Skullgirls Gameplay Video

A new trailer for Skullgirls, the upcoming downloadable 2D fighting game from Autumn Games, is available today. Offering a sneak peak at the Story Mode, the trailer provides a glimpse of the seven announced playable characters and elements of how they fit into the game’s backstory. The world of Skullgirls is vast and full of colorful personas, well beyond the eight playable female warriors that will be available at launch. Additional friends and foes will show up throughout the playable characters’ stories, which are told with a series of short vignettes, showcasing more than 200 pieces of unique art and … Continue reading Skullgirls Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto: Springfield

I love the Simpsons. Very seldom do I watch network television these days, but the Simpsons has always been a tradition for me. I even watch it at work when I am closing up for the night, and I even have my own favorite episodes in mind (Some of my favorite episodes include Cape Fear, featuring Sideshow Bob’s ordeal with the rakes, and Bart Sells His Soul, where we hear the sissified Todd Flanders yell out "Ow, my freaking ears!"). On the other hand, I also love the GTA series. Whether it is the open ended gameplay, the engrossing storyline, … Continue reading Grand Theft Auto: Springfield

Dark Angel flies on console

Dark Angel the game is based on the hit television show of the same name staring Jessica Alba and created by James Cameron. The game is a 3rd person adventure, with emphasis on stealth and fighting. The setting for the TV show and the game is 21st century post-pulse (apocalyptic) Seattle. The main character is Max, a genetically enhanced super-soldier developed for the military. As a child Max escaped from a company called Manticore along with other genetically enhanced children. To this day they are still-hunting her. Max is helped by her friends and in particular Logan Cale, a cyber … Continue reading Dark Angel flies on console