You Have 293 Keys to Unlock This Door

This week our Time Waster is all about players trying to unlock a door, but the problem is you have 293 keys and only one works.

Emergency Action in 911 Operator Simulation Game

This is 911, what’s your emergency? Life and death situations are nothing to play around with, but 911 Operator does a great job of making working those emergency calls entertaining, if not quite totally realistic.

Yesterday Origins: Classic Storytelling With a Modern Twist

Harkening back to the classic gameplay of yesteryear, Yesterday Origins takes us on a darkly funny point and click type adventure with a solid design and haunting overall story that questions whether or not immortality is really all that great.

Boldly Going Into Federation History

Borrowing heavily from the Star Trek: Enterprise TV series, Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code shows the conflicted and sometimes darker origins of the Federation in this engaging tale.

Quirky Fun With SpiritSphere

The concept of SpiritSphere is both straightforward and weird. You play a Zelda-inspired character in a game of Pong, trying to shoot a magical ball past their defenses over many levels. But unique does not always mean good.

Looking for Scares in Ao Oni 2

This week Billy is checking out a horror game on his smartphone called Ao Oni 2, but can it scare out resident Time Waster?

Miss Fisher Masters the Mobile Mystery

Fans of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries TV show as well as point-and-click adventure players will want to check out Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze, one of the best interactive stories we have run across in a long time.

Sniper Elite 4 Makes a Crack Shot

While lots of games are adding sniper elements these days, only Sniper Elite 4 truly focuses on it with realistic shooting mechanics, smart enemies and an action-packed plot that is sure to make any long-range shooting enthusiast very happy.

Excellent Shy Knives Sneaks onto Audiobook

If you enjoyed the Rodrick and Hyrm series, Shy Knives will be just your cup of tea. A solid entry in the Pathfinder Tales collection, Shy Knives is now available in paperback, for Kindle and as an audiobook so you can listen in on the adventure.

Conan Exiles Craft, Build, and Conquer in Conan Exiles Early Access

Play as an exile left for dead who escapes only to survive the harsh world of Conan the barbarian. Conan Exiles is an open world survivalist game that pits players against the environment or other players to survive and create a new world. We dive into the bloody adventure in our Alpha gameplay preview.

Alpha Preview: Sword With Sauce

This week Billy is checking out a game called Sword With Sauce that is still in its alpha, and he’s got a lot of praise for it.

The Nintendo Switch: Quirky but Brilliant

The new Nintendo Switch offers a seamless transition between handheld and traditional console gaming whenever a user desires, executed with beautiful simplicity. There are a few quirky things about the design, but the Switch shatters the gaming mold with grace and aplomb.

Worth Another Look? A No Man’s Sky Retry

With new graphics and monster truck-like ground vehicles, Todd creeps back into No Man’s Sky for a second look at the game that has probably caused him the most personal contention in years. Should the improvements win you back over?

Will GTA V Ever Get Single Player DLC?

The question of GTA V’s single player DLC has been lingering for years now. Where is it, when is it coming out, and what will it let us do? For a game that’s sold over 70 million copies, those are questions worth asking.

All These Microtransactions!

What’s a person to do when they want something really bad in a mobile game, but it is only available for a limited time? All sorts of microtransactions.

Star Wars Celebration Getting Ready for Star Wars Celebration 2017

This year’s Star Wars Celebration is in Orlando and GiN will be covering it! GiN’s own Marion Constante, herself a devoted Star Wars fan, heads down to Orlando to bring us all the latest happenings, news, events, and cosplay awesomeness direct from the ultimate Star Wars fan event in this galaxy.

Best opening line Night in the Woods has the Best Opening Line

The best video game openings tell us something about character, the world and set the tone for the game in the most economical way possible. Night in the Woods is the perfect example of the perfect opening line of dialogue.

GiN eSports Competition News: February Highlights

Check out the February edition of GiN eSports coverage for the latest news and competition highlights from around the world. Read about the latest from Call of Duty World League, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and news from NBA 2K 2017 including a new eSports League.

Best Female Games Characters The Best Female Games Characters

Chella and Drew discuss their favourite female characters in games – the ones who are strong, independent, memorable for their character not their cleavage or lack of clothes and serve as more than just a love interest. This episode of Argue the Toss is a belated nod to International Women’s Day 2017.

GiN Meets with Lord British, Richard Garriott

GiN reporter Marie Brownhill got the rare opportunity to sit down with the legendary Richard Garriott, better known as Lord British. We talk about his new game Shroud of the Avatar, his days with Ultima Online, and what it means to make a great games.

DragonCon’s Discussion on Gender, Race and Sexuality in Videogames

At DragonCon, GiN was able to chat with Comics and Popular Arts Conference speaker Johnathan Flowers, a doctoral candidate in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University. His research focuses on Japanese Aesthetics and the philosophy of race, gender and sexuality.


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