De Blob Rides Again on Switch

Re-releasing a game from 2008 on the Nintendo Switch may not seem like a recipe for success, but it actually is if that game is De Blob, one of the coolest 3D puzzle platformers around. Now paired with the friendly Switch interface, gamers will be painting the town red, blue, green and everything else all over again.

The Joy of Being a DM in D&D

This week Billy was a bit of a flake on the Time Waster, but he promises that he was still doing some that involves gaming this week. It’s D&D!

Titillating Taboo Horror in Lust For Darkness

Lust for Darkness lives up to its namesake, blending intense sexual themes with Lovecraftian horror. It pulls no punches, but while at times can be jarring and certainly uncomfortable, the game never feels unreasonably gratuitous or insulting to the player.

Guardian: A Perfect Ending for the Steeplejack Trilogy

The final book in the Steeplejack Trilogy, Guardian, gives readers an incredible ending that not only tells a great story, but makes a great bit of social commentary about the world today. Our reviewer loved this one more than just about any other book series.

Flying High on Rainbow Skies

Rainbow Skies is an adventure game that combines tactical turn-based fighting, deep dungeon loot diving, a little bit of Pokémon, and some light role-playing into a fun little adventure whose only flaw may be trying to do too much.

Going Through Trial And Terror

This week’s Time Waster is a game called Trial And Terror that Billy promises will challenge players that are looking for some fun puzzles to solve in their spare time.

Fantastic Fairytales with Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

On the surface Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom seems like a whimsical fairytale, full of anthropomorphic animals, genial sky pirates and a young king coming of age. But just below that surface is a much deeper game and story that is not to be missed.

Leveling Up With Friends and Foes Novel

Following on the heels of The Battle Begins, we find our hero, sick in real life but a master in the Bushido Online game, leveled up and fighting as only a samurai Ronin can. For anyone who ever wanted to get lost in a game, this tale will tantalize.

A Beautiful Little Platformer: Castle of Heart

Looking great on the Nintendo Switch, Castle Heart is a unique little platformer about a brave but tragic knight who is slowly turning to stone. Developer 7Levels has done a masterful job on this one, which may capture your own heart as you play.

FL!P Offers Some Unique Puzzles

This week’s Time Waster is a browser puzzle game called FL!IP that mixes up the genre with some intersting mechanics and ideas.

An RPG Sails to Life in Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire

Man the cannons and hoist the mainsail, as one of the best RPGs of yesteryear comes sailing back with a nautical and pirate-themed sequel. Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire is more fun than a barrel of grog, and should become an instant classic.

More Murder Mysteries in To Right The Wrongs

Barely three weeks after catching her biology teacher and mother’s killer, Erin and her friends are back at work, and up to their elbows in forensics projects. But this time it’s with the full approval of the appreciative authorities.

Best and Worst Games of 2018 So Far

With the deep summer upon us, and half the year gone, it’s time for Todd to rank the three best, and one worst, games that 2018 has offered players so far. Taken as a whole, the year has been pretty good, though there are always exceptions. Find out if Todd’s picks matches your own thoughts on games this year.

The Witcher 4?

The Witcher 4 may never be a thing since Geralt’s story is done, but it looks like CD Project Red is still up for making more games in that world.

Nintendo Packs Tons of Games Into E3 Presentation

Forgoing the glitz and flash of some of the other console companies and game makers, Nintendo instead opted to put together a video showcasing all their pending games. The packed presentation includes DAEMON X MACHINA, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna, Pokéball Plus, Super Mario Party, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Fortnite, Overcooked 2, Super Smash Bros and much more.

Relaxing summer games 4 relaxing summer games to cope with the heatwave

It’s hot in the UK, so Chella is looking for games to keep her cool and relaxed. No enemies, no stress, just beautiful, relaxing games for some chilled summer vibes.

Rise Nation Wins Call of Duty Anaheim Event

In a tournament that featured more than 150 teams from North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region competing through three days, Rise Nation defeated Red Reserve in a close battle in the Championship match on Sunday to capture its third title of the season for the Call of Duty World League.

Department of Education Funds and Supports Educational Games

Dr. Edward Metz leads education technology programs at the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. In addition to promoting educational and learning games, he is always on the lookout for worthy programs in need of government funding.

Healthy Gaming with Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons and creating fantastic worlds. Then after college he worked on some of the most iconic RPGs and videogames ever made. Today, his games help those struggling with health problems and other serious issues.


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