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Is LucasArts’ Mysteries of the Sith just a Jedi Knight add on? Or is it a lot more? Let’s put it this way: if more companies designed add-on packs like this, then the games they are based on would be greatly enhanced.

Mysteries of the Sith takes place five years after Kyle Katarn disposed of Jerec and the Seven Dark Jedi. As he is training Mara Jade, herself a former Emperor’s Hand seen in the Timothy Zahn novels, Kyle discovers a possible location for a hidden Sith temple and is compelled to discover its mystery. As he departs for the temple, Mara is sent out to enlist the aid of Ka’pa the Hutt, relative of the late Jabba the Hutt, (and just as big) and locate an information artifact called the Holocron, on her journey to assist Kyle uncover the mysteries of the Sith temple.

Fourteen levels envelop this masterpiece, continuing the strong first-person action/adventure that made Jedi Knight the hottest game of the last year. New weapons are included to the standard arsenal, including a Carbonite freeze gun (similar to Duke Nukem’s freezeray), heat seeking rail charges, flash detonators and even a new Goldeneye-style sniper scope for the storm trooper rifle.

And what would a new Jedi Knight game be without new Force Powers? First of all, the highly-requested Force Saber Throw is here at last! Opponents can also be Force-pushed off of cliffs. Force Projection creates multiple images of your character to confuse the enemy. Far Sight allows you to have the eyes of the hawk, seeing anywhere on the map, no matter where you stand. Chain Lightning is an enhanced version of the Force Lightning spell from the original game. Deadly Sight allows you to kill Imperials just by staring at them.

And lastly, for those who have a heavy problem with other force-a-holics in multiplayer games, a new Force Defense is added to give players a chance.

And speaking of multiplayer, Mysteries continues providing a strong multiplayer experience. In addition to the usual Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes, a new mode is added. Kill the Fool with the Ysalamiri is similar to the Living Daylights flag-tag deathmatch in Goldeneye. The object is to hold on to the Ysalamiri as long as possible. However, while in possession, access to force powers is neutralized.

Also, to a great delight, Lightsaber Training levels are now added to play multiplayer action without any other weapons available.

Mysteries of the Sith is what a true add-on should be…new weapons, new force powers and a brand new adventure worthy of being a whole new commercial game, but at a much lower price.

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