10 Video Games that You Need to Play in 2022

Every year game development company releases hundreds of games for a diversified target audience. Choosing from a wide range of options can be confusing and time-consuming. You can simplify your search by choosing games from the list mentioned in this article.

Choosing video games is not as easy as selecting a casino platform and playing betting games. To select casino games, you simply look for the gambling promotions and choose a platform. Then you have to register with the platform and get access to a plethora of casino games.

However, to play the latest video games, you have to browse through hundreds of games and pick those that meet your preferences. Furthermore, you have to confirm whether or not the game is compatible with your gaming console.

Top Video Games in 2022

Below we are sharing some video games you will love to play in 2022:

1.     Alan Wake Remastered

The character in this game is a writer named Alan Wake. Alan stays in a little town with his wife for a vacation, but his wife goes missing. Later, he finds out about a monster invasion in his town. If you love spooky games, you will love to play Alan Wake Remastered. It is a third-person shooting game with different types of new and deadly enemies.

2.     Elden Ring

This is an incredible souls-like game with familiar elements. There are multiple paths to take thanks to the new addition of an open-world format, but the core Souls gameplay remains comfortably familiar. The game is pretty approachable and outstanding for newcomers as well as advanced gamers – and it has the player count to back up its status as an instant classic.

3.     Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Have you played the original Mass Effect trilogy? If yes, then get ready for the remastered version of this game. The remastered edition doesn’t mean that the developer has launched the game with the same gameplay and the latest graphics. Instead, you will find a huge difference in the gameplay and controls as well. Furthermore, the game includes high-quality and new content such as an extended storylines, new guns, and armor.

4.     Guilty Gear Strive

If you love 2D fighting games such as Mortal Combat or Street Fighter, you will love this game as well. The best part about this game is you can switch between game mode and combat mode. The story mode has anime-style action with an incredible story. Meanwhile, the combat mode contains different characters, devastating moves, and mixed combos. Furthermore, you can also compete with your friends and arrange a competition.

5.     Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition

This game is a sequel to the Nioh game, launched in 2017. This is an RPG action game with new twists, challenging core, and fun elements. You will love the storyline based on key historical figures from the ancient Sengoku Era. What’s more, the main character of this game is half-human, half-spirit.

6.     Microsoft Flight Simulator

With this game, you can go on an open-world experience on an aircraft. You can fly huge passenger jets and light aircraft and enjoy flying around. What’s more, you can completely control the plane and learn every single detail of flying an aircraft. Furthermore, you can see various landmarks across the world and land aircraft on airports in different locations.

7.     Hades

Epic Games Store is finally launching Hades, a long-awaited game. This game is available for different gaming consoles with a comprehensive storyline. In this game, you have to fight different battles to reach Mount Olympus. Also, you can interact with famous Greek Gods and upgrade your characters with new abilities and powers.

8.     Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

This is an open-world adventure game that takes place after an unknown apocalyptic event in the US. There are many human tribes and giant animalistic robots in the vast world Aloy lives in. Since you have different types of bows, spears, and slings, you have to show tactical strategies to defeat giant robots. The storyline is exciting and enjoyable with long tense battles and hunting experience.

9.     Devil May Cry 5

Dante is back and he is stronger than ever to fight the new threats in the Devil May Cry 5. The fifth episode of this game is quite exciting. Alongside the return of the iconic Capcom star, get ready for the return of Nero and his new moveset, especially his new interchangeable robot arm. There are numerous new modes, challenges, enemies that you must cross to complete the incredible storyline.

10.   Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a detective game for Sherlock Holmes fans. In this game, you will play the character of a detective in a city with many murders and crimes. You and your colleague Kim solve complex and dangerous cases using creative and combat skills.

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