cocobo world map ff7 Chocobo Breeding in Final Fantasy VII

Chocobo breeding in Final Fantasy VII sucks and Billy is using the Time Waster to talk about his frustrations with the sidequest.

TecnomancerFEATURE Making Martian Magic with The Technomancer RPG

The Technomancer follows the Mars War Logs game, but improves over it in almost every single way. If you are looking for a good action-oriented sci-fi RPG, The Technomancer has quite a lot going for it as you try to survive and thrive on the red planet.

DyingLight-NightmareFEATURE Exploring Harran in the Dying Light Nightmare Row Novel

The story behind Dying Light Nightmare Row dives more deeply into the history of Harran during the zombie outbreak, and spotlights many important details from the game which were probably missed while parkour running across rooftops dodging hordes of infected.

Onechanbara Battling the Undead in Style with Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is a hack and slash adventure game that features all female protagonists and an extended quest to rid the world of bloodthirsty zombies. Players should really enjoy its anime-style combat, role-playing elements and awesome unlocks.

shword 1 Puzzles And Platforms With Shword

Billy returns to the Time Waster after his break last week and he’s immediately jumping back in with a puzzle platformer called Shword.

TheKindredFEATURE Building Up to Greatness with The Kindred

While Voxel art styles are a dime a dozen, The Kindred manages to set itself apart with its sim-survival elements, beautiful world and a high ceiling for growth. It may still be in Steam Early Access, but The Kindred shows exceptional progress and offers a high level of fun even now.

LiarsBargainFEATURE The Truth: A Great Read with Liar’s Bargain

This week we tackle the latest entry in our favorite thief and talking sword buddies adventure series. It’s Liar’s Bargain, Book Three of the Rodrick series. Tim Pratt has crafted another great read with an interesting world populated by wonderful characters, and we aren’t lying!

STO Playing the Past in Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

Star Trek Online already has an incredible universe, game and story. But it just got better, especially for longtime fans with the Agents of Yesterday expansion that takes players through time to the original series. Boldly go into the classic past this week as we check it out.

pokemon go 4 Getting Around in Pokemon Go

This week Billy is on break so Alia can take his smartphone with her on a Pokemon journey. What does she think of Pokemon Go?

Come on, answer this one truthfully. We all know it's gonna be D. Experiencing Unsettling Intrigue in Asemblance

A walking simulator in the vein of P.T. and The Stanley Parable, Asemblance is a trip that is deep in thought and feeling, but short in actual doing. Give this creepy thriller a try if you dare, but know going in that only the developers have been able to find the most complete ending to the story.

HargoshEVOtourney E-Sports on ESPN, Competitive Gaming Done Right

There has been a big rise of what is called e-sports, competitive gaming events that showcase the best of what the game industry has to offer. But only recently have a lot of people gotten really interested in it, and it has a lot to do with the coverage ESPN provided for EVO 2016.

RTX-Feature Three Days of Fandom and Fun at RTX

The Rooster Teeth Expo, or RTX, is rapidly becoming one of the premier gaming conventions for the southwest, attracting over 60,000 visitors this year. We sent one of the GiN team down to Austin, Texas to check out this year’s amazing show.

We Happy Few We Happy Few Not Perfect But Not Totally Joyless

In post-Brexit Britain, the false hope of the little Englander mentality portrayed in We Happy Few is even more depressing. Chella is not convinced by the survival gameplay mechanic and hopes Compulsion can deliver a compelling experience once early access is over.

icon259 Team Valor Strikes Again!

The gang is still caught up playing Pokemon Go and Joe has an idea of what the members of Team Valor are really all about.

HalfwayShowMainGraphic Surprising Games of 2016 so Far

Can you believe that 2016 is more than halfway over already? Luckily for gamers, we have experienced some really great games already this year, though not all of them were expected. We dive into which games gave our reviewers a surprise this week in the GiN Lounge. And we welcome to new GiN reviewer Marion Constante!

ScoundrelsFEATURE Awesome Con 2016: Timothy Zahn Q & A

Timothy Zahn is well known as a Star Wars author, but he also wrote many other books in the sci-fi and fantasy genre including the Cobra series, The Icarus Hunt, The Conquerors Saga, Dragonback series and the Quadrail series. He has written over forty novels, many more short stories and novellas. He came to AwesomeCon this year to talk all things sci-fi, but especially Star Wars.

final fantasy IX Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

Welcome. If any of you are regulars here at GiN, you probably remember that I played through Final Fantasy IX last year as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Final Fantasy IX was a very polarizing game for me. I … Continue reading Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game


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