Tokyo Games Show: Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita TV Microconsole

Sony has surprised visitors at the Tokyo Games Show with the announcement of an entirely new piece of hardware. Called the PS Vita TV, it’s a miniature console that plugs directly into a television set. Once connected, the Vita TV can play Vita and PSP games, supports the DualShock 3 controller, and can access streaming video and TV shows. In fact, it will play Vita games just by popping them into the microconsole. Plus, it can be paired with a PlayStation 4 and another TV inside the same home to create a network where multiple players could play together, but … Continue reading Tokyo Games Show: Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita TV Microconsole

The Walking Dead Launch Trailer

This is the launch trailer for The Walking Dead game, an untold story set in the world of The Walking Dead that follows convicted criminal Lee Everett; a man given a second chance at life in a world gone to hell. With danger around every corner, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world of true horror. Experience events, meet people and visit locations foreshadowing the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes in this extension of Robert Kirkman’s award-winning universe. A 5 part game of Adventure Horror, where the decisions that you make will have … Continue reading The Walking Dead Launch Trailer

In a 7-2 Decision, Supreme Court Strikes Down California Violent Video Game Law

In what is likely to be hailed as one of the greatest legal victories for the game industry, the Supreme Court struck down the controversial California law that would have criminalized the sale of violent video games to minors. The 7 to 2 victory is a resounding win for the industry, which argued that the current voluntary ratings system created and maintained by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) was adequate protection, and in fact was more effective than the ratings in other industries, such as movies. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for the majority opinion in the case. "As a … Continue reading In a 7-2 Decision, Supreme Court Strikes Down California Violent Video Game Law

Something Smells Fishy

Fishing? I’ve never understood the lure (excuse the pun) of fishing and deer hunting games. To me, they are as exciting as watching grass grow, however, I am going to be as fair as possible. Big Bass Fishing from Take 2 Interactive is a fishing sim for the Playstation 1. In Big Bass Fishing, players can hook 14 different types of freshwater fish, using twenty assorted fishing lures, in three separate game modes and five different fishing events. In Big Bass Fishing, the three game modes are challenge, competition, and arcade. The challenge mode contains varying trials which, when successfully … Continue reading Something Smells Fishy

Off the Job

Charlie Croker, fresh out of a stint in the big house, already has hatched a plan to swindle 4,000,000 pounds out from under the Italian mafia and the Turin police. This is The Italian Job, a driving game from Rockstar Games, the same people who brought you the Grand Theft Auto series. The game is based on the movie The Italian Job, released 1969, starring Michael Caine and (of all people) Benny Hill. I wonder if anyone under the age of 30 knows who the hell Benny Hill was. But, I digress. The Italian Job the game, like the movie, … Continue reading Off the Job

Martian Gothic: Unification is still kicking

In the year 2019, Vita 1, the first manned base on Mars, sent this mysterious message to Earth and was never heard from again, "If you send a manned craft, warn the crew to stay alone, stay alive." This is the beginning of Take 2 Interactive’s nightmarish mystery, Martian Gothic: Unification, for the Playstation 1 game console. You control a three-person crew sent to Mars to investigate the fates of Vita Base One’s crewmembers, only to find that the station is overrun with the undead. Each member of your team enters the base through a different airlock, following the "stay … Continue reading Martian Gothic: Unification is still kicking

Spec Ops: Covert Assault

Once again, Marxist guerrillas, communist dictatorships, and the mafia are threatening world security, you, and your crack squad of highly skilled rangers is charged with thwarting their twisted plans. This is Spec Ops: Covert Assault, the second Spec Ops game released for the Playstation 1 game console. In Covert Assault, you control two rangers at a time through four different stages executing stealth attacks on enemy strongholds, rescuing hostages, disarming explosives and missiles, and fighting scores of bad guys. The game starts off in Sicily where you battle the mafia whilst trying to recover personnel and top secret documents from … Continue reading Spec Ops: Covert Assault

CycleFX marries exercise and gaming

When I first ran into Neil Nusbaum, the president of CycleFX, at E3 in 2000 he was showing off an interface he’d developed that would feed into a PC running software that would track mileage, speed, etc. Like I imagine others had, I said, "You should really make it so you can play games on it." Well, the next year, sure enough, he was showing us the GameRider. The GameRider is an exercise bike attached to an interface for the Sony Playstation. With it, you can play virtually any Playstation racing game, just by peddling and steering. In order to … Continue reading CycleFX marries exercise and gaming

102 Dalmatians is Disney at its Best

Disney software has produced a winner. I wish all their games were this good. 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue is fun for the entire family and completely playable for children eight and up. If you have an easy to use joystick, younger children might enjoy it as well. The premise for the game is simple and straightforward. Cruella De Vil and her minions are back and up to no good. They’ve started a toy company with lousy robot toys and they are blaming their lack of sales on pets. Their evil plan: If children don’t have pets to spend … Continue reading 102 Dalmatians is Disney at its Best

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