Addiction Cubed

Hello my name is Mike and I am addicted to Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. You will be to as soon as you get your hands in it. Now Rebel Strike has many flying Missions, but the new twist is the 3rd person action/adventure part. A lot of people I know who have this game seem to be comparing it to Rogue Squadron II. They claim the 3rd person part, while a good idea, doesn’t seem to deliver. I’ve never played Rogue Squadron II. The last Star Wars game that I spent two week so my life trying to beat … Continue reading Addiction Cubed

Red Rock Fumble

There are games out there that just beg you to ask, "What the heck happened?" RTX: Red Rock is one of those games. Though LucasArts has made some spectacular titles as of late (Knights of the Old Republic) and is well known for its stylish adventure games back in the day (Full Throttle, The Dig, Day of the Tentacle) this game is quite possibly one of the worst Lucasarts has ever released, where nothing works the way it should and the only thing that goes through the roof is the difficulty…which brings back memories of the NES days when you … Continue reading Red Rock Fumble

Knights Rule

When I was growing up, my friends and I would be the first in line to buy any new games put out by Lucas Arts because we knew they would be a lot of fun. Over the past couple of years, if I was not reviewing the game, I have found myself waiting to see what my fellow reviewers had to say before deciding to go to the store. Playing Knights of the Old Republic reminds me of the good old days when I would be waiting in a long line at the game store. This is the best game … Continue reading Knights Rule

The Force Strikes Back

With the pending release of Star Wars Episode III, Star Wars fans the world over have been whipped into a veritable frenzy with the promise of further adventures and merchandise based on that famous Galaxy far, far away. With great anticipation, I like many other gamers awaited the release of the new game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy from the creative minds at Raven Software and Lucasarts. The game is a 3D shooter that is set ten years after "Return of the Jedi" when the New Republic is being menaced by the evil remnant of the Empire that seeks to reclaim … Continue reading The Force Strikes Back

Indy strikes back

The last Indiana Jones game I played was the Infernal Machine on the PC. While it was a good game, it seemed a little too much like Tomb Raider for me. The Collective’s latest Indiana Jones reincarnation might follow in the same Tomb Raider vein, but they were able to capitalize on the success caused by Buffy the Vampire Slayer to create an enjoyable adventure title that the Xbox surely needed, plus was a lot of fun on the PC. Taking place before the movie trilogy even starts (in 1935), Emperor’s Tomb has Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. in search … Continue reading Indy strikes back

Gettin’ Jango With It

More Star Wars fodder is offered up for those die-hard fans. Up until now any game with "Star Wars: the something, something" (insert as applicable here) was left with the bitter taste of disappointment. But this time Lucas Arts actually realized that Boba Fett was every Star Wars nerd’s favorite character and came up with the next best thing; a game featuring Jango, father of Boba. We never really wanted to play Obi Wan and we definitely don’t want to be Anakin, but playing a Fett, now there’s a prospect. Here’s a game that offers us the opportunity to play … Continue reading Gettin’ Jango With It

Jedi Outcast Makes the Grade

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is a cross between the original dark forces shooters and Obi-Wan ( Once again you step into the shoes of Kyle Katarn a one time imperial, mercenary, Rebel Operative, and Jedi Knight. With the help of his friend and pilot Jan Ors they travel the galaxy working for the republic. At the start of the game, Kyle has renounced his Jedi title, turned his light saber over to Luke Skywalker, and let his ability to control of the force fade away. He did this for fear of turning to the dark side. The … Continue reading Jedi Outcast Makes the Grade

A New Hope or Clown Wars?

Star Wars fans must be sick of being taken for a ride when it comes to games. For some reason, known only to George Lucas himself, good Star Wars games are hard to find. The Clone Wars is one of the latest contenders, but could it be ‘a new hope’? Clone Wars follows on from Rogue Squadron – you know, that game all Cube owners had to buy due to a lack of anything else, plus the fact that you got to blow up the Death Star. This game starts where Attack of the Clones leaves off in the movie … Continue reading A New Hope or Clown Wars?

Battlegrounds Makes Combat Fun

Ever play a Real Time Strategy game? Red Alert? Empire Earth? Age of Empires? Starcraft? Warcraft? GOOD! Then you are ready to take controls of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds – Lucas Arts’ new real time strategy game based in the world of Star Wars. If not then you will need to go through the whole tutorial before you are ready rather than just the last few missions. Is it a ground breaking new game? Not in the least. Does that really matter? Not to me in the slightest. If a game is fun to play I will play it no … Continue reading Battlegrounds Makes Combat Fun

Racer Revenge Takes the Checkered Flag

There’s no other way to say it, when Star Wars: A New Hope came out in 1977 it was a revolution. George Lucas, the Star Wars creator, had hit pay dirt when his excellent storytelling coupled with mind-blowing special effects that made the movie a hit with all ages. After completing the trilogy with two sequels, George Lucas left the Star Wars license alone for a while. That hiatus ended though in 1999 when George Lucas released Episode 1, a prequel to the legendary trilogy. While Episode 1 met with mixed feelings from fans and critics alike, worse things were … Continue reading Racer Revenge Takes the Checkered Flag

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