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Crazy for Crazy Machines

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I didn’t have to look around for a Time Waster. Instead, John sent me a review copy of Crazy Machines: Golden Gears. I’ve never played any of the Crazy Machines games prior to this, but I know others here at GiN have enjoyed them. For those already thinking it; Yes, GiN has reviewed Crazy Machines: Golden Gears in the past. This release of Golden Gears came out for iOS and Android devices last year and our reviewer gave it 4 GiN Gems. Being new to the Crazy Machines series means that I’m not going to … Continue reading Crazy for Crazy Machines

A Boreing Good Taste

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I was sent a code to check out a game that isn’t finished yet. That game is Full Bore. Upon hearing the name of the game, I was already excited about all the bore puns I could use to say how bad it is (I like puns more than I probably should), but I can’t do that. Full Bore starts out with players choosing to play as either Frederick, the male bore, or Hildi, the female bore. Whichever bore is chosen by the player will run out into a field only for an explosion to … Continue reading A Boreing Good Taste

An Out of Body Experience

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I didn’t have anything waiting to be played and instead took to the internet to find something. In my adventures I discovered A Ghostly Journey. A Ghostly Journey is a puzzle/platforming game that puts the player in control of a ghost that feels he should leave the graveyard. Our ghostly friend explains that he feels something pulling at him and that he need to find out what it is. I completed the game and I’ve got to say that I didn’t really understand the story. Those who don’t want any spoilers should skip these next … Continue reading An Out of Body Experience

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