Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged Deploys

Ten years ago, the wargaming community was impressed when On Target Simulations, a small but talented development team, released Flashpoint Germany. Set in a hypothetical World War III, this game was especially focused on the complexity of commanding units and leading military operations in a modern context. Players were not almighty but rather limited by realistic orders and plans and challenging battles.

Then the team behind Flashpoint Germany polished the concept, developed a new engine, introduced plenty of new ideas… and released Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (FCRS), a wargame that swept many prestigious awards in 2013 and introduced an entirely new and more realistic command and control system, along with improved graphics and a much better AI. But today it’s time to bring these two releases together! By re-creating the well-designed scenarios and maps of Flashpoint Germany in the cutting edge wargame provided by Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, the team is now releasing Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged, a completely up-to-date remake of the original Flashpoint Germany game!

This new expansion for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm brings 17 scenarios with 43 variants along with the original Flashpoint Germany maps completely redone to the new graphical standards (with hexes replacing the old grid), a new map which is the largest to date for the Flashpoint Campaigns and an abundance of additional action for American, British, West German and Soviet forces alike!

In order to celebrate this important milestone, they are offering a $10 discount during the week of the launch on the base game (FCRS) and a new bundle which includes the base game and the new Germany Reforged expansion. As always, a free Steam key is also available for anyone who buys a copy of the game or the expansion from the Matrix Games or Slitherine store!

In addition, a new 2.0.10 free update for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm is being released, with a long list of improvements for existing Red Storm owners.

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