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Day Two 2001

With the oohing and aahing of the first day out of the way, Ken and Todd can focus in on the real issues that face our industry – lookey-lous (blame the cahannel 13 newsfor that one). As they round the far corner, the two racers are neck and neck, each edging the other out, only to have the other gain. here they are entering the home stretch… E3 DAY 2: ROCKSTAR STRIKES BACK By: Todd Hargosh, GiN Director of Product Testing I want to start off my take on E3 Day 2 by thanking my good friends at Saitek for … Continue reading Day Two 2001

Pre-Show Madness

Early this morning at separate pre-E3 press conferences, both Nintendo and Microsoft revealed the plans behind their respective entries into the next generation console wars – the Gamecube and Xbox. Both consoles are scheduled to launch within days of one another, and both will come out before previously announced according to the respective companies. Both companies expect to launch challenge Sony’s Playstation 2 in about six months as the X-Box has a tentative launch date of November 8. However, in a rather surprising announcement, Nintendo plans to launch the Gamecube three days earlier on November 5. While Nintendo refused to … Continue reading Pre-Show Madness

To Your Corners

The three major combatants in the console wars went head-to-head-to-head in the E3 keynote address as representatives from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft discussed and debated the state of the video games industry. With somewhat sarcastic barbs and a healthy dose of conceited commentary, Sony President Gus Wright, Executive Vice-President of Nintendo Peter Mayne and Chief Xbox officer Robbie Bach each sung the praises of their own consoles, while giving their thoughts about the video game industry and its future. Interactive Digital Software Association President Doug Lowenstein introduced the keynote speakers in a speech declaring the video game industry “very strong” … Continue reading To Your Corners