Runner3 Can Take A Victory Lap

This week our Time Waster is finally moving away from action games and is switching it up with the Nintendo Switch version of Runner3.

Driving on a Lively Death Road to Canada

One of the most explosive, quirky, unforgiving and fun rogue-like games to come out in a long time, Death Road to Canada combines text adventure dilemmas with pixel graphics action sequences, wrapped in a crazy world filled with death, zombies and Canadians.

Serious Sky Sailing With By Fire Above

Although By Fire Above takes on a more serious tone than the first Signal Airship book did, it retains its sass and humor at key points, and of course the unique world where combat is fought from the bridge of fantastical, powerful airships.

First Look: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Alpha Preview

Over the weekend in Los Angeles, GiN Online Editor Neal Sayatovich and selected press from around the world got a chance to play a pre-alpha version of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. Find out how the game will work, and how it plays as development continues.

Early Access Preview: Pixel Starships

Our Time Waster is checking out yet another game in Early Access this week. This time around the game stealing away his time is a spaceship management simulator called Pixel Starships.

Tunnel Rush: The Retro Kind of Spaceship Game

Tunnel Rush immediately made me feel like Han Solo, guiding a spaceship through speeding light beams and avoiding obstacles that seem to pop up out of nowhere. But this game has a far more retro vibe that comes from arcade-style graphics and a simple enough concept.

Fighting for the Little Guys in Extinction

Extinction puts players in the role of a roguish hero trying to defend his homeland against a hoard of ravenous, giant monsters. He does this by climbing up their bodies and crushing their heads. It’s all very Attack on Titan-eske, but pretty fun for an RPG with a twist.

Summer Reign Rules over Fantasy Novels

Book thirteen of the Demon Accords, Summer Reign by John Conroe, may be the best yet of an already in-depth and imaginative series that takes us deep inside the Fairie kingdom. It seems the Queens of Summer and Winter are not quite finished with main character Declan O’Carroll.

Masters of Anima offers Quirky Questing

Masters of Anima is an odd duck of a game. Perhaps best described as a mixture of Diablo and Pikmin, it certainly hits the quirky factor head on. But whether or not you will actually have fun with it is another question.

Demo Preview: Renaine

This week Billy is looking at another game that isn’t out yet called Renaine and he’s getting some major Shovel Knight vibes from this one.

Riotous Redneck Rampaging with Far Cry 5

With Hope, Montana under siege, it’s up to our hero to save the day, and gun down thousands of crazy cultists to do it. Welcome to the world of Far Cry 5, which offers both over-the-top action and insane moments, coupled with a somewhat realistic story that is a little too close to home for life in America these days.

A Too Realistic Thriller with The Evil That Men Do

The Evil that Men Do is a political thriller by author Robert Gleason that is packed with action. Set in modern day, many current political leaders are represented under thinly-veiled pseudonyms. This makes for a realistic read that is not too far off from actual events taking place in the real world.

Videogame player Erin enjoys playing shooter games with the new Xbox One Adaptive Controller. Supporting The Adaptive Controller for Disabled Gamers

News that Microsoft was working on a controller to help disabled people enjoy videogames should have been met with universal praise and support, and joy that more people could experience our beloved pastime. Unfortunately, the reality was a bit different.

PS5 When?!

The PS4 may be approaching the end of its life cycle according to Sony, but no one is ready for the announcement of the PS5 just yet.

Activision and Treyarch Reveal Black Ops 4 at LA Event

GiN Online Editor Neal Sayatovich got the chance to play Black Ops 4 at the big reveal event in Los Angeles hosted by Treyarch and Activision. Playing a pre-alpha version that ran surprisingly smoothly, his fireteam got to dive deep into all the secrets that the game held. Here are his findings.

E3 2018 The games coming to E3 2018

What will happen at E3? The migration is getting underway – the games industry is making its way to LA for E3 2018 as the biggest show on the gaming calendar is just a few weeks away. All the publishers and platform makers will be the there to show off their latest games, and hopefully share some shock announcements.

GWENT Gets New Champion in Salt Mine Tourney

They had to travel deep into the Wieliczka Salt Mine to participate, but GWENT competitors hashed it out in card-based combat to win a share of a $100,000 prize pool and Crown Points for the game. The winner also walked away with a golden signet ring, fit for royalty.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Shenanigans

Capcom has finally announced the details of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 releases, and yet again Switch owners are getting the short end of the stick with no physical release of the second collection. Despite the second collection getting a physical release in Japan.

Building an Accessible Apocalypse with Cedar Games

Cedar Games is a five-person studio based in Cologne that is pushing some really big ideas, like an apocalyptic RPG that is customizable enough to be loved by casual gamers, hardcore role-players, PvP warriors and sim-loving crafters. Find out what strange magic is going into the development of their premiere Z-Alert game.


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