Noticing Similarities in The Grape Escape

This week Billy is checking out a platformer called The Grape Escape and he can’t help but compare it to Super Meat Boy.

A Muddy Good Time with SpinTires: Mudrunner

SpinTires: Mudrunner is a different kind of mudbogging thrill. Tasked with driving 20-ton behemoths down muddy paths that are barely considered roads, you may only be driving a few miles an hour, but its every bit as exciting as any racer.

Having A Ball With Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom

Inspired by the future imagined in the 1939 World Fair, the zany Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom: A Novel of Retropolis by writer and artist Bradley W. Schenck is utterly unlike anything else in science fiction.

Splish-splashing Fun with Splasher

An innovative platformer game for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles, Splasher will have players doing all the running and jumping they might expect, but with the addition of a cool water gun to both defend themselves and manipulate the environment.

Enjoying the Rouge-Like Cardinal Quest 2

This week our Time Waster is all about Cardinal Quest 2, a small indie game that Billy checked out years ago in its beta, that channels the rogue-like genre.

Classic Chess Game Makes Moves in Chess Ultra

Who knew that a thousand-year-old game could make such a new splash? Chess Ultra for the Nintendo Switch plays well, and provides some of the most eye-popping backdrops for a game of chess ever created. Plus, it works great when played on a television or the portable Switch screen.

The Dinosaur Lords Adds Twist To Traditional Fantasy

A neat if unusual fantasy, The Dinosaur Lords book has been described as Game of Thrones with dinosaurs, which is not all that inaccurate. The book is filled with bloody intrigue and political plotting, which also happens to involve dinosaurs.

Open World JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Soars On Switch

With a deep and heavy emphasis on combat, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is similar in structure to the original Wii game than the more exploration-heavy Chronicles X. Those that love the constant-combat mechanic of traditional JRPG games will find a lot to love.

Superflight is a Delight!

This week our Time Waster is getting lost in a wingsuit exploration game called Superflight, and its the good kind of lost!

Curse of Osiris Expands Destiny 2’s Universe

As the first full expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris takes us to some new places, and challenges players with new combat waves and bosses, plus provides about two hours of new story content.

Grim Dark Fantasy in Gods of the Mountain

Quite a change of pace from author Christopher Keene’s uplifting Dream State Saga, his new book, Gods of the Mountain is a grim and dark fantasy tale. But we think that fans will enjoy the change of pace, and a walk on the darker side of fantasy.

Stumbling Through Distrust’s Arctic Adventure

Distrust is inspired by the classic horror movie, The Thing, where people trapped at an Arctic research lab don’t know who is actually a camouflaged, murderous alien. Here, everyone is slowly going insane, with basically the same deadly effect.

Switching it up with a new Console

Todd is back from his vacation, and he’s got a brand-new Nintendo Switch to show for it. Plus, he racked up some thrilling drivetime on the classic F-Zero AX, a game he now wants to lobby Nintendo to add to the Switch lineup. Come on Nintendo, wouldn’t that be awesome?

The World Ends With You Again

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Baltimore Comic-Con: Behind the Black Panther

The Black Panther Panel at Baltimore Comic-Con was one of the most thrilling, giving fans a behind the scenes look at the popular cat-centric comic, explaining how the artists try to keep western influences out of the story, and what to expect from the upcoming feature film.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – 10 tips to max out those friendships

Nintendo’s mobile port Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a fun and engaging, if stripped back version of the console game. Chella delivers her top tips for managing a successful campsite.

Baltimore Comic-Con: D.M.C. Raps About Captain America, Comic Creation

Run-D.M.C.’s Darryl McDaniels may be famous for his amazing rap group, but at the Baltimore Comic-Con, the focus was on his latest endeavor, Darryl Makes Comics, a new comic series McDaniels is creating. Of course, he also performed some amazing raps, to the delight of his fans.

Baltimore Comic-Con: Off the Couch and Into the Costume – A Cosplayer’s Journey

Wandering the halls of Baltimore Comic-Con this year, our reporters ran into a variety of cosplayers, all of whom seemed to have different reasons and methods for getting into the costumed fun. We talked with some of the most interesting cosplayers at the show.


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