Combat Mission Fortress Italy and Valor and Victory: Kursk Expansion Released on Steam

Matrix Games, wargame publisher and part of the Slitherine Group, announced on the Home of Wargamers event live stream the release of two of their titles on Steam. Combat Mission added Combat Mission Fortress Italy to its sprawling franchise on Steam, including all DLCs now being available, while the turn-based tactics game Valor and Victory launched its latest expansion, Valor and Victory: Kursk. Five publishers including Slitherine have united to offer wargame enthusiasts a treasure trove of popular wargame franchises at substantial discounts during the Home of Wargamers Week on Steam now until September 18, 2023. Combat Mission Fortress Italy … Continue reading Combat Mission Fortress Italy and Valor and Victory: Kursk Expansion Released on Steam

Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged Deploys

Ten years ago, the wargaming community was impressed when On Target Simulations, a small but talented development team, released Flashpoint Germany. Set in a hypothetical World War III, this game was especially focused on the complexity of commanding units and leading military operations in a modern context. Players were not almighty but rather limited by realistic orders and plans and challenging battles. Then the team behind Flashpoint Germany polished the concept, developed a new engine, introduced plenty of new ideas… and released Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (FCRS), a wargame that swept many prestigious awards in 2013 and introduced an entirely … Continue reading Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged Deploys

Unity Of Command Introducing Operation Barbarossa

In Unity of Command, wargamers went through the 1942 "Case Blue" campaign, when the German Army was driving into Southern Russia and faced its fate at Stalingrad. The Red Turn expansion brought us to Operation Citadel and the battle of Kursk. But every story has a beginning: in Unity of Command ‘ Black Turn, player will relive the first steps of "Operation Barbarossa", the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany. Unity of Command: Black Turn is the new DLC for Unity of Command, a prequel for the series. Developed by 2×2 Games, this Turn-Based strategy game features … Continue reading Unity Of Command Introducing Operation Barbarossa

Matrix Games Inks Deal With Fury Software

In a year of great announcements, Matrix Games ( adds another deal to its already astonishing set for 2013. This time it’s wargames specialist Fury Software, developer of Strategic Command to join the biggest community of strategy gamers in the world. "We keep pushing boundaries," said JD McNeil, Chairman of Slitherine. "After announcing major deals with Ageod, Buzz Aldrin and Games Workshop, this is yet another great testament to our continued drive to give our community the most complete offering of strategy and wargames. This is a special one though. There is nothing thing like seeing a developer such as … Continue reading Matrix Games Inks Deal With Fury Software

Slitherine Celebrates Historicon

In a hot summer day in Fredericksburg, Virginia, JD McNeil, Chairman of the Slitherine Group, kicked off its most important press conference ever. The current statistics for the group continue a pattern of significant growth, up to the second quarter of 2013, the latest figures available. Over the last 36 months, Group sales have increased by a staggering 480 percent and without doubt Slitherine is now the undisputed leader of the strategy and wargaming niche sector. In his opening address McNeil said "In Our case we revel in niche and in our case this is most certainly not small or … Continue reading Slitherine Celebrates Historicon

New Conflict Of Heroes Brings Heavy Armor

Matrix Games and Western Civilization Software are proud to announce the release of the long awaited Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions, the first expansion for the official computer adaptation of the award-winning World War 2 tactical wargame Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. Similar to the Awakening the Bear release, Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions adds new content that has never been available before to Conflict of Heroes players, while staying true to the original board game rules. It also adds an exciting new feature ‘ the ability to play any campaign multiplayer against a human opponent! Ghost Divisions focuses … Continue reading New Conflict Of Heroes Brings Heavy Armor

Matrix and Slitherine To Visit Historicon

Matrix Games and Slitherine ( announce their participation at HISTORICON, a gaming convention devoted to historical gaming, which takes place in Fredericksburg, VA over 4 days in July each year. HISTORICON draws thousands of gamers from around the world together with a variety of vendors offering everything needed to recreate historical or fictional conflicts throughout the ages and beyond. Scenarios range from ancient history to the modern era, while some even create games from the rich worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. There are tournaments, seminars and a Hobby University of painting classes and events. During the event, on the 18th … Continue reading Matrix and Slitherine To Visit Historicon

Command Ops Gets Explosive Update

Matrix Games and Panther Games are proud to announce the release of a major new free update for the critically-acclaimed World War 2 operational wargames Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge and Command Ops: Highway to the Reich. The v4.4.263 update represents over a year of additional development and improvements on the Command Ops engine, largely based on community feedback. This is provided as a free update to Command Ops customers, representing incredible value in terms of post-release support and improvements. This update fixes bugs and greatly improves gameplay and modding. This includes improvements to the LOS tool, handles stalled … Continue reading Command Ops Gets Explosive Update

Napoleon Wages War On Online Platforms

Matrix Games and AGEOD are proud to announce the release of the turn-based historical grand strategy game Napoleon’s Campaigns on the Slitherine Group Online Stores. As announced on the 10th of April, Pride of Nations was just the first in a series of AGEOD games to be made available on the Group stores. Now it is the turn of the ‘Little Corporal’ to join his brothers in arms. In Napoleon’s Campaigns the player will have the chance to recreate Napoleon’s grand design to put the whole of Europe under the will of the French Emperor. Follow Napoleon’s tracks from the … Continue reading Napoleon Wages War On Online Platforms