Is Lightning Roulette a Perfect Casino Game for Millennials?

Traditional casino table games have a big problem when it comes to attracting the younger audience that is used to elaborate video games, fun mobile games, and recently blockchain gaming. Games like roulette and blackjack are simply not exciting enough. But it just might be the case that Evolution Gaming, with their Lightning Roulette, with its win multipliers and actual correct strategy that can be used, could appeal to millennials. Let’s explain why. Win Multipliers make the game fun Lightning Roulette isn’t a boring game by any means, as it’s a live dealer game in which you watch a video … Continue reading Is Lightning Roulette a Perfect Casino Game for Millennials?

Millennials Gamers Changing the Casino Landscape

The casino industry is facing a new challenge: how to get millennial gamers through the doors and entice them to play their games. It seems that this generation of 18 to 35 year olds are not quite as willing to play games purely for the chance of winning money. That’s not to say that they don’t still make up a large percentage of players, but they just don’t play games in the same way. Millennials vs Gen Xs The biggest difference between millennial gamers and Generation X gamers is the way they use technology. Millennials go hand in hand with … Continue reading Millennials Gamers Changing the Casino Landscape

Why Skill Based Gaming is the Next Frontier for Online Casinos

The landscape of online gambling is in a constant state of evolution. Traditional games of chance have long dominated the scene, offering quick thrills and easy-to-understand rules. However, a shift is occurring, as new casino sites are increasingly turning their focus towards skill-based gaming. This trend represents a significant development in how online casinos engage with their user base, attracting a different kind of player who seeks a more interactive and challenging experience. Understanding Skill-Based Gaming Skill-based gaming, unlike conventional casino games, relies on a player’s ability, strategy, and decision-making skills. These games offer a refreshing alternative to the usual … Continue reading Why Skill Based Gaming is the Next Frontier for Online Casinos

How Do The Gaming Industry And The Gambling Industry Overlap

The gaming and gambling industries have always been intertwined. The first casino ever opened was a combination of a gaming hall and a gambling house. And while the two industries have evolved over the years, they still share many similarities. Here are eight things you should know about the way they overlap and what it means for both industries. Types of games they offer The most obvious way the gaming and gambling industries overlap is the type of games they offer. Both industries offer various games, from card games and slots to roulette and craps. And while the rules of … Continue reading How Do The Gaming Industry And The Gambling Industry Overlap

Retro Gaming Trends

Modern video games are unquestionably more advanced than older games, with lifelike graphics, realistic physics, substantial artificial intelligence and online multiplayer choices. Despite this abundance of technology, gaming fans are increasingly turning to older games and gaming systems, making retro gaming one of the hottest trends in the leisure sector. Gaming simplicity Gone are the days when you could buy a game, rush home and pop it into your system. Due to current games carrying an increasing quantity of data and visuals, gamers are accustomed to downloading the most recent upgrades and releases, performing bug fixes and waiting hours for … Continue reading Retro Gaming Trends

How To Choose a Secure Online Casino

Online casinos, unlike real casinos, are increasingly becoming a darling to most wagers, especially the millennials. Not only can you play at any time but also you get access to a huge number of games with jaw-dropping bonuses and promotions. The only concern however with the online casino even as most people rush in to win big is choosing a secure online casino. When you choose the wrong gambling site, you are likely to come across cons and hackers. Therefore, even as these casinos may be of great importance to you, ensure you put your safety and security first by … Continue reading How To Choose a Secure Online Casino

The Rise of Mobile Gambling: The Opportunity It Brings

Online gambling providers and operators today place a high emphasis on providing players with mobile-friendly interfaces. To be competitive in the current iGaming market, the industry needs to reach out to the new generations of players via mobile devices, not just traditional web platforms. It’s imperative to be on top of technological advancements in this industry. Mobile gambling impacts the iGaming industry’s evolution, so it is important to recognize the benefits and opportunities it brings to the entire ecosystem. More Players Use Mobile Devices Technology advancements and the growing demand for mobile access on the part of operators have greatly … Continue reading The Rise of Mobile Gambling: The Opportunity It Brings

Most Popular Gaming Genres of the Present Times

Gaming industry has witnessed tremendous success in the online world over the past one decade. It’s already a multi-billion dollar space which is enjoyed by both young adults and millennials who can’t get over their fondness of videogames from their childhood years! Top gaming companies like Electronic Arts (EA), Sony, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Tencent and NetEase are all engaged in cut-throat competition to deliver the most enjoyable games to players. Here in this short article we will acquaint you with some of the most popular gaming genres of the present times. The list can help starting-out gamers to make the … Continue reading Most Popular Gaming Genres of the Present Times

Are Classic Style Slots Making a Comeback?

Is there anything online casinos can’t do? They brought us a Game of Thrones slot machine. They accept Bitcoin for payments, and now they are bringing back classic-style slot machines. Casinos are rarely wrong about these sorts of trends. When they began to provide games on mobile devices, it was because there was a demand for mobile gaming. When they went on a rage to launch movie-themed slots, people embraced the games. Classic Slots: An Overview Classic slots are the simplest versions of slot machines. They come with three reels, one to twenty pay lines, and fruits, bars or numbers … Continue reading Are Classic Style Slots Making a Comeback?

GameWorks Moving Tournaments and Events Online

GameWorks, Inc., an esports and entertainment company for millennials, teens and families with seven locations nationwide, announced today the launch of its new online gaming competition series, Quick Hits. GameWorks’ Quick Hits takes the entertainment leader’s extensive national esports community online to experience the same high-quality tournaments as when playing at one of its seven esports lounges within each of its venues. Initially, GameWorks’ Quick Hits will offer three games, including Super SMASH Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter V Champion Edition and a racing series featuring the online racing platform iRacing. In the weeks to come, GameWorks plans to continually add … Continue reading GameWorks Moving Tournaments and Events Online