1985 front Reimagining Mario in 1985

This week our Time Waster is checking out a browser game called 1985 that looks to pay tribute to some of Nintendo’s best series, but does it work?

AG-Feature-Story-FRONT From Russia With Love: Alekhine’s Gun Classic Stealth Action

Dripping with Cold War intrigue and stealth gameplay, Alekhine’s Gun takes players on a wild ride that is the spiritual successor to the Death to Spies series, though comparisons will also rightly be made to classic Hitman and Splinter Cell.

Banner Saga 2 playthrough Viking Epic The Banner Saga 2 Playthrough

The Banner Saga 2 is finally here and fans of the original are hoping that Stoic have taken note of their feedback to make the sequel even better. Check out Chella’s The Banner Saga 2 playthrough for the first hour of gameplay and first impressions.

GhoulInterruptedFEATURE Ghost Hunter Mysteries Redemption with Ghoul Interrupted

After nearly dropping Victoria Laurie’s Ghost Hunter Mystery series reviews after the poor performance of Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls, Michael found some redemption for it with Ghoul Interrupted.

GoodRobotFRONT Great adventures with Good Robot

Brand new GiN staffer Marion Constante joins us as our latest PC reviewer. For her inaugural foray, she takes a look at Good Robot from developer Pyrodactyl. Will it live up to its name as a cool casual shooter on the PC?

Pharaoh Rebirth 1 Adventuring in Pharaoh Rebirth+

This week Billy is adventuring through ancient Egyptian ruins in an effort to dispel the curse placed on him in Pharaoh Rebirth+.

QuantumBreakFEATURE Channeling Payne and Wake For Quantum Break

Released as an Xbox One exclusive title, Quantum Break combines amazing production values, top Hollywood talent and a good story in a videogame and hybrid television show model that is nothing if not unique.

LiarsBladeFEATURE] Enjoy a Truthful and Tantalizing Tale in Liar’s Blade

This week we dive into Liar’s Blade by talented author Tim Pratt. Based on the Pathfinder RPG game, Liar’s Blade offers a unique buddy-type story between a man and his sword.

DarkSoulsIIIfeature Dark Souls III offers up a gloriously difficult nightmare

Michael had never played a Dark Souls game before, so how well do you think they did foraying into Dark Souls III? You might be surprised, as this is a really good game despite the brutal difficulty. Find out how dark these souls actually get, if you dare.

tales of link front Mobile Adventures in Tales of Link

This week Billy is diving back into smartphone gaming with a new entry in the Tales series called Tales of Link. Does it match up to its bigger siblings?

Xbox360ToddGoodbye A Tribute to the Xbox 360

News that Microsoft has discontinued production of the Xbox 360 console was bittersweet for Todd and many other Xbox fans. Thankfully, backwards compatibility means that the games will live on, but Todd still takes time to salute an old friend.

EveOnlineNEWS Eve Online Celebrating Fanfest 2016

The Eve Online Fanfest 2016 show is in full swing, and includes everything from previews as to where the space-based MMO is heading to presentations about real science from NASA engineers.

amazon prime's game paywall Amazon Prime’s Game Paywall

News of Amazon’s paywall for video games, such as Minecraft and GTA V, unless you’re a Prime member, could see gamers shopping elsewhere. Is it the thin end of the wedge, Chella asks.

icon247 The Dirt!

Nobles and dirt just don’t get along and poor Caroline can’t just seem to catch a break when the group runs into a hoard of ash zombies.

gaming podcast Discussing Filmic Games

In this episode of Argue the Toss, Drew and Chella go to the movies (sort of) to discuss filmic games. That is, the influence of cinema on games.

final fantasy IX Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

Welcome. If any of you are regulars here at GiN, you probably remember that I played through Final Fantasy IX last year as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Final Fantasy IX was a very polarizing game for me. I … Continue reading Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

GOTYFEATURE Celebrating The Games of the Year

With more votes ever cast, the GiN Game of the Year contest was certainly a heated one due to having so many great and deserving games to choose from in every category. But the people have spoken. Here are your choices for the Games of the Year!


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