dig-to-china-front Dig to China? Why Not?

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I had a hard time pulling myself away from other games to find a Time Waster. Those who have read my reviews and heard me in podcasts know that I love retro games and RPGs. […]

Slender Man, tall and scary Slender Man Origins Is Epic Small Screen Horror

Think that a game has to be played on a huge screen to scare you? Then you haven’t tried Slender Man Origins on an iOS, Android or Kindle tablet. Trust us, you won’t want to play this one with the lights off.

Cartman says hi! Come On Down To South Park

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny have a new friend down in South Park – you! As the new kid in town, you have to fight Mongolian Hoards, aliens, monsters and hobos in a role-playing like quest to become cool.

ChellaFeatureViolence Shoddy Gameplay More Dangerous Than Violence

This week Chella examines one of those violence in video games studies we all know so well. Only this time, researchers actually found out that it was the poor controls, not the violent content, that got gamers so frustrated.

The State of the Union...is strong! The State of the Xbox One

With three months of Xbox One ownership under his belt, Todd lists all the things that the new console is doing well, and a few areas that could use some improvement.

2014showpodcastFEATURE Up And Coming Games

From Watchdogs to The Division, we examine all the games that players should be looking forward to in the first half of 2014. We also talk about some of the games that have already made a splash like Titanfall and Thief, as well as indie games like Banished, Gone Home and Banner Saga.

A Tribute To Tom In Remembrance Of Tom Clancy

As many of you know, I served in the United States army. Before that I was a heavy reader thanks to my dad, who was an army infantry veteran. One of the first books he handed me was Tom Clancy’s […]

FFeditorialNEWFRONTfeature Final Fantasy: A Different Take

I’m sure everyone saw Neal’s editorial on Final Fantasy last week, and I’m sure not everyone agreed with it. I know I didn’t, and that’s why I felt I should also write up an editorial to give people another view […]

Pensacon2014FRONT The Pensacon 2014 Potential

Our convention reporter Marie Brownhill visits Pensacon in Florida for its inaugural opening, and finds an event that could quickly move into the major circuit.

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