the-last-door-collectors-addition Returning With The Last Door – Collector’s Edition

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I’m returning to one of my favorite series that I’ve reviewed as part of this Time Waster gig, The Last Door. Except that this time around, I’m looking at The Last Door – Collector’s Edition … Continue reading Returning With The Last Door – Collector’s Edition

GamesterGearRumbleFEATURE Shake The Ground With The GamesterGear Cruiser P3210

The GamesterGear Cruiser P3210 headset for the PC has the ability to generate true rumble effects for those dynamic moments in games, and can also hang with professional gear for business applications.

TheLongDarkFEATURE The Long Dark Offers A Beautiful, Quiet Apocalypse

The Long Dark is a beautiful game that challenges players to try and survive alone in the Canadian wilderness where your primary enemies will be the cold, starvation and wolves.

boid-front Going to a Boid New Place

This week our Time Waster checks out Boid, an Early Access game on Steam all about underwater RTS with minuscule creatures. This one is more than worth the price of admission already, and should only get better.

Avernum2FEATURE Blast From The Past With Avernum 2: Crystal Souls

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is the remake of Exile 2 from way back 1996. It has the same deep role-playing gameplay as the original, but is now wrapped in a shiny new shell ready for modern systems.

NEYfeature New Year’s Resolution: Games, Games and More Games

Billy has a unique problem. He has too many games and not enough time to play them all. And his backlist is loooooong. So his New Year’s Resolution is to play more and more games this year.

FlowTraq Security Remains Challenging for Game Companies, Gamers

Security is on the minds of many gamers, and game companies, these days. We talk with computer security expert Dr. Vincent Berk from FlowTraq to explain the latest in defense technology.

ToddColumnFRONT Honorable Mentions of 2014

They may not have made Todd’s list of the best games of 2014, but these five titles deserve honorable mentions and praise. And, you can still nominate them to be Game of the Year candidates.

BCCFEATURE Baltimore Comic-Con Grows Every Year

GiN Publisher Nate Wooley visits Baltimore Comic-Con, and finds a show on the rise that can now be considered in the same breath as the giant cons we all know.

The-Order-1886- The Order: 1886 Disappointment: 2015?

One look at the gameplay reviews and the key word to describe The Order: 1886 is ‘disappointment.’ Chella takes a look at the key concerns over a game that looks great, but may not deliver.

icon189 Free on PlayStation – Just a Little Late

This week the gang is having trouble remembering why Sony is giving them a free game, compensation for that little incident four years ago.

No talk of anticipated games would be complete without No Man's Sky. This game could potentially become the biggest title in industry history - if all goes as planned. The Best Is Yet To Come? Our 2015 Gaming Wishes

Last year was a bit of a transitional time, which meant that not a lot of great games came out, though there were a few. However, with a new found focus, the industry seems ready to tear it up in 2015. These are our 2015 gaming wishes.

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