Rogue Squadron will woo Star Wars fans

A few years ago LucasArts released Shadows of the Empire as one of the flagship Nintendo 64 titles. It was a mixed bag, consisting mostly of mundane corridor shooters. However, there was one stage which stood out among the rest: the snowspeeder battle at Hoth. Critics such as myself wished that Shadows could have been more like the first stage, nothing but exciting ground-level flight sequences. LucasArts took our ideas to heart, and incorporated German based developers Factor 5 (known primarily for the Turrican series on the 16-bit systems) to create Rogue Squadron. Rogue Squadron takes place right after the … Continue reading Rogue Squadron will woo Star Wars fans

Another great notch in LucasArt’s Lightsaber

Is LucasArts’ Mysteries of the Sith just a Jedi Knight add on? Or is it a lot more? Let’s put it this way: if more companies designed add-on packs like this, then the games they are based on would be greatly enhanced. Mysteries of the Sith takes place five years after Kyle Katarn disposed of Jerec and the Seven Dark Jedi. As he is training Mara Jade, herself a former Emperor’s Hand seen in the Timothy Zahn novels, Kyle discovers a possible location for a hidden Sith temple and is compelled to discover its mystery. As he departs for the … Continue reading Another great notch in LucasArt’s Lightsaber

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