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Battling With The Wizard!

Welcome Time Wasters! This week my Time Waster came at the suggestion of John Breeden. He was nice enough to point out a small, indie game called The Wizard to me. No, this has nothing to do with Super Mario Bros. 3 or a Power Glove. The Wizard puts players in the role of Kevin, a young wizard in training. Kevin wakes up one night to discover that his beautiful face has been stolen. Not ready to live a life without beauty, he jumps up and chases the face thief through sewers, dungeons, towers and everything in between. The Wizard … Continue reading Battling With The Wizard!

Exploring My Way Through DungeonUp

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I discovered a Rouge-like game called DungeonUp that has puzzle and RPG elements mixed in. DungeonUp puts players in the role of a hero that is trying to warn a group of dwarves of the dangers from digging in their mountain. The dwarves don’t listen to the hero and end up throwing him in jail. After teaming up with a rouge, the hero sets out to escape the dwarves and put an end to the monsters they unleash. Controls in DungeonUp are easy. Players can use the Arrow or A,W,S,D keys to move their character around. They … Continue reading Exploring My Way Through DungeonUp

Booing Rock Hero Off the Stage

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I took to my smartphone in search of a game to spend some time with. In my searches I discovered Rock Hero, a game that tries to cash in on the popularity of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. Rock Hero plays a lot like the above mentioned games. Notes come down to the beat of the song and players have to tap on the to score points and continue playing. I decided to check out a game like this because its been awhile since I spent any time with a music rhythm game of … Continue reading Booing Rock Hero Off the Stage

Flying to the Sun with Icarus

Welcome Time Wasters! This week’s time waster is a little different than what I noramlly play. This week I spent my time with Icarus. Icarus is a game that is based off of the old myth of what happens when someone flies too close to the sun, except humans are replaced with paper airplanes. Icarus is a game that was made for a game jam. For those who don’t know, game jams are typically events where developers are given restrictions and are told to make a game in a certain amount of time. This particular game jam had developers creating a game … Continue reading Flying to the Sun with Icarus

Watching The Grass Grow with Professional Farmer 2014

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I wasted my time with Professional Farmer 2014. As the title of the game probably gives away, Professional Farmer 2014 is a simulation game that puts players in the role of a farmer. Professional Farmer 2014 starts players off doing the most basic task, learning how to operate farm equipment. The controls are easy enough to get use to and the game does a good job at giving players all the info they need to operate the machinery. The player can also walk around outside of the equipment, but there isn’t much use to do so. Professional … Continue reading Watching The Grass Grow with Professional Farmer 2014

Exploring Caves with Retrobooster

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I was given a review copy of Retrobooster to check out. If the name of the game sounds familiar, that’s because GiN took a look at the game back when it first released in March (Check that review out here). It has been a few months since then and the game is now available on Steam. Retrobooster is a cave flyer that’s a throwback to the 1980s. The game has players exploring caves, shooting enemies and solving puzzles to get through levels. What sets the game apart from cave flyers of old? Its physics engine. … Continue reading Exploring Caves with Retrobooster

Alpha Preview: Technicolour Rain

Welcome Time Wasters! In lieu of a normal Time Waster, I’m checking out a game that is currently in it’s alpha. This game is Technicolour Rain. Technicolour Rain is a top-down shooter that places the person in the shoes of a man escaping from prison. Being that the game is still in its alpha, not much more is known than this. Currently, only two levels are playable. This deals with the character escaping from prison and then finding out who sold him out. Players control the main character’s movement with the W,A,S, D keys. Aiming in Technicolour Rain is control with the … Continue reading Alpha Preview: Technicolour Rain

StrikeForce Kitty Attacks!

Welcome Time Wasters! Looks like I just missed being able to wish you all happy Fourth of July, but what the heck, why not. Happy Fourth of July! Okay, I’ve got that out of my system. Now on to the Time Waster. This week my search for a Time Waster led me across the internet until I discovered a game titled StrikeForce Kitty. It’s a running game that involves very little input from the player (like most running games). The story of StrikeForce Kitty is that the King’s wife/daughter (I’m not quite sure which it is) is kidnapped by evil foxes … Continue reading StrikeForce Kitty Attacks!

Alpha Preview: Vagante

Welcome Time Wasters! As I’m sure you’ve already guessed from the title, this week is a little bit different than a normal Time Waster. Instead of a traditional Time Waster, I’m checking out a game that is still in its alpha. This game is Vagante. Vagante is a rouge-like game that has players exploring endless caverns in search of loot. Being that the game is still in its alpha, there isn’t really any story. All that is known is that the player is dropped off in a mountain range and left to their devices. The gameplay in Vagante is really … Continue reading Alpha Preview: Vagante

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