Brawlhalla Adds New Content, Faerie Queen Legend

Brawlhalla is a deceptively simple game fielded by Ubisoft where two or more cartoonish combatants battle one another for supremacy. It’s one of those games which is very easy to pick up and play, but also difficult to master, especially when competing against other clever human opponents who have developed their own strategies based on the key characters they love to play.

And the game is wildly popular. It recently opened up season seven with a one million dollar prize pool, one of the biggest in eSports. And best of all, anyone can get into the game. It’s available for all of the console platforms, mobile gaming platforms and the PC. You can pick it up for free right now through Steam like a lot of gamers have, making it a part of their normal routine of getting up, going to work, having fun over at hyperino casino, scrolling through the latest games on their console or Steam, and forgetting to sleep. But with Brawlhalla, they can also win a lot of money if they happen to get good at the game. And, as an added bonus, the game is also fully cross-playable on most platforms.

And now the game, which is known for its crossovers and expansions, is growing once again.

Ubisoft announced that Brawlhalla’s 55th Legend, Arcadia, makes her magical debut alongside the annual Luck o’ the Brawl Event.

Arcadia, The Faerie Queen, is a wise leader who rules over the Fangwild as a noble and compassionate queen. Equipped with a Greatsword and a Spear, she is accompanied by her trusty war beetle, Domo, and enchanted magic to help with her Signature attacks. Arcadia can also fly, using her entrancing wings to pursue enemies on the field.

Arcadia is available now for 7200 Gold, and the skins Rogue Queen Arcadia, Carapace Armored Arcadia, and Briar Rose Arcadia are also available now for 140 Mammoth Coins each.

Check out some of her signature moves:

• Side Signature – After summoning Domo from underground, the beetle rushes forward, ramming opponents with its sharp horn. Domo then uses its horn to knock opponents into the air, so that Arcadia can jump off and slash them with her Spear before heading back underground.

• Neutral Signature – Arcadia flutters her wings and charges up her magic, then sends a spinning attack at her opponent with her Spear. This hit sends her foe into the air for her to land a second hit with her Spear, which then launches her opponent up into the air again.

• Down Signature – She lifts and spins her spear to charge up her attack. Then, Arcadia leaps into the air and sends her magic down in a swirl that traps her foe before vanishing.

And the Luck o’ the Brawl Event is also launching, includes a brand-new skin for Isaiah, two new Avatars, a KO effect, purchasable Lucky Clover Colors for all Legends. Previous Luck o’ the Brawl Skins, Avatars, and KO Effect are also available now.

Developed by Blue Mammoth, Brawlhalla is an epic free-to-play platform fighting game that transports over 80 million players to a fight for glory in the halls of Valhalla. Choosing from more than 50 unique characters, players can jump into single-player and co-op modes, as well as online and local competitions.

Brawlhalla also supports cross-platform play between the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 system, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices where players can play custom games and queue together for all online matchmaking.

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