Spy Hunter is an Instant Classic, Again

I love the classics. I love them so much in fact that I find it blasphemous to attempt to update them. And while there are some very impressive remakes available (Tempest 2000 immediately comes to mind) most of the remakes I have played either turned up to be slightly disappointing, or some ended up being so badly altered that it bears nothing to the classic it was based on. Frogger is a good example of the latter. The 1983 Midway classic SpyHunter has been an all time favorite of mine. I can never forget how much money I spent on … Continue reading Spy Hunter is an Instant Classic, Again

NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is a brick

Now I love basketball as much as the next gamer. But what I don’t love is a completely re-hashed, re-done, re-packaged version of a game we’ve seen a thousand times before. Everyone wants to be like NBA Jam. NBA Showtime: NBA On NBC represents one of the worst trends in console gaming today — take a successful idea (NBA Jam and arcade-style basketball play), make a game that looks, feels, and plays just like it, slap a famous name to it (does NBC and Shaq ring a bell), produce it on every game system you can (the game will be … Continue reading NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is a brick