Combat Mission Fortress Italy and Valor and Victory: Kursk Expansion Released on Steam

Matrix Games, wargame publisher and part of the Slitherine Group, announced on the Home of Wargamers event live stream the release of two of their titles on Steam. Combat Mission added Combat Mission Fortress Italy to its sprawling franchise on Steam, including all DLCs now being available, while the turn-based tactics game Valor and Victory launched its latest expansion, Valor and Victory: Kursk. Five publishers including Slitherine have united to offer wargame enthusiasts a treasure trove of popular wargame franchises at substantial discounts during the Home of Wargamers Week on Steam now until September 18, 2023.

Combat Mission Fortress Italy

To coincide with the Home of Wargamers event, Combat Mission has seen an important addition to its franchise on Steam with the release of the Combat Mission Fortress Italy.

It focuses on the fighting in the southern European reaches during World War II, including new Italian forces and updated German and American units. Four challenging campaigns plus 17 stand-alone scenarios are featured in Combat Mission Fortress Italy.

Valor and Victory: Kursk

Valor and Victory, the fast-paced turn-based World War II tactics game by Yobowargames, has released its latest DLC, Valor and Victory: Kursk. Based on Eastern Front’s Operation Citadel in 1943, the expansion contains new game features, including anti-tank ditches, new units, overrun mechanics, and new unit portraits.

Ten new scenarios and maps, bigger than previous DLCs, can be found in this latest expansion.

During the Home of the Wargamers event, it was also revealed that the new expansion, Valor and Victory: Pacific, is set to release later this year, focusing on battles such as New Guinea, Burma, and Guadalcanal. It will include two new nations, the Japanese and Chinese Nationalist armies, as well as 7 new maps, 11 new scenarios, and much more.

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