Supreme Ruler: The Great War Achieves Strategic Victory

Set at the dawn of modern warfare, Supreme Ruler The Great War challenges armchair generals not only to fight and win World War I, but also to develop the tactics, technology and infrastructure to make such a victory possible. Play, fight, and shape the basis for today’s modern world.

A Long Slog Through The Long Mirage

Staying true to Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine universe, The Long Mirage nonetheless suffers from some serious pacing problems, turning what should be both a fun romp and an interesting story into a tale only suitable for hardcore fans.

Giant Monsters Attack Japan Again in Toukiden 2

Faced with an onslaught of daemon-like oni, mid-industrial period Japan is calling out for the help of time-traveling monster slayers in the surprisingly deep action RPG, Toukiden 2. Do you have what it takes rid the world of giant, towering daemons as big as buildings?

Is Bullet Soul Infinite Burst Worth It?

Billy is taking a look at Bullet Soul Infinite Burst this week, which is an enhanced version of a shump he reviewed earlier this year!

Crash Bandicoot Comes Roaring Back in N. Sane Trilogy

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a blissful remake of three classics, Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped. That means that all the joys and flaws of those games are back too, in a much more beautiful package.

Macabre Adventuring with Last Stitch Goodnight

The Last Stitch Goodnight is an interesting, Metroidvania-like game that has players exploring a creepy and dangerous 2D environment filled with monsters and mayhem, where things are not exactly what they seem.

ARMS Stretches out Comedy Combat on Nintendo Switch

ARMS is one of the most whimsical boxing games ever created, but don’t think that doesn’t mean that there is a deep interface hidden below the comical surface. Playable with controllers or motion capture, ARMS packs a solid punch on the Switch.

Sherman the Alaskan Cow is a Chore

This week Billy is wrapping up the mobile marathon for the Time Waster with a 3D puzzle game called Sherman the Alaskan Cow.

Crazy Death Racing with Flatout 4: Total Insanity

While not exactly a bastion of accurate physics, Flatout 4: Total Insanity makes up for it with crazy racing, spectacular crashes and a type of rush-inducing vehicular combat that you can’t really find on most tracks.

I wonder who is going into this hole? Family Matters in The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier

Telltale Games once again dives headlong into The Walking Dead universe with the third series of games in the franchise: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Here’s how the new series goes down.

Blissful Sleep Awakens Additional Content for Beholder

The Blissful Sleep DLC for Beholder lets us see behind the scenes of our favorite totalitarian apartment building, fleshing out the backstories of the residents we will eventually imprison, blackmail, or perhaps even ally with in this interesting, shadowy world.

Everspace: Roguelike Fun in a Dangerous Universe

Having piloted along with every step of Everspace development, we finally get to see the finished, open-universe space exploration game. It’s a rough and tumble world that pulls no punches. So, is Everspace finally ready to warp gamers into new adventures?

Crackdown 3’s Release Date Cracks

News that Crackdown 3 for the Xbox One, and the new Xbox X, would be delayed was met with disappointment from Todd. But, it’s not the end of the world, and with any luck, the Xbox X will still have some good launch titles.

Just Give Us What We Want!

It’s amazing to see how video game developers sometimes handle reception from their target audiences, but not in a good way.

Stan Lee A Morning with Stan Lee at Awesome Con 2017

Fans at Awesome Con got a chance to hear from the man behind Marvel comics, Stan Lee. We recap the morning Q&A, and what the audience learned from Stan Lee, including his vision for Marvel, how he created Spider-Man, costumes, and his thoughts as a writer of some of the most iconic characters ever.

Best August games The must play August games of 2017

Chella’s surprised by the amount of great games coming out this August. If you’ve been caught napping, have no fear because here are the must play August games of 2017.

Georgia State University Launches eSports Programs

Georgia State University is joining the increasing number of colleges supporting student involvement in eSports. The university will immediately begin to recruit and promote collegiate teams for multiplayer videogame competitions across the country.

Tacoma Hellblade Talking Tacoma and Hellblade

This week Argue The Toss discusses Fullbright’s space exploration game (no wait, not that kind of space exploration) Tacoma, and Ninja Theory’s unique Celtic/Norse psychological action-thriller (yes, really) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Uncharted Nolan North on Career, Acting, and Games at Awesome Con

At Awesome Con 2017 Nolan North his Q&A to talk about and answer audience questions about his career, acting, and video games. From his start, to TV and movie roles, to voicing any type of character Nolan North gave the audience an entertaining and insightful look at his career. We also heard his thoughts on games and characters.

NASA at Awesome Con 2017

This year at Awesome Con there was the debut of Future Con where attendees learned from scientists and engineers about their work in studying our planet, solar system, and cosmos. One talk was by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on research and missions involving Space Lasers. Here I present an informative article from that panel and information on the upcoming total solar eclipse.


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