seven_forges_wp Some tempering required with Seven Forges

Michael is back with the first entry in a lackluster Epic Fantasy series this week. It’s all about Seven Forges, Book 01 of the Seven Forges series, by James A. Moore! Come see where this series stacks up against the many stories competing for your consideration this week.

life is strange review Reviewing Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized

The final episode of Dontnod’s cult hit is here and for an episodic game that’s built it’s name on powerful endings, Life is Strange has a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, this is the weakest episode of the series.

blacksea-odyssey-front Alpha Preview: Blacksea Odyssey

This week Bill y is slipping away from his normal Time Waster to check out the alpha of Blacksea Odyssey, which is a top-down shooter with a unique twist.

LiSEndingGraphicFRONT The End is Now: Life is Strange Final Video Adventure

After five amazing episodes, all the time-traveling drama comes down to the final few choices. Come see the ending, and a few different possibilities, as we come screaming into the end of the line for Life is Strange. Who will live? Who will die? It all ends now.

CrossofDutchFRONT Cross of the Dutchman Offers Short, Sweet and Bloody Fun

Cross of the Dutchman tells the story of Pier Donia in his single man’s guerrilla warfare quest against an impossibly large invading army. And it tells it in a very bloody, beat-em-up kind of way that can be addicting if you are in the right frame of mind to play.

RedRoseChainFRONT No Thorns In A Red Rose Chain

It’s hard to believe that our reviewer is on the ninth book in the increasingly excellent October Daye series.He took a listen to A Red Rose Chain this week, and find no thorns at all.

tales_of_zestiria_cover_image Amazing Role-Playing With Tales of Zestiria

Michael got a copy of the latest entry in the Tales of series a few weeks ago and he’s finally finished his review on it. Check out what made Tales of Zestiria his favorite JRPG in years!

deltazeal-front DeltaZeal Brings a Retro Bullet Hell Challenge

This week our residential Time Waster is back on his feet after being consumed by Fallout 4. He’s now playing a top-down shooter called DeltaZeal. Is it a worthy challenge for fans of the genre?

F4X4 Fallout 4 Goes Nuclear Hot On The PC

Our second of three reviews of the amazing Fallout 4, this one centers on the PC version, and a reviewer who was more interested in rebuilding the wasteland and helping it’s people than gunning them down. Come see how hot the fallout is for PC gamers.

MarvelPQfront Powerful Puzzling With Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Marvel has been conquering a lot of worlds lately, and with Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, they try to put their flag into the puzzle game arena. Can the superheroes save the day?

ToddPipBoyColumn Following up on Finishing Up Fallout 4

Todd finishes the main story of Fallout 4 in 53 hours of play. Not exactly a speed run, and he figures he still has 200 or more hours to invest in the game. Taking a quick pause for air, he reviews some of the interesting points as well as a few annoying quirks that the powerhouse title offered.

BlizzConOpening BlizzCon Offered Energy, Excitement and Wonder

Blizzard really pulled out all the stops for BlizzCon this year, giving gamers quite a few surprises right at the opening ceremonies. We even got a deep glimpse and the pending WarCraft movie. Sit back and enjoy the full opening ceremonies, if you can keep from jumping out of your seat that is.

Life is Strange episode 5 About That Life is Strange Ending – Spoilers

This is a full disclosure discussion of Life is Strange, so…here be spoilers!

While everyone’s staggering out of the vault, eyes dazzled by the sun and lips seared by the desert wind of Fallout 4, I’ve been finishing Life is Strange. Well, that was weird.

icon228 New Challenger Approaching: Cloud Strife

Jordan’s a bit more than excited about the new Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS announcement. Cloud is joining the fight!

xbox 360 ATT Happy 10th Birthday Xbox 360

Less arguing and more celebrating in the Argue the Toss studio today, as Todd and Chella look back at the last 10 years of gaming on Xbox 360.

BillyNYEResFRONT New Year’s Resolution: Entering the Final Stretch

Billy is heading into the home stretch in his seemingly-impossible New Year’s resolution to clear 25 games from his backlog. As an update, he is actually doing pretty well, though it’s the final stretch that could really leave him just shy of the goal line. Lots of RPGs in there. Will he make it? And have you thought about your own backlog of games too?

AG-Feature-Story-FRONT Maximum Games Redefining Stealth Action With Alekhine’s Gun

Maximum Games is looking to redefine the whole stealth action genre with Alekhine’s Gun, a title that offers open world freedom, intense stealth gameplay and an exciting Cold War plot that’s not to be missed. Dive into the shadows a bit with its creators.


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