Starfighter is a (Laser) Blast

Star Wars Starfighter was released for the PS2 in 2001 and to the joy of Xbox owners everywhere, it has now made its way to the Xbox. It picked up some improvements along the way including a graphics tweak, new levels, and an improved multiplayer mode. Star Wars Starfighter gives you the opportunity to take on the role of three heroes. And like most Star Wars heroes, each has their own ship to pilot. You start off on a training mission learning to fly as Rhys Gallows, a young hotshot pilot who has just taken the helm of his first … Continue reading Starfighter is a (Laser) Blast

The Force is with Obi-Wan

Originally developed for the PC, Obi-Wan was eventually released exclusively for the Xbox. Although this may anger some PC owners, you can see where the game fits right into the Xbox format. As you can imagine from the title, you get to play Obi-Wan. In this case, you get to play him in his pre-episode I role of a young Jedi padawan. What really makes this game cool for me is getting to use a lot of the Jedi powers from the movies. Though I must admit, I am awaiting all the cool games that herald the release of Episode … Continue reading The Force is with Obi-Wan

Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

When Nintendo unveiled their Rogue Leader demo at Spaceworld 2000, I was a skeptic. I could not believe how realistic the X-Wings appeared as they flew across the screen. The detail of every paint scratch, every bolt, every R2 unit and every pilot almost resembled what could be seen in a theater 20 years ago. That skepticism came to an end at E3 when I went hands-on. This time, I wasn’t playing the Battle of Yavin as I have before in countless Star Wars titles (X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Star Wars Arcade, and many others), I was actually living it. It … Continue reading Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

Escape from Monkey Island Has Appeal

Yes, friends, your old pal Guybrush Threepwood is back for his fourth appearance, but this time he’s in 3-D! Guybrush, now married to the beautiful but dangerous Governor Marley, returns to his old stomping grounds on Melee Island(TM) (all of the islands in the game series are trademarked for some reason) to find most of the pirates gone, and his wife declared dead. You must help save her mansion from being destroyed, and sail forth to try to find lawyers to help your plight. Of course, nothing is that easy, as you must figure out how to accomplish necessary tasks … Continue reading Escape from Monkey Island Has Appeal

Star Wars: Force Commander demands respect

Star Wars: Force Commander puts you in charge of ground level operations of the Empire. Long have Star Wars fans played the many flight and space simulations set in the most popular sci-fi universe ever created. But while the flyboys and a few jedi knights have thus far gotten all the gaming glory, lets not forget that the Empire was built on the backs of those white clad, lightly armored front line stormtrooper grunts. This is the game where they get to shine. Loading up the game at first was quite daunting. I was expecting an interface more like Bungie … Continue reading Star Wars: Force Commander demands respect

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine will compete w/Lara

The year 1999, and the start of 2000 for that matter, has been an interesting one for George Lucas. First of all, there was major criticism about his much-hyped Phantom Menace, especially in relation to the heavily-despised character Jar Jar Binks, and the ongoing controversy about no DVD release plans in the near future. The controversies continue to this day about who is going to play Anakin Skywalker in Episode II, with most of the rumors directed towards Leonardo DiCaprio (gag, barf, retch!), and there is also talk about a fourth Indiana Jones movie in the future. In the meantime … Continue reading Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine will compete w/Lara

X-Wing Alliance is light years ahead of previous combat sims

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, I’m sure you know that the new Star Wars movie is out. Contrary to what those so-called critics said about it (face it, with the exception of Leonard Maltin and Roger Ebert, critics hate science fiction), I found it to be a wonderful movie, and have already seen it multiple times. And while waiting for the new Star Wars Episode I games to be released, I spent most of my time working on the latest X-Wing game, X-Wing Alliance, and have been enjoying it for what it is. XWA takes place between The … Continue reading X-Wing Alliance is light years ahead of previous combat sims

Episode One Racer is a Force to be reckoned with

Speed. Competition. Thrills. A Jedi craves not these things. However, you might be of a different mind. For all of us Lucas Lunatics out there who just haven’t gotten our fill of The Phantom Menace, you can breath a little easier. LucasArts has your fix in the form of a very un-Jedi-like game called Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. If you haven’t seen the Phantom Menace yet, then turn off your computer and go buy yourself a movie ticket. Okay, now that they have left, it is only us true believers here. While I will leave a review of the … Continue reading Episode One Racer is a Force to be reckoned with

Star Wars game will force up expectations bar

Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace is the game for anyone who watched the new Star Wars movie and wished they were there. Which, if the popularity of the new movie is any indication, is just about everyone. But unlike a lot of movie tie-in games that fall well short of the movie they are based on, this game stands on its own merit. Even if the movie did not exist, this game would still be a lot of fun to play. As it is, it’s the perfect way to extend your Star Wars experience well beyond the theater. … Continue reading Star Wars game will force up expectations bar

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Lucas Arts’ Grim Fandango already earned some lauds from other gaming publications and I hate to be the one to tarnish what may become another Myst. Grim Fandango does contain a captivating atmosphere with a certain film noir meets Antonio Banderas quality. My primary complaint stems not from the remarkable interface or the ambiance or even the general plot. Believe me, the music, a jazz soundtrack, is nearly enough to warrant buying this title. It’s just that someone forgot the basics of an adventure game. You may consider me a purist, but adventure and strategy games contain a kind of … Continue reading Don’t Fear the Reaper

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