Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Expansion Adds New Life

Diablo III may be a five-year-old game, but Blizzard is still supporting it with brand new content, including the just-released Necromancer class DLC. If you stopped playing Diablo III, now is the time to jump back in. The Necromancer is amazing.

Acaratus Battle With a Medieval Steampunk Mech in Acaratus

Battle against the forces of emperor Helios in your very own customized mechanized steampunk battle suit in the turn based RPG game Acaratus. Use cards to boost mech abilities on the battlefield as you gain new allies in a medieval setting. Come follow Adina and win back the people from Helios.

Great Times On the Graveyard Shift

It’s time for haunted fun with Graveyard Shift, a debut novel from Michael Haspil featuring an ancient mummy and a Roman vampire working as vice cops, keeping their city safe from other undead and hordes of evil monsters.

syl_and_lyse Stormblood Expansion Heats Up Final Fantasy XIV

Plenty of heroic battles and supreme storytelling await players in the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. Each new area slowly builds tension and atmosphere, until finally presenting the epic final battle at the end of the 4.0 storyline.

Snoopy Pop is a Pleasant Puzzle Game

This week our Time Waster is hanging out with the gang from Peanuts in the new match-three mobile game called Snoopy Pop.

Beautiful Vehicular Manslaughter in Crossout MMO Beta

It’s a post-apocalyptic world and you are a survivor. But to stay alive, you must build a worthy road warrior vehicle to destroy everyone that stands in your way. This is Crossout, a brand new vehicle-based MMO that is already attracting millions of players. We dive into the beta to put a little rubber on the road, and some punks to the curve.

Deadly Fun with Super Rude Bear Resurrection

One of the most unusual games we’ve played in a while, Super Rude Bear Resurrection challenges a bear from East London to use speed, stamina, and piles and piles of his own corpses to escape challenging platformer levels.

Hearts and Minds Offers a Nearly Trekless Star Trek

While Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hearts and Minds is a good overall story, calling it a Star Trek tale is a bit disingenuous. Even Picard, who graces the cover, is barely window dressing for the story.

Drifting Lands: A Clever RPG Disguised as a Shump

The core gameplay of Drifting Lands is addicting and highly satisfying, with surprisingly deep role-playing elements just below the surface of what at first appears to be a slick and dazzling shoot-em-up packed with heart-pounding action and explosions.

Walking a Retro, Crooked Beat with Beat Cop

We absolutely loved this pixel-based throwback to 80’s crime dramas. Beat Cop is filled to the brim with absurd, borderline offensive, humor, a pretty cool storyline, and some sort of magic that makes mundane tasks like writing parking tickets a heck of a lot of fun.

Dead Cells Running the Castle in Dead Cells Early Access

While still in early access, Dead Cells is shaping up to be an extraordinary 2D game where a player must get as far as they can in the castle before restarting from the beginning. Every run can change as new levels and areas open up, and new items and abilities are obtained to enhance the gaming experience.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Enigma Tales

The main character for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Enigma Tales is Elim Garak, the mysterious, manipulative and charming tailor and spy of the TV Show Deep Space Nine. That pretty much sets the tone for this diabolically good story.

Analyzing the First Half of 2017 in Gaming

It’s that time of year. Sitting at almost the exact halfway point for 2017, Todd takes a look at some of the biggest successes, and the most bitter disappointments, in gaming so far. All of this is according to Todd, of course, but you might just agree with some of his surprising picks.

Computer Troubles Suck

Aster’s computer is acting up and she isn’t exactly happy about it, but maybe sending it in for repairs can help bring it back to life?

Stan Lee A Morning with Stan Lee at Awesome Con 2017

Fans at Awesome Con got a chance to hear from the man behind Marvel comics, Stan Lee. We recap the morning Q&A, and what the audience learned from Stan Lee, including his vision for Marvel, how he created Spider-Man, costumes, and his thoughts as a writer of some of the most iconic characters ever.

Taking a look at The Trail the new game from Peter Molyneux

The Trail: Frontier Challenge is the new game from Peter Molyneux’s latest studio 22 Cans and it’s coming to Steam this summer. Chella takes a look at what the hiking game has in store.

Auditions Now Open For Premier For Honor eSports Event

Calling all brave knights, samurai, Vikings and reporters, Ubisoft and The ESL have announced the first ever eSports event for the critically acclaimed For Honor game. Audition submissions are now open for both players and wannabe professional commentators looking to cash in on their medieval fighting skills.

George A. Romero The zombie legacy of George A. Romero

Drew and Chella offer an in-depth discussion of Night of the Living Dead, in honour of George A. Romero who died this week. The ATTeam look at the evolution of zombies from films to games.

Uncharted Nolan North on Career, Acting, and Games at Awesome Con

At Awesome Con 2017 Nolan North his Q&A to talk about and answer audience questions about his career, acting, and video games. From his start, to TV and movie roles, to voicing any type of character Nolan North gave the audience an entertaining and insightful look at his career. We also heard his thoughts on games and characters.

NASA at Awesome Con 2017

This year at Awesome Con there was the debut of Future Con where attendees learned from scientists and engineers about their work in studying our planet, solar system, and cosmos. One talk was by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on research and missions involving Space Lasers. Here I present an informative article from that panel and information on the upcoming total solar eclipse.


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