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Finding a Shiny Guantlet

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I searched around until I discovered a game in development called Shiny Gauntlet. The protagonist of the game is a spirit that is trying to escape a dungeon. Shiny Gauntlet is an indie game that has rouge-like elements to it. The game drops players in a randomly-generated, unlit dungeon and has them run around as different classes killing monsters and collecting loot until they reach the end. What makes Shiny Gauntlet a little different from other rougelike games is that players don’t permanently have a class. Instead, the player’s class is affected by what weapon they … Continue reading Finding a Shiny Guantlet

Trials in the Town of Salem

This week Billy lies and cheats his way to the top in Town of Salem. It’s a browser game that is basically a chat room with some extra features. It’s not about having the best gear, highest levels or quickest reflexes. Instead, the game rewards the players that are best at lying and keeping track of details.

Returning With The Last Door – Collector’s Edition

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I’m returning to one of my favorite series that I’ve reviewed as part of this Time Waster gig, The Last Door. Except that this time around, I’m looking at The Last Door – Collector’s Edition on Steam. If you’ve never read any of my reviews for Season One of The Last Door, here they are. Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Alright, now that you’re up-to-date I can start talking about The Last Door – Collector’s Edition. The Last Door – Collector’s Edition takes the first four chapters of the series and puts them … Continue reading Returning With The Last Door – Collector’s Edition

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