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Infinite Undiscovery
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Square Enix and tri-Ace bring us a new RPG for the 360, Infinite Undiscovery. The graphics in the cut scenes are beautifully displayed on my 50" HDTV, and thank goodness I was playing on a 50" TV. The text in the game was hard to read cause of the choice of font and text size. This was one of the few times I considered using the zoom function on my TV.

Anyway, the story opens with evil in power and the moon chained to the planet draining its life away.

You play as Capell, a flute player, who is imprisoned by a case of mistaken identity. It’s really easy to mistaken as Sigmund the "Liberator" when you look just bloody like him. Sigmund is the one who is trying to free the moon and destroy the chains.

One of his followers, Aya, rescues Capell from the Order prison, mistaking him for Sigmund. This is where the voyage begins.

Get ready for real-time combat that does not deliver on the seamless part as advertised. Fighting a couple of enemies can cause the whole scene to bog down in a graphic blur. The handling is good, but added glitz to sword sweeps soon fills the screen with a bit too much.

Performing special moves made me feel like I was in a professional wrestling match. "Why?" because the name of the move was said every single time it was performed. I swear I was waiting for a "People’s Elbow" at any moment. The world around you stays active while you are in the menu too. So I was constantly searching out enemy free spots so I could go in and use items or assign skills.

As you progress through the game, more people join up with you. You can take up to three with you at a time which you can take over to perform their special moves and abilities. This was nice at times because I’ve yet to find a smart AI, but as the game progresses it just becomes tedious.

I’m more of a "give me a character and let me control him/her" type and if I have other characters with me, then here’s an idea: allow multiplayer where other real live players can control those characters. Nothing better than getting knocked out and laying there dying while an AI character is running around with the ability to heal you, but not the smarts to come over and do it!

The ones that had me pausing the game to roll over laughing my butt off were Rico and Rucha. They are ten year old twins who are said to be mischievous and somewhat mature for their age. One word"BRATS!

What had me laughing so hard was the "Oh we’re off to fight evil and let’s bring the kids?" They are useful, thanks to their magical ability, but also on the annoying side. Nothing like being on a mission to save my world and destroy evil, so let’s skip through the forest? That is what you will see with these two.

The storyline is, well, dull. Nothing really sucked me in to where I would say, "sleep be dammed, I need to find out what happens."

The voice acting"wow. Not a good wow either. I’ve seen better acting on soap operas, and that is saying something. At times the audio didn’t even match up with the characters mouth’s moving. At times the audio even cut completely out! At those times you were back to reading the little font and making sure not to miss anything to try to keep your time running around going, "ok, what next?" down to a minimum.

Overall the game is just not noteworthy. Undiscovery, a made up word that means you will spend hours trying to find something to like about a game that has nothing to discover within it. I’m sure some will like it, but I’m just not one of them.

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