Path of Titans Announces New Extensive Update

Alderon Games has announced the release of an extensive combat and abilities update for Path of Titans, along with a massive new aquatic dinosaur, the Eurhinosaurus. What sets the Eurhinosaurus apart is that its upper jaw was twice as long as its lower jaw and covered with up and downwards-pointing teeth. The dev team emphasizes the look in game to truly capture this unique feature.

With the addition of including the new Eurhinosaurus, there are now 31 dinosaurs in the official game, 25 with new abilities, and a further 43 abilities added across the dinosaurs. And there’s more than 400 abilities now available in Path of Titans.

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This extensive combat update includes Pounce, Latch, Drag, Carry, and the newly released Abilities which fundamentally expands the thrills of combat. Additionally, Shake Off counters, Area of Effect Attacks, Group Buffs and Debuffs, Solo Player Buffs, and Rapid Attacks all enter the fray. The Rock, Paper, Scissors of attacks and counters have been more than doubled, for 1 vs 1 encounters up through massive group melees.

Sarcosuchus the giant crocodilian can now drag prey underwater. Many species can now carry prey in their mouths, and raptors can pounce and latch onto enemies, while continuing to attack while latched. Thalassodromeus the pterosaur can pick up small prey and carry it off.

Imagine a creature from the depths of the sea, a real-life leviathan from 180 million years ago. Meet the Eurhinosaurus: this beast was no small fry–it could reach up to a whopping 7 meters (23 ft) in length. This sea monster didn’t have gills like fish, but lungs for breathing, so keep that in mind while prowling the depths.

Key Features of the Path of Titans Update Include:

  • Pounce Latch Abilities
  • Eurhinosaurus Launch
  • Updated subspecies stats for over 25 species
  • NVidia Ansel Updates
  • Music System
  • New Soundtrack for Panjura and Gondwa
  • Music reacts dynamically in real time to your gameplay

Optimizations For:

  • Gondwa
  • Mobile
  • Chat and UI
  • Community Server Management
  • Weather Effects – Fog especially
  • Swimming and fishing improvements

The update to Path of Titans is available now for PC, mobile, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and XBox.

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