Drone-Based Gaming Taking Off This Month

Drones are white hot in real life, but other than a few cameos in games like Grand Theft Auto and Watch Dogs, they have not really gotten their own videogames where the drones, and those who pilot them, get to be the star. That could all change very soon, as we have a couple good-looking drone titles slated for release, or at least a closer look, in February.

The first is the Drone Champions League title, which is made in Germany and published by THQ Nordic. The Game will release on February 18th, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

A trailer for the DCL (as the developer abbreviates the game) looks amazing, with drone pilots charged with piloting their aircraft through some crazy courses at all times of the day and night.

THQ says the game is so realistic that professional drone pilots can use it for training. In fact, instead of setting up a physical course to qualify pilots for tournaments, at the beginning levels the official Drone Champions League plans to use the game instead. And if you needed any more proof, you could even connect an authentic drone transmitter to your PC and use the new DCL game to fly it.

“With DCL – The Game we are finally able to transfer the real operations of Drone Champions League into a game simulation. We are very excited to offer the gaming community the gateway to eventually become a professional drone pilot and compete in real life DCL events down the line.”, says Herbert Weirather, CEO and founder of the Drone Champions League.

But don’t think that you have to be an expert right off the bat. There are four distinct flight modes. Arcade mode is perfect for beginners, thanks to the automated altitude control and simplified controls. GPS Mode flies like your standard camera drone, with stabilization and altitude control. ANGLE MODE, also known as stabilized mode on some models is available on most amateur racing drones. And ACRO MODE gives the pilot more control which is how real drone racing and freestyle pilots control their devices.

It’s clear that drone racing, at least the kind that is done in DCL, is becoming a bonafide sport. It wont be long before spectators will be able to place bets on games and tournaments at leading online casinos.

And DCL isn’t even the only game racing to take first place in the new drone wars. LuGus Studios and astragon Entertainment have announced that Liftoff: Drone Racing, a brand new, fast-paced, action-packed drone racing simulation game, will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. Like DCL, it has an exciting trailer.

“Liftoff: Drone Racing will give drone enthusiasts on consoles the chance to experience everything the thrilling quadcopter racing universe has to offer from corporations with established license partners to exhilarating races,” says Julia Pfiffer, CEO of astragon Entertainment.

In Liftoff: Drone Racing, console players will be able to experience all of the hallmarks of the exciting, high-speed sport. For starters, drones can be customized with countless licensed frames and parts, which allows pilots to squeeze every bit of efficiency from their humble creations.

Beyond that, the developer is keeping a lot of details about Liftoff close to the ground. One of the reasons, most likely, is that they want to generate a lot of buzz for the official unveiling of the game at an upcoming reveal event.

Fans and media will be able to preview an early alpha version of Liftoff: Drone Racing at this year’s PAX East in Boston, which runs from February 27 to March 1, 2020. The title will be part of the astragon exhibition portfolio, and Liftoff: Drone Racing will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

For drone pilots, the sky is the limit in 2020, as their amazing hobby is finally taking flight in videogames.

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