has a fun time, even while waiting in line for other events.

Save State Adjourns the Ace Attorney Trilogy Collection With Spirit of Justice

Save State’s Vincent Mahoney is hanging up his gavel for now after defending multiple defendants in the remade collection of the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Vince concludes his look at the trilogy’s collection this week with the cases from Spirit of Justice.

The Not So Many Moods of Gary’s Mom

Gary works on the next podcast episode until he’s interrupted by Mr. Turtle.

Critical Hits with Roll20’s Corey Rosemond

Roll20 is one of the best platforms available for playing role-playing games remotely with friends. But it could always be better, and that is just what COO Corey Rosemond is working on right now. We find out what’s up on the platform, and what is coming soon.

Burning Bryte With A Brand New Game System

BurnBryte is the first roleplaying game made for the virtual tabletop world of Roll20. Just like how Amazon, Netflix and Apple TV went from streaming other peoples’ content to creating their own shows, this is Roll20s first original content. We chat with the show’s creators.


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