HargoshOverbossMovie Let’s Play: Nuka World – Meet Your New Boss

Todd continues his video adventures inside Fallout 4’s Nuka World amusement park, the final DLC for that epic game. He starts to take his place as the over-boss, but tensions among the various gangs is running high. And remember, in Nuka World, you are only the boss for life.

PlanConFEATURE Sci-fi Space Combat with PlanCon: Space Conflict

Flying around in a spaceship exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and alien races, going on quests, combating enemies with plasma weapons and future tech while enjoying a sci-fi story sounds great, right? Unfortunately, PlanCon: Space Conflict does not quite offer everything it set out to achieve. Still, this one is worth a second glance.

nukaworldYouTubeFEATURE Let’s Play: Running the Gauntlet in Fallout 4’s New Nuka World DLC

The final DLC for the epic Fallout 4 has finally been released. Welcome to the fabled Nuka World amusement park, which is a lot more deadly today than it was before we got frozen. Todd shows new players how to find the new content and how to run (and how NOT to run) the dreaded gauntlet in a series of day one videos.

StuckGameFeature Hooked on Stuck in the Game

Suggested for review by one of Michael’s faithful readers, Stuck in the Game by Christopher Keene has an interesting plot where a severely injured young boy in a coma is put into a virtual reality game to try and save his life. Only, if he dies in the game, it might be curtains for his damaged body back in the real world.

So, all we have to do to escape is get on the next train. Think it will be by soon? Fighting a Rough Tide with Lost Sea

This week we journey into the Bermuda Triangle, and thought it to the Lost Sea, a land outside of space and time. Can our ragtag crew come together to escape the islands of this game? Perhaps, if it were not so darn difficult.

Deul 1 Preparing for a Deul!

This week Billy is back to his smartphone for his time wasting needs and he’s checking out an unfinished game called Deul. No, that isn’t a typo. It’s spelled Deul. a game that has players taking on AI and others in a contest to see who is quick, and who is just dead.

Calling Jules Verne! We hope you included a harpoon gun in your defensive load-out. Star Trucking Across the Universe with Space Run Galaxy

Anyone looking for a cool twist on the standard tower defense genre should give Space Run Galaxy a whirl. The game combines deeper strategy with almost twitch-level tactics for a fresh take on a classic mechanic. Just beware the space squids as they can get nasty this time of year.

HeavensHopeFEATURE Heaven’s Hope is not Quite Heavenly

Heaven’s Hope is a point and click adventure with an interesting concept. Players take on the role of a friendly but foolish angel named Talorel who has fallen from heaven and can’t get back up. Going home is not that easy though when you’re missing your wings and halo, and stuck in a town where anything out of the ordinary is condemned as evil witchcraft.

RamseysGoldFEATURE An Auditory Treasure with Ramsey’s Gold

Comparisons will be made between Drake Ramsey and Indiana Jones, and for good reason. Ramsey’s Gold is one of the best adventure tales Michael’s come across, and it’s even more exciting as an audiobook.

breached-feature Breached: Beautiful, But Frustrating

Breached is one of the most beautiful sci-fi games you will likely find this year, with a great concept and even cool things like real science puzzles that you wont find almost anywhere else. It’s also, unfortunately, one of those games that is likely to drive you crazy as you play. Come read our love/hate review of this really cool adventure game.

ToddNMS-FEATURE Todd’s Crazy No Man’s Sky Adventures So Far: UPDATED 8/21

After quite a few missteps, Todd was finally able to blast off with No Man’s Sky this week using his PC. His adventure so far has been funny, frustrating and also fulfilling, just not so much in that order.

Call of Duty XP Getting Ready for Call of Duty XP 2016

GiN is gearing up for the massive Call of Duty XP 2016 event out in LA later this week, with our own reporter Marion Constante covering the show . Tune in to find out more about the Call of Duty World League Championship as well as live reports about where this beloved series is going next.

games for autumn 2016 Five Best Games for Autumn 2016

It’s been a busy year for gamers, so far, but Chella knows there’s a lot more to come. She picks the must play games for autumn 2016.

icon264 Finding an Owlbear

The D&D adventures continue this week and the group is starting to realize how unreliable their scout is after he’s catches the eye of an owlbear.

Inside Drew and Chella go Inside Inside

Drew and Chella discuss Inside, the latest game from Limbo developer, Playdead. From the puzzling ending and the artsy intentions, can the Argue The Toss team agree to disagree?

ScoundrelsFEATURE Awesome Con 2016: Timothy Zahn Q & A

Timothy Zahn is well known as a Star Wars author, but he also wrote many other books in the sci-fi and fantasy genre including the Cobra series, The Icarus Hunt, The Conquerors Saga, Dragonback series and the Quadrail series. He has written over forty novels, many more short stories and novellas. He came to AwesomeCon this year to talk all things sci-fi, but especially Star Wars.

final fantasy IX Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

Welcome. If any of you are regulars here at GiN, you probably remember that I played through Final Fantasy IX last year as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Final Fantasy IX was a very polarizing game for me. I … Continue reading Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game


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