Vincent Mahoney, GiN Staff

Vincent is a game reviewer, graphic designer, illustrator and insurance agent: He wears many hats, but none of them properly cover his bald spot. His long-term goal is to publish a comic of the story he and his wife created together. He grew up playing action-platform games such as Super Mario, Metroid, Mega Man, Contra and Castlevania, but discovered his love for RPGs through Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy VI, then embarking upon a quest to play every RPG he possibly can. At over 200 RPGs and counting the quest is not going so well, and there are buster swords, giant cats, eight virtues and personae appearing to him in his sleep. Please send help.

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Wild West Times With Hard West

Hard West offers an excellent turn-based strategy game that includes supernatural elements, cults, and even the devil himself. Playing Hard West is thus a non-stop rollercoaster of events that still manages to be interesting despite some being told in Choose Your Own Adventure Style.