MajorasMaskFEATURE Returning to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

We review The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, which picks up after The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time as the child hero Link embarks on a journey to find a lost friend. Is this one a must-have for 3DS owners?

EvolveFEATURE Evolve Fails To Meet It’s Potential

While the multiplayer action might be enjoyed by some, most players will likely lament the lack of a single player mode, story or any real depth when playing Evolve.

chain-reaction-shooter-front Killing Time with Chain Reaction Shooter

This week Billy comes across a game called Chain Reaction Shooter that tries to put a spin on a classic puzzle system. Does it work?

spacehulkasFEATURE Space Hulk Ascension is Smashing Fun

Space Hulk Ascension offers some amazing turn-based gameplay that is as brutal as it is tactical. Strategic players will find a lot to love here.

GhostSeerFEATURE Ghost Seer Gets New Series off to A Good Start

Ghost Seer is the first in a brand new series from author Robin D. Owens. How does it stack up against its paranormal competition?

VoteFeature Game of the Year Voting Begins

The voting for the Game of the Year begins right now following a robust nomination period. Did your favorite games make the list? Be sure to show those great games some love and make your vote count!

NEYfeature New Year’s Resolution: Games, Games and More Games

Billy has a unique problem. He has too many games and not enough time to play them all. And his backlist is loooooong. So his New Year’s Resolution is to play more and more games this year.

ToddNew3DSfeature The New 3DS Gets 3D Right

Years of not being able to see 3D, or getting sick while trying to play or watch it, have turned Todd against it. Until now. Enter the new 3DS, a device that finally gets 3D right.

BCCFEATURE Baltimore Comic-Con Grows Every Year

GiN Publisher Nate Wooley visits Baltimore Comic-Con, and finds a show on the rise that can now be considered in the same breath as the giant cons we all know.

GiN GOTYA 2014 Backing a Winner for GOTY

The GiN Game of the Year Awards nominees are in and the voting begins for the winners. Chella takes a look at the shortlist and picks her favourites.

icon194 Leonard Nimoy Lived Long and Prospered

This week GiN dedicates its cartoon to Leonard Nimoy to honor the Star Trek actor passing by remembering some of of our favorite roles that he played.

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