Fan-Made Lego Video Pay Homage To Stronghold Kingdoms

At the end of 2010 Firefly asked fans to send in Stronghold or Christmas themed images for the chance to win in-game prizes. Winners were revealed daily in an advent calendar style competition. In 2011 we reached out to these same people, asking them to send in any and all fan-made Stronghold videos.

All developers have the occasional fan video sent in, but nothing makes a one smile quite like seeing their game recreated in glorious Lego stop motion. Over Christmas a few players, who are now officially our biggest fans, sent us such a video. They have been contacted for a reward and had their work immortalized on the Firefly website.

Follow the link below to see a bustling Lego village built around one very drunk, sleepy bumpkin. See resource gathering, weapon making, castle building and cow catapulting all rendered in wonderful bricky animation.


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