Microsoft Showing Off Next Flight Simulator

Microsoft held a press event at their Game Studios at Redmond, Washington in December 2011, to enable members of the community and press to discuss "Flight" in detail and have any questions answered. With Fly Away Simulation being one of the attendees at the event, they have covered the event and discussed the topics raised in detail on their website.

Microsoft Flight is the next flight simulator release from Microsoft following on from Microsoft Flight Simulator X. In this release, they dropped the "Simulator" part of the product name in order to open the market up to users who were a bit weary at the realism of a simulation package – giving the fun of flight to everyone, not just the educated virtual aviators.

Upon release, Microsoft Flight will include the default scenery for Hawaii only. The release will be free of charge and will be available as a digital download directly from the Microsoft website.

After the release, the game will feature a marketplace within it that enables users to download additional aircraft and scenery from Microsoft – expanding the simulation package. These enhancements will come with a price tag attached. This differs from previous versions of Microsoft’s simulation packages that always included global scenery out-of-the-box. Microsoft also announced that the game will have a closed marketplace – which means that third party developers will have no access to a Software Development Kit and hence no third party content. Many members of the community were outraged by this decision, because they were always able to download add-ons from many of the flight simulator community websites such as Fly Away Simulation that provided thousands of free aircraft, scenery enhancements and utilities with easy installation.

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