lines-frvr-1 Solving Puzzles in Lines FRVR

This week out Time Waster is kicking back and relaxing in front of his computer with a puzzle game called Lines FRVR. Should you do the same?

toddnukalurkfeature Conquering the World of Refreshment

Todd continues his adventures inside Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC with a grand tour of the brewery. He would probably enjoy the World of Refreshment a whole lot better if the place wasn’t so lousy with deadly Nuka Lurks hopped up on Nuka Cola!

necropfeature A Challenging Crawler with Necropolis: Brutal Edition

We waited for the first mega patch to finish before reviewing the hard-boiled dungeon crawler Necropolis from Harebrained Schemes. This is one brutal action RPG in the vein of Dark Souls, and not for the faint of heart.

ultimationfeature A Bright LitRPG Star in The Ultimation

This week Michael listens to The Ultimation by D. Rus, one of the pioneer LitRPG series made into audiobooks. If you like strong characters and fast-paced action, tune your ear towards The Ultimation.

godeaterresfeature Back from the Dead with God Eater Resurrection

A classic for the PSP, God Eater Resurrection comes blazing back from the dead with newly remade gameplay for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. How does this revamped title stack up to the original?

sakura-samurai-1 Discovering Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword

This week out Time Waster has discovered a game called Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword and he’s been sinking lots of time into it.

deusexmankindmoviefeature Let’s Play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

GiN Reviewer Marion Constante takes us on a journey deep into the cyberpunk future world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, where augmented people are being harassed and sometimes killed by factions of pure humans. It’s a tough world, but Marion takes us through the first hour of this amazing game.

hyperx-cloud-revolverfeatur Loading Great SFX with the HyperX Cloud Revolver

Quality and comfort are two defining features of HyperX’s new Cloud Revolver headset. Perfect for eSports gamers looking for an edge or regular players craving a more immersive experience, loading up the Revolver is a great choice.

lastsnowfeature Breaking New Ground with Last First Snow

This week Michael dives into a brand new series from those crafty publishers at Tor Books, Last First Snow, A Craft Sequence book by author Max Gladstone. Buckle up, because this one is shaping up to be great.

livelockfeature Livelock offers Simple but Fun Fighting

It’s another trip into the robot laden apocalypse with Perfect World Entertainment’s Livelock, a fun yet very generic top down shooter available now for consoles and the PC. While the single player experience may be a bit lacking, when playing with friends, Livelock really shines.

playstation4pro Strange Days at Sony?

Sony is in the lead of the current generation of console sales, but a series of bad decisions like not allowing mods for Bethesda games, and weird ones like no 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player on the PlayStation 4 Pro, has got Todd wondering if the console giant is sabotaging its own success.

costumefeatureimage DragonCon Style Cosplay

We’ve been covering DragonCon in Atlanta for many years now, and as any previous visitor well knows, the show is known for its remarkable cosplay. There is even a parade! Our photo section takes a look at some of the best for 2016.

resident evil 7 trailer Resident Evil 7 Trailer Likes and Dislikes

The Resident Evil 7 trailer was one of the headline-grabbers at Tokyo Game Show 2016, but Chella isn’t convinced. She’s pulled together a list of 6 likes and dislikes.

icon268 That After Anime Feeling

Aster is out after an anime she was really enjoying left her with a cliffhanger. I’m sure we can all understand where she’s coming from.

ginloungewomenconf The GiN Lounge Talks Diversity in Games

GiN’s own Chella Ramanan moderated a panel on diversity in videogames at the European Women in Games Conference this year. We chat with her in the lounge this week about how well the industry is doing, and where we can improve.

esportsbackground The New GiN eSports Coverage

We are excited to announce our launch of a new column on eSports. This bi-weekly column will cover everything happening in the world of competitive gaming.

ScoundrelsFEATURE Awesome Con 2016: Timothy Zahn Q & A

Timothy Zahn is well known as a Star Wars author, plus the Cobra series, The Icarus Hunt, The Conquerors Saga, Dragonback series and the Quadrail series. He came to AwesomeCon to talk all things sci-fi and Star Wars.

final fantasy IX Final Fantasy IX: Saddest Ending Ever?

Billy has some interesting insights about Final Fantasy IX, and why, if you really look at the plot, it may have one of the saddest endings of any game ever created – even if the characters don’t even know it.


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