Blade of Darkness Cuts Deep

Once upon a time there was this game reviewer who played a first person sword game and was so disappointed in it that a massive, evil and powerful skepticism grew over his hopes of ever enjoying the genre. This dragon of negativity hung heavy over his heart, but there was always hope a champion would arrive one day to slay the foul beast. Not to bust on another game, but this event occurred a long time ago – in game industry terms anyway – when people still wrote with runes, if you get my drift. Anyway, back to the story. … Continue reading Blade of Darkness Cuts Deep

Deus Ex: GOTY Edition Improves Perfection

Those of you who read our original review of Deus Ex know that the term is part of a Latin phrase used to describe a person or thing that appears out of nowhere and unexpectedly resolves a great conflict. Ironically, this Game of the Year Edition is the Deus Ex for this fine title. The main difference between the standard version of the game and this one is that you can now play multiplayer, which is a must these days for any shooter. While the original Deus Ex was a fine single-player experience, nothing beats matching wits against an actual … Continue reading Deus Ex: GOTY Edition Improves Perfection

I’ve Been Playing on the Railroad . . .

Let us get one thing straight from the beginning: I love trains. My family has been involved with trains and the railroads for five generations, from my third great grandfather down to my dad. That’s not to say I know very much about trains, but there can be an argument made that it is in my blood. When I discovered that Microsoft had created a Train Simulator, along the lines of their successful Flight Simulator franchise, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. I would finally get my best chance to test my mettle and see if I had what … Continue reading I’ve Been Playing on the Railroad . . .

Colin McRae Rally 2 Takes the Win

Another average, boring day at work in leafy Middlesex and what lands on my desk? None other than Colin McRae Rally 2.0, from our pals at the GiN office over in the US. The prospect of a decent driving game did wonders for my productivity that day. I rushed home, fired up the old PlayStation and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Over in the States you may not be too familiar with rally driving, but when it comes to driving games, I’ll take mud and gravel over tarmac any day. That is how we do it in England. … Continue reading Colin McRae Rally 2 Takes the Win

Merchant Prince II is One for the Books

Merchant Prince II is a way to take the reigns behind one of the true powers in Renaissance Europe. No, not a King or Queen. Not even the Pope, but one of the rich merchant families of Venice. People tend to forget that while the Charlemagnes and Richards roamed around ruling the world, it was the Fuggers and Medicis who actually moved it. This is now your job. The basic premise of the game is simple enough to grasp – buy low, sell high. You look at what Venice has a lot of, buy some of those, and go off … Continue reading Merchant Prince II is One for the Books

Lego Stunt Rally Takes the Win

I don’t think there’s a kid in all America who didn’t grow up on Legos. And if there just so happens to be someone out there who never played with Legos when they were coming up, just what planet are you from anyway? I mean Lego’s were the only thing that could occupy my full ten-minute attention span when I was a kid. Heck, Lego’s taught me to be a more responsible kindergartner…well maybe, that’s pushing it. Though there was a master builder at E3 whose job was, get this, to build really cool robots from Legos, my expertise is … Continue reading Lego Stunt Rally Takes the Win

Red Faction is a Shot Above

I have a great affection towards the guys at Volition for their amazing Freespace series on the PC. It was this series that continued the space combat action that I grew up with in Wing Commander, and lasted for two great games. But recently they decided to direct their efforts to the first person shooter genre with Red Faction, a game which has been receiving a lot of hype. Fortunately the hype is definitely worth it, as Red Faction is definitely the best single player FPS the PlayStation2 has in its library. I was easily attracted to the main storyline, … Continue reading Red Faction is a Shot Above

America is Cowboys and Indians for Adults

America is a real-time strategy game set in the American West during the expansion period of the 1800’s. Most of the games take place following the Civil War, so that is the technology level you can expect from the various opponents. The world is divided into four factions vying for control of the land, which is mostly high-plains desert, but is also punctuated by natural resources like trees, gold, horses and wild animals. Each faction is historically accurate in the damage it does and relative power against other units – except for one faction, which for the most part is … Continue reading America is Cowboys and Indians for Adults

The Ward is a Sci-Fi Puzzle Experience

The Ward is a puzzle/adventure game that takes you to the Moon, to Mars and beyond. It has a background story that is as old as the universe itself. However, I will try to be a bit briefer than that. This story actually starts in the far future, during the inevitable collapse of the universe. A highly advanced race called the Makers decide that the only way to escape their fate was to travel backwards through time billions of years, bringing their culture and technology with them. Unfortunately, due to the collapsing of Space, the time traveling did not go … Continue reading The Ward is a Sci-Fi Puzzle Experience

Rule the Known World with Europa Universalis

Everybody wants to rule the world. With Europa Universalis, you can do that. Starting as one of the major, or not so major powers, in the year 1492 (or other various starting points of the many scenarios that come with the game) you vie with either computer or live opponents (via the Internet options) all trying for the same thing – World Domination. Or at least you want to be the biggest and most successful country by the end of the game period (which is 1792 for the grand campaign and varies with the other scenarios). You can even choose … Continue reading Rule the Known World with Europa Universalis

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