The-Evil-Within-Cover-BenTemplesmith The Evil Within Comic #1

The Evil Within #1 is one of four prequel comics that accompany the game. Charting events before the main story, it’s light on horror and story.

SkylanderTrapTeamFRONT Skylanders: Trap Team Makes Being Bad Good

With brand new figures, portals and an innovative new way to play, Skylanders: Trap Team could very well be the best game yet from this wonderful series designed for players of all ages.

1403798924-the-vanishing-of-ethan-carter-key-art The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Just in time for the spooky Halloween season, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter brings us a thoughtful tale that delivers an eerie bit of American gothic without becoming period melodrama. It’s an adventure game you will want to dive into.

ShadowrunDragonDCfeature A Dragon Gets A Little Better

The Dragonfall DLC to the Shadowrun RPG game was so popular, the developer decided to release Dragonfall: Director’s Cut as a standalone title. Packed with new missions, better graphics and a streamlined interface, it’s not one to miss.

metal-dead-front Surviving Zombies in Metal Dead

Welcome Time Wasters! So I was browsing around on Steam a couple of weeks ago when I ran across a game titled Metal Dead. Being the zombie fan that I am, I gave it a look and determined I’d probably […]

Diablo-3-Edit-FEATURE Blizzard Learns From Early Diablo III Mistakes

Although Diablo III had more problems than most games at launch, over the years the developers have been patching and improving it in a way that fans surly appreciate. Game fan Matt Jones breaks down how Blizzard earned their respect.

SteamIntFEATURE Full Steam Ahead For Steam’s Online Service

The Steam online service just went through a major update that adds personalized shopping, more granular searches and the ability for anyone to become a game curator helping others. We chat with Valve’s Alden Kroll to sort it all out.

DriveclubeditFEATURE Running In Idle With Driveclub

It seemed like a great thing, giving PlayStation Plus gamers a version of the exclusive racer Driveclub for free on the PlayStation 4 in October. But massive problems with the paid version of the game have left the free players spinning their wheels.

knight_and_magic_wp Light Novel Thursday: Knights and Magic by Amazake No Hisago

Did you enjoy reading Mushoku Tensei, or do you love the Mecha or Fantasy genres? If so you’ll love the series Michael read for this week’s Light Novel Thursday just as much as he did. It’s Knights and Magic by Amazake No Hisago!

BCCFEATURE Baltimore Comic-Con Grows Every Year

GiN Publisher Nate Wooley visits Baltimore Comic-Con, and finds a show on the rise that can now be considered in the same breath as the giant cons we all know.

Banner Saga using inklewriter Writing for Games, the Inside Scoop

A writing for games course gives Chella renewed passion for games and the stories they can tell. Plus she gets to attend a Q&A session with Rhianna Pratchett.

icon179 A Colossal Error in Judgment

This week Jordan and Joe make a colossal error in judgment, deciding to take on a monster that neither one of them are equipped to handle. See if you can guess which game they are playing badly this week.

WDseason2wrapupFEATURE The Walking Dead Season Two Wrap-up

Billy White has been walking with the dead for two seasons now, and he’s ready to rule on how Telltale’s season two did in bringing us the continuing adventures of Clementine and the other survivors from The Walking Dead video game.

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