SmashtheevilFEATURE Smash the Evil: More Fun Than Crushing Candy

Those of you who enjoy puzzle games on your mobile devices will find a lot to love with Smash The Evil, where you actually put your talents to smashing monsters instead of gems or candy.

ArenaFEATURE Steampunk Goes Fighting With AErena: Clash of Champions

Although the game has a bit of a steep learning curve for new players, AErena: Clash of Champions really captures the feel of steampunk in a rare, and fun, turn-based strategy MOBA.

technicolour-rain-front Alpha Preview: Technicolour Rain

Welcome Time Wasters! In lieu of a normal Time Waster, I’m checking out a game that is currently in it’s alpha. This game is Technicolour Rain. Technicolour Rain is a top-down shooter that places the person in the shoes of […]

valiant-hearts-the-great-war-game-wallpaper-800x600 Ubisoft Puts Forth A Very Valiant Effort

Chella deconstructs Valiant Hearts: The Great War in terms of artistic merit, gameplay and storytelling style. And she’s mighty glad that the industry, and Ubisoft specifically, is willing to take chances like this beyond the normal run and gun bullet storm gameplay we normally get.

HargoshEVOfeature The Eve Of A New Evo Is Upon Us

Hargosh polishes up his pennants and his foam fingers as he gets ready for the annual Evolution Championship Series (Evo), one of the best and most exciting video game tournaments on the planet.

WalkingDeadS2E3Feature More Talking About The Dead

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: In Harm’s Way took things for Clementine and the other survivors in a somewhat expected direction, but also added more of the role-playing aspects that we all love.

icon168 One Problem

Still some fun times out there in stick-land, right? But is it possible being two dimensional isn’t all fun?

What secrets will the full version of Destiny hold? My Date With Destiny

Recently Bungie pulled back the curtains a bit on the upcoming Destiny game with a three day Alpha. What we found inside the beautiful and deadly world wasn’t quite a shooter and not really an MMO either, but something unique, and at times, pretty wonderful.

DAIfeature Chasing The Beautiful Dragon Age Inquisition

At E3 Expo this year, GiN Reporter Lisa Campos was able to interview Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee, as well as get a great demo of one of the most intriguing titles scheduled for release this year.

E3LCFeature E3 2014′s Final Wrap up

GiN Reporter Lisa Campos spent her third year covering E3 Expo. She tends to move off the beaten path and dive into the dark corners of the show. She again brings us all the hidden gems of E3 2014 as we wrap up our show coverage for yet another year, and look forward to good times and games ahead.

something important Free 2 Play, Pay 2 Win

This week Meg takes a look at the game Free Free Free Free Free To Play, which makes fun of the whole free2play genre in some ingenious ways, while raking in a little f2p coin itself. So is this a genius parody or just another cash in on gamers.

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