WitcherBloodWineFEATURE Achieving Perfection with The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine is packed with the final quests for the beloved Witcher 3: Wild Hunt series. And boy, does the series go out on a high note with a beautiful new world, never-before seen features and more high-level content than you can slay with a silver sword.

cloud wars sunny day 1 Cloud Wars Sunny Day 2

This week our Time Waster discovered a browser game titled Cloud Wars Sunny Day 2, but is it really worth your time to check out?

WeDwarvesFEATURE We Are the Dwarves Hammers out Sci-fi Adventure

We Are the Dwarves is a unique real-time strategy game where your Dwarven astronauts must explore and use tactics to conquer a previously unknown planet that is teeming with creatures and sci-fi dangers of all kinds.

MegNightstalkersFEATURE Blood in the water with MEG: Nightstalkers

This week we go monster hunting with MEG: Nightstalkers by Steve Alten, a horror novel that might leave you afraid to head into the water after reading. It’s prehistoric horror this week for our literary review.

OverfallFEATURE Rogue-like RPGing with the Interesting but Flawed Overfall

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. Overfall follows Lao Tzu in this thinking, except in a boat, during this turn-based RPG that neither entirely over-delivers nor underperforms. Oh, did we mention the really cool big heads?

orikami 2 Orikami Hits The Feels Hard

This week Billy is caught up in a short, but moving game called Orikami that tackles some tough subject matter in a great way. Find out how this little game can have a big impact on players in our weekly TimeWaster column.

Ascent The Space Game Every Man’s Sky With Ascent – The Space Game MMO

Ascent – The Space Game is an indie MMO where players can explore over 270 billion star systems. So players can literally both boldly go where no one has gone before, and also play constantly for years without ever learning even half of the universe’s many secrets.

FireRoseREAL-FEATURE Reviewing The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey

With a plot that strongly resembles the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, The Fire Rose, Book One of the Elemental Master Series by Mercedes Lackey is an interesting take in the urban fantasy genre.

BluesBulletsFEATURE Game Noir Goodness With Blues and Bullets

Presented as an episodic gangster-era adventure, Blues and Bullets is an interesting take on detective-style gaming, with a gritty art and voice-work style to compliment the story. Get ready for a film noir type experience and a gritty story punctuated with lead.

shadow arts 1 Learning the Shadow Arts

Billy’s Time Waster this week had him tackling Shadow Arts, a hack-n-slash type of game with some turn-based RPG elements thrown in.

ToddBestandWorst Todd’s Official Videogames Mid-2016 Report Card

Todd dives into his half-year list of the best videogames that he has played in 2016 so far, and also, of course, the worst of the bunch. In a year that has been a little bit bland for gaming so far, Todd offers up some of the highs and lows.

E32016-Feature-Graphic Wrapping Up E3 2016 with The GiN Lounge Podcast

After listening to every conference at E3 2016 and reading just about every major press release, the GiN Lounge crew go over everything that was said, implied and promised from E3 in 2016. What games and new hardware should you most be looking forward to playing?

best indie games of e3 2016 Best Indie Games of E3 2016

Looking beyond the blockbusters, Chella picks out the best indie games of E3 2016.

icon255 Nothing Like A String of Crit Fails

There’s nothing like getting several crit fails in a row during a DnD session and poor Neil learns that first hand during this week’s session.

E3 2016 podcast E3 2016: The Highlights of the Show

Drew and Chella pick their favourite game announcements from this year’s press conferences at E3 2016. Which games, companies and hardware wowed our veteran gamers?

ScoundrelsFEATURE Awesome Con 2016: Timothy Zahn Q & A

Timothy Zahn is well known as a Star Wars author, but he also wrote many other books in the sci-fi and fantasy genre including the Cobra series, The Icarus Hunt, The Conquerors Saga, Dragonback series and the Quadrail series. He has written over forty novels, many more short stories and novellas. He came to AwesomeCon this year to talk all things sci-fi, but especially Star Wars.

final fantasy IX Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

Welcome. If any of you are regulars here at GiN, you probably remember that I played through Final Fantasy IX last year as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Final Fantasy IX was a very polarizing game for me. I … Continue reading Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game


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