H1Z1 Zombie Survival MMO Spreads To Steam Early Access

Today, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announced that the H1Z1 virus has spread beyond SOE labs and is now available on PC to all survivors worldwide through Steam’s Early Access program starting at $19.99 USD. SOE advises players to start strategizing for survival, though it remains unclear if banding together or fighting against one another will improve their chances of surviving. “We’re excited to launch H1Z1 into its Early Access Alpha,” said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment. “H1Z1 puts players into a post-apocalyptic zombie survival role — it triggers those primal fight-or-flight survival instincts. Since we first announced this … Continue reading H1Z1 Zombie Survival MMO Spreads To Steam Early Access

PlanetSide is Hardcore Perpetual Action

PlanetSide is a bit unique among massively multiplayer online games. Instead of role-playing a character, the game is all about battle. And on battle, it has plenty. Set on a futuristic world, the plot of the game is that humans from the Terran Republic have set down on a new world bristling with alien technology. They are connected to their empire only by a wormhole. But when the wormhole collapses, the humans begin to fight. One group decides it wants to remain loyal to the republic. One group generally likes the laws of the republic but wants a bit more … Continue reading PlanetSide is Hardcore Perpetual Action

An insiders report from Norrath

I had the opportunity to be a beta tester in the final phase of beta testing for EverQuest, which was released by Sony last week. Being in on the ground floor of this one, I can say that I think it will challenge Origin System’s Ultima Online for the title of the most popular online role-playing game. The first time I logged on, I was thrilled to see all of the options for creating a character. Everything from the usual gender, and class to race and religion was included as a changeable option. As a long time Ultima Online player, … Continue reading An insiders report from Norrath