DIIIReaperFEATURE Reaper of Souls Revives Diablo III For Consoles

Diablo III Reaper of Souls finally makes the jump from the PC to console platforms, where amazing graphical and gameplay improvements plus new characters and levels blend into a perfect shared experience.

the-wizard-inside-1 Battling With The Wizard!

Welcome Time Wasters! This week my Time Waster came at the suggestion of John Breeden. He was nice enough to point out a small, indie game called The Wizard to me. No, this has nothing to do with Super Mario […]

PurePoolFRONT Pure Pool Runs The Virtual Table

While many simulations are bland exercises in physics, Pure Pool perfectly captures the human element of the game, leading to a great standalone or multiplayer experience

Gamescom 2014 Wild PS4 game Sony Conquers Gamescom 2014

Chella reports on all things Gamescom this week. Watching both major conferences, it looked like Microsoft would finally put one in the win column, until Sony came out and blew them away once again.

HargoshThreatColumnFRONT Death Threats Have No Place in the Console Wars

Todd wonders what happened when simple competition between game consoles results in death threats toward developers just trying to make good games for us to play.

StreamingDownloadingFEATURE Console Streaming or Downloading?

With both Sony and EA competing for the hearts and minds of console gamers, and battling between streaming and downloading, it means that gamers will soon have some choices to make.

icon172 RIP, Buddy

It’s always sad, to see one pass on so young. Still, we remember not as they leave, but for the data they held.

What secrets will the full version of Destiny hold? My Date With Destiny

Recently Bungie pulled back the curtains a bit on the upcoming Destiny game with a three day Alpha. What we found inside the beautiful and deadly world wasn’t quite a shooter and not really an MMO either, but something unique, and at times, pretty wonderful.

DAIfeature Chasing The Beautiful Dragon Age Inquisition

At E3 Expo this year, GiN Reporter Lisa Campos was able to interview Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee, as well as get a great demo of one of the most intriguing titles scheduled for release this year.

E3LCFeature E3 2014′s Final Wrap up

GiN Reporter Lisa Campos spent her third year covering E3 Expo. She tends to move off the beaten path and dive into the dark corners of the show. She again brings us all the hidden gems of E3 2014 as we wrap up our show coverage for yet another year, and look forward to good times and games ahead.

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