Battle of the Blizards: The Long Dark Story Part 2

Having found the medicine for our injured friend, the next part was so simple. Head south along the broken tracks and deliver the life-saving prize. But in The Long Dark, nothing is easy. Three blizards and five wolf packs swept in to bar the way.

Senko no Ronde 2 Mixes Fighting and Shumps

This week out Time Waster is taking on Senko no Ronde 2, which is a game from Japan that takes a stab at mixing the shump and fighting genres.

More Alien Awesomeness in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen adds new missions, enemies, factions and gameplay to an already amazing baseline game. If you liked the original XCOM 2 title, and why not given how great it was, then you will love War of the Chosen almost as much as a full sequel.

Supreme Ruler: The Great War Epic Belgian Defense

In this playthorugh of BattleGoat Studios Supreme Ruler The Great War, we take on the role of Belgium, which heroically held out against Germany’s ten times larger army for a month, and arguably saved Paris from a quick capture. Can we do better?

The Lost Legacy Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review – Nathan who?

Nathan Drake is the charismatic heart of the Uncharted series. At least, he was until Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross swung into town for their own standalone game, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. We go treasure hunting with this new dynamic duo to see what golden gameplay we can uncover.

Kicking Butt in Dan the Man: Action Platformer

This week out time waster is beating up bad guys and jumping over chasms in the mobile game Dan the Man: Action Platformer.

First Look: Combat with Wartile’s Tactical Minitures

Let’s Play Wartile! This game takes all the fun of tactical miniature-based combat and makes it available to everyone with no huge arena, open basement or game store lobby required. We grab some Viking miniatures and take them on their first few quests in this medieval tactical wargame.

The Beat Kicks Back in Music Themed RPG AereA

In the AereA RPG, every monster and hero has a musical theme associated with a type of instrument. And had the gameplay been up to par, that might have made AereA an instant classic instead of the off-key boondoggle that it ended up.

Blood of Dragons Audiobook Perfectly Pushes Legacy Series

The Blood of Dragons audiobook from Jack Campbell picks up the action where the Daughter of Dragons original left off. In this fascinating world, after the war that overthrew the Great Guilds, the Empire is now vowing to avenge the massive defeat of her imperial legions.

The hood is up. Are you ready to dive in? Getting Under The Hood With Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

If you have ever dreamed of building your own supercar, racer or supped-up jalopy, then Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is your vehicle. You may have to perform a lot of drudgery to build up your garage’s prestige and funding first, but this is a digitalized heaven for grease monkeys nonetheless.

Road Warriors is a Mobile Blast!

This week Billy is on the move, in real life and in-game, with a mobile game called Road Warriors that is all about racing to the death.

Let’s Play New Horror RPG Darkwood

Let’s Play Darkwood, a creepy new survival horror adventure with a throwback, top-down interface, a dangerous world to explore, and vastly changing environments based on a day and night cycle. It also happens to have a really nice, if totally bizarre, plot and story.

Todd is Moving on Up

Todd’s life exists in little, labeled cardboard boxes at the moment, but that will all change pretty soon. In the meantime, he’s got time to go back over some games like Ark: Survival Evolved that had been giving him problems. And then there is that whole new XCOM DLC to tackle…

Back to the Game

The gang is getting back into the swing of things and are progressing forward with their game, but they may need some more help this time around.

Amazing DragonCon 2017 Cosplay Photos Part 2

DragonCon 2017 featured such great cosplay and costumes, that we had to break it down into two separate sections. Here for your enjoyment is part two of that amazing week-long cosplay party known as DragonCon. With record-breaking attendance, there were characters from literally almost everywhere.

Best games of autumn 2017 Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with the best games of autumn 2017

It’s the autumn equinox today and apart from colourful leaves and longer nights, it’s  time to consider the best games of autumn 2017. Chella’s picked the main contenders.

Las Vegas MGM Grand Adds Free-Roaming VR Zombie Shooter

Potentially opening up a new type of gaming, the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and Zero Latency are creating a new VR zombie shooting experience. Players wear VR headsets while a virtual city populated by malicious undead are rendered all around. Players can walk anywhere within the 2,000-square-foot arena, trying to outsmart and outshoot the walking dead.

Uncharted Lost Legacy Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – the new best Uncharted

This week on Argue the Toss, Drew and Chella discuss Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – the standalone game starring Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer. It seems Uncharted is just as good without Nathan Drake.

Johnathan Flowers, Ph.D Candidate, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Johnathan Flowers on Diversity in Comics and Games

Last year, we had the opportunity to attend a few of the Comics and Popular Arts Conference panels at DragonCon, and talk with Johnathan Flowers, Ph.D Candidate, about comics, games and fandom, regarding how they stack up with respect to representation, diversity, and myth-building. We continue our chat this year.

Joining In The Cosplay fun at DragonCon 2017

Intrepid GiN Reporters Marie and Robert Brownhill not only reported on all the events at DragonCon this year, they also participated, making a costume coordination that somehow bridged the gap between Star Trek and Star Wars.


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