Staying in Millika Village

This week our Time Waster is trapped in Millika Village as he tries to prepare for an upcoming storm that could destroy the isolated mountain settlement.

White-knuckle Fighting Finesse With Tekken 7

Discover the epic conclusion of the Mishima clan and unravel the reasons behind each step of their ceaseless fight. Tekken 7 features stunning story-driven cinematic battles and intense duels with innovative fight mechanics.

HALO Envoy Shows that Peace is Harder than War

Starting out with a novel about peace, Halo Envoy quickly devolves into one of the most action-packed Halo books ever, pitting colonists against the UEG, ONI against aliens and aliens against each other.

Fear and Family For The Walking Dead Season 3’s Final Episodes

It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish. While The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has some lull in the mid-point of the Telltale Games series, the final two episodes more than make up for it.

Castle of Shikigami Brings Another Shump to PCs

This week the Time Waster takes a trip to the past to check out Castle of Shikigami, an old game that has a new release on PC.

Saving Slugcats in Rain World’s Brutal Beauty

Both beautiful and challenging, Rain World is a hauntingly beautiful side-scroller that deals with heavy issues such as morality, loss and the value of family. It’s a dangerous world, but worth the journey.

The Banner Saga 2 Conquers Consoles

After picking up numerous awards, including a GiN Game of the Year for strategy titles, the stylish, story-packed Viking saga moves to consoles, where it’s sure to find an appreciative audience. We take a look at the new console port.

Become An Elite Marine Sniper in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Jonathon North is a Marine sniper who finds himself in the hills of Georgia taking down Separatists while looking for his kidnapped brother Robert. A first-person shooter, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, exemplifies sniper combat. Choose your gameplay style as a sniper ghost or warrior in this challenging military style game.

Fast RMX Brings the Speed to Switch

This week our Time Waster is a futuristic racing game for the Nintendo Switch called Fast RMX, and it’s giving off some F-Zero feels.

Hidden Object Storytelling With Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal

Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal is not your typical hidden object title. Instead, it puts the emphasis solidly on story and plot, which, depending on your tastes, might be good or bad.

Scar of the Doll Enjoy Scar of the Doll’s Frightening Fiction

A remastered visual novel, Scar of the doll takes players on a journey from a strange disappearance to the uncovering of hidden truths inside a prestigious Tokyo lab. Play as Asumi as she searches for her sister, but choose wisely because not all is as it seems, and some choices have deadly consequences.

Climbing to the height of adventure with Firebrand

The first Steeplejack book was an amazing ride scaling the lofty heights of the Bar-Selehm city state. Firebrand keeps the high-flying action going, and cements author A. J. Hartley as one to watch for young adult fiction.

Todd’s E3 Expo 2017 Report Card

With the E3 Expo hangover finally abated, Todd gets a chance to take a breath and give his thoughts, and his grades, about what everybody at the conference was, and was not, showing this year.

So Much E3 Win!

E3 has come and gone and there was so many amazing-looking games that the gang just can’t decide on what looked the best.

Awesome Con Impressions and Cosplay from Awesome Con 2017

Awesome Con was held over the weekend of June 16-18 in DC celebrating all thing pop-culture. With amazing guests and cosplay we now look back at the highlights from the event and a look to what is to come as Awesome Con 2017 event coverage continues.

E3 2017 Roundup: a solid show for Sony and Microsoft as Ubisoft dominates

Chella considers all the big press conferences at E3 2017 and takes stock of the big winners, the disappointments and the surprises. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all played it safe, leaving Ubisoft to steal the show.

CCP Shows Sparc Virtual eSport At E3

CCP Games first-of-its kind, full-body virtual sport, Sparc, is coming first to PlayStationVR in Q3 2017. The upcoming virtual reality game got a new gameplay trailer for E3 Expo, and looks to be generating a lot of player interest.

Detroit become human Detroit: Become Human trailer: the slavery overtones and David Cage u-turn


Uncharted Nolan North on Career, Acting, and Games at Awesome Con

At Awesome Con 2017 Nolan North his Q&A to talk about and answer audience questions about his career, acting, and video games. From his start, to TV and movie roles, to voicing any type of character Nolan North gave the audience an entertaining and insightful look at his career. We also heard his thoughts on games and characters.

NASA at Awesome Con 2017

This year at Awesome Con there was the debut of Future Con where attendees learned from scientists and engineers about their work in studying our planet, solar system, and cosmos. One talk was by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on research and missions involving Space Lasers. Here I present an informative article from that panel and information on the upcoming total solar eclipse.


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