Microsoft Sets November Launch For Xbox One

Ending the biggest and probably the last guessing game regarding the pending new consoles, Microsoft announced that November 22nd will be the date that the Xbox One launches in most of the world. Unlike Sony, whose PlayStation 4 is being released in stages, Microsoft is trying to get the Xbox One to most people on the first day. Buyers in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States will all be able to potentially pick one up on the first day. The move sandwiches the Xbox One between PS4 … Continue reading Microsoft Sets November Launch For Xbox One

Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One Console

With an event held inside a giant circus tent, and with much fanfare, Microsoft took the wraps off of its next generation console, which it named The Xbox One. Unlike the recent PS4 presentation, Microsoft showed off many details about both the specs and the look of their new system. The Xbox One will actually contain three different operating systems. One will run the Xbox dashboard and power the games. One is essentially there to run what looks like a Windows 8 interface. A third will allow for seamless switching between the two main operating systems. So the Xbox One … Continue reading Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One Console

Halo 4 Release Date Confirmed

Halo 4 is hitting shops worldwide on 6 November 2012. Master Chief’s next instalment starts four years after Halo 3 and Microsoft confirmed that this marks the start of a new decade for the series, which launched on Xbox in 2001. 343 Industries has stepped into Bungie’s large shoes, as developer of the new series. With GTA V also launching in October, all eyes will be on 343 Industries to see if they can pull it out of the bag. Publishers: Microsoft Game Studios Platforms: Xbox 360

Microsoft Showing Off Next Flight Simulator

Microsoft held a press event at their Game Studios at Redmond, Washington in December 2011, to enable members of the community and press to discuss "Flight" in detail and have any questions answered. With Fly Away Simulation being one of the attendees at the event, they have covered the event and discussed the topics raised in detail on their website. Microsoft Flight is the next flight simulator release from Microsoft following on from Microsoft Flight Simulator X. In this release, they dropped the "Simulator" part of the product name in order to open the market up to users who were … Continue reading Microsoft Showing Off Next Flight Simulator

Microsoft Acquires Gunstringer Dev

Indie studio, Twisted Pixel is the latest to join the Microsoft fold, in an acquisition that’s focusing on Kinect and Xbox Live. Based in Austin, Texas, Twisted Pixel is best known for Splosion Man and most recently, The Gunstringer. The studio will "drive further innovation around Kinect and Xbox Live", according to Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Publishers: Microsoft Game Studios Developers: Twisted Pixel