cubixx-hd-1 Cubixx HD Review

Our local Time Waster is battling it out on the Surface of a cube world in Cubixx HD and he’s very interested in this PS3 game that has finally made its way to the PC.

WestportFrontImage A Newspaper Noir: Let’s Play The Westpoint Independent

In The Westport Independent, players take on the role of a newspaper editor in a fictional country around 1949. A war has just ended. The government wants to censor newspapers. Rebels are blowing stuff up. Reporters are divided. Can one editor keep it together?

CrashlandsFEATURE A Perfect Landing in Crashlands

Crashlands is an amazing game that seamlessly combines crafting and action RPGs in such a way that fans of both genres are going to be in heaven when playing. Simple controls and deep playability rounds out this bright picture.

HaloLastLightFEATURE Amazing Adventure With Halo: Last Light

What a Halo experience! If you like byzantine politics matched with a mystery set in the Halo universe, then author Troy Denning has got a wild ride for you with Halo: Last Light. This one is a real page turner, in the best possible way.

XenoBladeXfeature The Highway to Skell: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Players who enjoy rewarding combat systems and progression with a strong focus on exploration will more than likely love Xenoblade Chronicles X, the latest in this series to hit the Nintendo Wii U as an exclusive adventure on that console.

bouncy polygon front Mobile Fun with Bouncy Polygon

Time Waster Billy has finally found his smartphone, just seconds before it was going to be destroyed by the insidious washing machine. Rearmed, he loads up the mobile game Bouncy Polygon for some fun with shapes of all sizes, well, specific geometric shapes anyway.

SaSFEATURE Going Deep RPGing With Swords and Sorcery: Underworld

Going old school with your RPGs can be fascinating with Swords and Sorcery: Underworld, especially if you enjoyed the classic Wizardry series. Unfortunately, the game still crashes quite a bit under Windows 10, so it’s a bit of a rocky marriage between new and old.

GhoulsHaveFunFEATURE Ghoulish Fun With Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun

The Ghost Hunter Mystery Series rolls on with Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun. Michael is greatly enjoying the series. Come see if busting will make you feel good too.

It's okay, I'm sure we will turn the tide in our favor. Indie Goodness with Echoes Of Aetheria RPG

Echoes Of Aetheria is an RPG that was made with the RPG Maker tools by developer Dancing Dragon Games. While most RPG Maker-based games are okay at best, Echoes Of Aetheria breaks the mold to turn in a solid and fun performance.

traffic-rider-3 Flying Down the Road in Traffic Rider

This week our Time Waster is singing the blues over his lost smartphone, but not before he got one last review for a racing game called Traffic Rider out of the mobile device.

Hargosh-PC-Gaming Joining the PC Elitists

PC gaming and games are making a big comeback, with many exclusive titles like the pending XCOM 2. So Todd is giving PC gaming another try, with an economical system that might just suit his needs. In other news, he also predicts the winner of the Superbowl this week using Madden. Panthers or Broncos?

ookami_shounen_wp Sensate Saturday: Ookami Shounen by namo

Michael’s back with another romance albeit one with an Aesopian title for this week’s Sensate Saturday! It’s time to cry wolf with Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru by namo!

BlizzConOpening BlizzCon Offered Energy, Excitement and Wonder

Blizzard really pulled out all the stops for BlizzCon this year, giving gamers quite a few surprises right at the opening ceremonies. We even got a deep glimpse and the pending WarCraft movie. Sit back and enjoy the full opening ceremonies, if you can keep from jumping out of your seat that is.

Hitman episodic launch Why an Episodic Hitman Launch Makes Sense

Chella was in two minds whether to delve into the new Hitman, but now that it’s to be an episodic launch she thinks it makes sense for gamers. They can jump in for $15 and give it a punt, getting a AAA experience for the price of an indie.

icon235 Bringing the Atari Back to Life!

Retro gaming may not be popular with everyone, but nobody can deny the joy of booting up and old Atari and reflecting the history of the game industry.

fallout4Podcast Fallout 4: The Nuclear Podcast

Achieving nearly impossible perfect scores with three different reviewers on three different platforms is setting up Fallout 4 for a serious Game of the Year run. As the final GiN Lounge podcast of the year, we jump in and talk about all the great Fallout goodness.

From left to right: Seth, Sam and Adam Coster. True Multitasking: Fighting Cancer and Creating Crashlands

When diagnosed with cancer, Sam Coster decided to not only fight it, but to get together with his brothers to create the massive open-world, crafting RPG Crashlands at the same time. Sam beat cancer, and his game is winning over thousands of players.

WildArms New Year’s Resolution Conclusion

The year 2015 has come to a close and Billy is finally ready to report in on his New Year’s Resolution from the past year. Did he succeed in clearing 25 games from his backlog, or did it go the way of every other new Year’s Resolution ever made?


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