Send in the Clones for Echo’s Unique Action Adventure

The gorgeous adventure game Echo is more than just a pretty façade. Faced with an army of clones, players will need to be careful what they do, lest the evil copies learn how to accomplish the same things like shooting guns, opening doors or leaping from ledges.

Bob is Back in For We Are Many Novel

Following up on the quirky We are Bob, We Are Many finds the hapless Bob Johansson still dead, and his intelligence still powering space probes looking for habitable planets. But everything else has changed, including the loss of most of the rest of life on Earth.

Rocking with Robonauts Gravity-defying Gunplay

Blast your way through an alien-infested asteroid belt in the planet-hopping platform shooter Robonauts, where graceful gravity-switching is just as important as good gunmanship. This action-packed cartoon adventure is available now for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Digimon Links Mobile Review

This week our Time Waster is tripping on childhood nostalgia while checking out the Digimon Links mobile game that just came out.

Like Blade Runner? Experience Observer’s Dystopian Paradise

Explore a dystopian world in which technology has advanced well-past our collective humanity in Observer, a clever cyberpunk and sci-fi adventure starring Blade Runner’s Rutger Hauer, and just about every human vice you can imagine.

Wonderfully Wielding Great Magic in Fictorum

Wield awesome power as the last Fictorum, a powerful mage from a mysterious sect who is hunted by the Inquisition. A fun RPG full of magic, power, and areas only accessible through nexuses. Upgrade abilities, defeat enemies, destroy buildings, and find the Grand Inquisitor to avenge your order in Fictorum.

Aiming High With Shuyan Saga Adventure

The developers of Shuyan Saga aim to redefine and revolutionize the visual novel genre, adding fluid gameplay and action sequences over a compelling story filled with player choices. That’s a tall order. Is Shuyan Saga up for the challenge?

Looking in on Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game is on our Time Waster’s mind this week as he prepares for the second season that is coming out later this month.

Play Ball with RBI Baseball 2017

RBI Baseball 2017 is yet another attempt from Major League Baseball to field a passable baseball title. While the 2017 version is better than before, and now has a Nintendo Switch version, it still seems a bit like the minor leagues.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Conquers Quirky Adventure

What happens when poor Bob Johansson gets killed crossing the street and wakes up 100 years later as an artificial intelligence that is property of the state? In We Are Legion (We are Bob) novel, a lot of humorous and exciting plot twists.

Hoop Dreams With NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds shoots for a fun experience that anyone can pick up and play, hearkening back to the classic days of NBA Jam and NBA Street. But can Playgrounds compete on the same court as those heavyweights? Let’s go court side and find out!

Darkest Hunters Fails to Move from Mobile to PC

This week our Time Waster is checking out Darkest Hunters, a game that got its start on mobile devices and is now available on PC.

Not Miffed about Multiplying Microtransactions

Yes, microtransactions can be done correctly. As gamers, we may generally not like them very much, but if handled correctly like they are in games like Forza Motorsport 7, Middle Earth: Shadow of War and the new Star Wars Battlefront 2, they can actually be a boon for players, even those who never buy them.

TNT: Everyone Else is a Returnee Book 02 by Toika

Michael’s back with the second book in Yu IlHans adventures for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday. It’s Everyone Else is a Returnee Book 02 by Toika!

Bathing in Indie Game Goodness

It’s great to see good indie games coming out and gamers really need more lovingly-made projects like A Hat in Time and Cuphead.

Baltimore Comic-Con: Behind the Black Panther

The Black Panther Panel at Baltimore Comic-Con was one of the most thrilling, giving fans a behind the scenes look at the popular cat-centric comic, explaining how the artists try to keep western influences out of the story, and what to expect from the upcoming feature film.

Visceral shuts and single-player games take a hit

EA announces the closure of Visceral Games, the studio behind Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project. Chella tries to determine what it means for storytelling when EA says it has to ‘pivot’ the game away from single-player.

Blade Runner 2049 review Blade Runner 2049 review: a beautiful, if flawed sequel

Drew and Chella review Blade Runner 2049 in this week’s Argue the Toss podcast. It’s a sequel that honours the original, but also carries some of its mistakes. A beautifully paced sequel that gives you time to contemplate the sci-fi themes.

League of Legends League of Legends Coaching From Gamer Sensei

Going from beginner to an actual League of Legends player is not easy and requires some help. This article is my first hand experience getting coached in League of Legends from Gamer Sensei and the beginning of a journey. A journey that may lead one day to ranked play.

Baltimore Comic-Con: D.M.C. Raps About Captain America, Comic Creation

Run-D.M.C.’s Darryl McDaniels may be famous for his amazing rap group, but at the Baltimore Comic-Con, the focus was on his latest endeavor, Darryl Makes Comics, a new comic series McDaniels is creating. Of course, he also performed some amazing raps, to the delight of his fans.

Baltimore Comic-Con: Off the Couch and Into the Costume – A Cosplayer’s Journey

Wandering the halls of Baltimore Comic-Con this year, our reporters ran into a variety of cosplayers, all of whom seemed to have different reasons and methods for getting into the costumed fun. We talked with some of the most interesting cosplayers at the show.


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