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Exploring the Universe Sandbox

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I spent my time exploring the cosmos in Universe Sandbox. Universe Sandbox is a strange game to have in my Steam library. The game isn’t exactly a game, but it’s more of a simulator. That’s strange for me because I’m not a big fan of simulators. However, I really do find myself able to enjoy this game. Universe Sandbox allows players to create an infinite number of universes to play with and explore. When I say explore, I mean look around at all the different formations and rotations of planets in the universe. So it and creating really … Continue reading Exploring the Universe Sandbox

Checking Out the Jobchanger Brigade Prealpha

Welcome Time Wasters! I’ve gone further than any hipster has hoped to go. Instead of just checking out a game in it’s alpha, I’m looking at one in its prealpha. Get your fedoras and neckbeards ready! (Note: I do own a fedora and have been known to sport a neckbeard from time to time. It’s a joke, people.) Alright, so this week’s game is called Jobchanger Brigade. It’s a 2D game that has RPG elements combined with hack-n-slash combat. The game is very early in its build so there isn’t much in the way of story. All I can figure is … Continue reading Checking Out the Jobchanger Brigade Prealpha

Super Smash Flash 2 Rivals Its Older Brother

Welcome Time Wasters! As many of you have probably already noticed, I reviewed Super Smash Bros. for Wii U this week. I could go on and on about how great it is, but I’ve done that already. Instead I wanted to shine a light on a smaller project that pulls inspiration from Super Smash Bros. That project is Super Smash Flash 2! Super Smash Flash 2 is basically everything from Super Smash Bros. contained in a Flash game. The version I’m looking at today is a demo for Super Smash Flash 2. I played the original Super Smash Flash back … Continue reading Super Smash Flash 2 Rivals Its Older Brother

Mixing It Up in Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.2

Welcome Time Wasters! Those who have been keeping up with GiN’s Time Waster piece are probably wondering why I’m looking at Super Mario Bros. Crossover again. The answer is actually really simple; there’s been a lot of updates to this game since I first checked it out back in 2011. This time around Super Mario Bros. Crossover is on version 3.1.2. I’d love to tell you what version it was on when I first reviewed it, but I haven’t the foggiest idea. What I do know is that the game has seen the addition of new characters, stages and more. The first thing … Continue reading Mixing It Up in Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.2

Taking Over a Kingdom in MURDER!

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I didn’t have any Steam or smartphone games lined up for review and instead had to dig around to find an appropriate time waster to share with all of you. The game I found was MURDER. The story of MURDER is really simple. Players are put in the role of an assassin that it out to kill a king and take his place. However, after their job is done, the assassin must fend off other assassins that would kill him and take over his role as king. The gameplay in MURDER is really simple. Players … Continue reading Taking Over a Kingdom in MURDER!

Gunslingin’ Through Boot Hill Heroes

Welcome Time Wasters! Alright, this was actually supposed to be last week’s time waster, but I ended up delaying it due to the release of The Last Door episode 5. It just seemed like a good idea to do a spooky game for Halloween. However, now that that’s all said and done, I’m really excited to talk about Boot Hill Heroes! Boot Hill Heroes an RPG that takes several elements from some of my favorite games in the genre and mixes them together. It has obvious inspiration from Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and the Final Fantasy series. The story of Boot … Continue reading Gunslingin’ Through Boot Hill Heroes

The Last Door Is Open Again

Welcome Time Wasters! My intentions weren’t to bring you a review of The Last Door Season Two Episode One: The Playwright today, but I couldn’t help myself. The game just released on Halloween, which is very fitting, and I had no qualms about delaying what was supposed to be this week’s Time Waster for it. As loyal readers likely know at this point, I’ve been covering The Last Door series since it was first released over a year ago. It actually feels like its been longer, but I attribute this to anticipation while waiting for the new episodes. My past reviews show … Continue reading The Last Door Is Open Again

Hiding in Prop Hunt Mobile

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I fell back to my phone for my time wasting needs and I discovered a mobile version of an immensely entertaining PC game: Prop Hunt. Well, it’s more of a mod than an actual game. Prop Hunt Mobile is exactly what it sounds like; a mobile version of Prop Hunt for the PC. For those who don’t know, Prop Hunt is a game in Gmod that has players split into two teams to try and outsmart each other. The first team plays as props. They are given 20 seconds to hide from the other team. … Continue reading Hiding in Prop Hunt Mobile

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