JewelHeartsFEATURE Jewel Hearts: A Not So Rough Diamond

Jewel Hearts is a puzzle game that is very similar to many other countless matching puzzlers available as an app. But what it lacks in originality of concept, it makes up for in the size of its playable space.

WalkDeadS2W5feature Walking Dead S2 Episode 5: There’s No Turning Back Now

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5: No Turning Back ends the second season of the excellent video game series. Who lives? Who dies? And where in the heck will the series go from here?

gear-up-front Alpha Preview: Gear Up

This week Billy checks out a free multiplayer game on Steam called Gear Up that has him building tanks to fight other players. Should you give it a look?

Destiny The Battle for Destiny

The battle for Destiny is also a battle for gamers as Bungie’s new FPS could secure a sales lead for the PlayStation 4 this Christmas, thanks to the help of some clever marketing tactics from Sony. All’s fair in love, war and gaming, right?

ToddEnough2Feature A Petition For Decency: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Todd continues his report on all the negative insults hurled at gamers these past weeks, and calls on everyone to support a petition for decency.

GiNLoungeFlag672 A Rough Week For Gamers

Some weeks are better than others, but last week was particularly bad. We had terrible personal attacks against a female developer, hackers hitting consoles and gamers being slandered. We break it all down in the lounge.

icon174 One Step at a Time

It’s never pretty watching surgery on a beloved friend. Much less a laptop with your important files on it, right, Alia?

PCGamingFRONT PC Gaming Making A Comeback, Is Here To Stay

Those who predicted that PC gaming would die off were quite wrong (though it looked like they might be correct for a while) as gaming on the PC enjoys a huge resurgence in popularity. Fire up those PCs, because gaming on the PC is here to stay.

DAIfeature Chasing The Beautiful Dragon Age Inquisition

At E3 Expo this year, GiN Reporter Lisa Campos was able to interview Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee, as well as get a great demo of one of the most intriguing titles scheduled for release this year.

E3LCFeature E3 2014’s Final Wrap up

GiN Reporter Lisa Campos spent her third year covering E3 Expo. She tends to move off the beaten path and dive into the dark corners of the show. She again brings us all the hidden gems of E3 2014 as we wrap up our show coverage for yet another year, and look forward to good times and games ahead.

velocity_2_x Video Game Tuesday: Velocity 2X

Ever wanted to play a game that combined the best of the Bullet Hell and Metroidvania genres? Michael did for this week’s Video Game Tuesday with Velocity 2X.

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