Wildcatting Sim Turmoil Gets New DLC

Gamious, a small Dutch game developer, is pleased to announce the release of Turmoil: The Heat is On, DLC to be released on Steam today, March 21st, for $4.99. Turmoil is a strategic simulation game set during the 19th-century oil rush in North America. Players fill the shoes of an oil entrepreneur by prospecting, mining and selling oil. As the oil town grows up around them, they can outbid their competitors for town shares and become the new mayor. Since launching on Steam Early Access, Turmoil has shipped hundreds of thousands of units. The game has evolved and grown well beyond … Continue reading Wildcatting Sim Turmoil Gets New DLC

Turmoil Leaves Early Access, Release Announced

Dutch game studio Gamious announced today that its visually charming, humorous take on the simulation genre, Turmoil, will be released for PC on Steam on June 2nd after a year in Early Access. Drawing inspiration from the historic 19th century oil rush in North America, Turmoil received a total of 23 updates based on community feedback while in Early Access and garnered a 90% approval rating from Steam users.