SkylandersSuperFRONT Revving up the action with Skylanders Superchargers

Each year, the Skylanders series tries to do something new to keep gameplay fresh. This year vehicles were added to form Skylanders Superchargers. Far more than a gimmick, Superchargers improves the game in addictively fun and exciting ways.

late_eclipses_wp Fearing the dark with Late Eclipses

Michael’s back with the fourth entry in the excellent Urban Fantasy October Daye series. It’s okay to be Fearing the dark with Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire!

TSWCfront Opening Up Toy Soldiers: War Chest

Almost nothing can bring back the nostalgia of rifling through your childhood toy chest as the Toy Soldiers: War Chest game. Pitting waves of themed toys against one another is brilliant and fun; it just doesn’t go quite far enough.

griffin-knight-epic-front Gryphon Knight Epic Successfully Blends Genres

This week Billy is checking out a side-scroller named Griffin Knight Epic, but there’s more to this game that what one label can describe. Come and be as pleasantly surprised as our Time Waster was this week. Tally Ho as we take to the skies!

ActofAgressionFRONT Act of Aggression: A Beautiful Face with Old World Style

Act of Aggression, from strategic masters Eugen Systems, is a traditional RTS in an age where resource gathering was thought to be a thing of the past. The game has gorgeous graphics sitting over an old-school style fighting experience.

AnArtificialNightFRONT Raising the Stakes With An Artificial Night

Although An Artificial Night may have less mystery than previous audio books in the October Daye series that Michael has been reviewing, the stakes are raised to the extreme with this one, making it an ideal third book.

GauntletSlayerFEATURE Wizard Needs Food, And Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, Badly

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition puts a modern twist on that amazing arcade game that gobbled up too many quarters of the kids of yesteryear. Available now for the PlayStation 4, the PC version has also been patched and updated.

naked-man-front How to Stop Being a Naked Man

This week our residential Time Waster hit a speed bump, but was able to recover with the help of Naked Man in a simple side-scrolling shooter.

Max looks really mad here, which is pretty much his default mugshot. Maddening Fun With Mad Max

Mad Max presents players with a blood and oil-soaked world where people are killed for a glass of clean water. Presenting a different story from Fury Road or the other films, the game is loaded with enough vehicle and land-based combat to keep any action-junkie happy.

LocalHabitationFEATURE Urban Fantasy Fun With A Local Habitation

Michael continues his review of some of the best audio books on the market today, and finds himself falling in love with Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series, in this case, A Local Habitation.

RetroSystem IndieNoGo: Retro VGS kills crowdfunding campaign

Todd is so concerned about the recent rash of poorly-thought out game related crowd-funding projects that he is considering starting a new IndieNoGo column. First up: the recently cancelled Retro VGS.

CosPlayFrontDC15 DragonCon: A Cosplay and Crowd Retrospective

DragonCon has always been known for its excellent, all-inclusive cosplayers, and 2015 was no exception. Our reporter wandered among the masses this year, pointing out a few that were exceptionally impressive.

Rockstar in The Gamechangers The BBC’s GTA Gaming Drama

The BBC’s Grand Theft Auto drama ‘The Gamechangers’ focused on Rockstar’s battle with moral crusader, Jack Thompson, played by Bill Paxton. Danielle Radcliffe stepped up as Sam Houser, who was presented as a Steve Jobs style visionary with a steely determination to have things on his own terms.

icon222 Why Voice Actors in Games Matter

Jordan and Joe are looking to take advantage of the possible voice actor strike to get into video games, but Aster isn’t up for it.

How-Crowdfunding-Can-Give-Young-People-Key-Skills-To-Succeed-In-Life Crowdfunding or e-begging?

This episode, Chella goes into the dragon’s den and tackles the subject of crowdfunding for games or ‘e-begging’, as Todd prefers to call it. This is a subject that really gets Todd’s goat, especially after the Shenmue III announcement at E3 2015.

AG-Feature-Story-FRONT Maximum Games Redefining Stealth Action With Alekhine’s Gun

Maximum Games is looking to redefine the whole stealth action genre with Alekhine’s Gun, a title that offers open world freedom, intense stealth gameplay and an exciting Cold War plot that’s not to be missed. Dive into the shadows a bit with its creators.

GoodGameFRONT Getting the Goods on Goodgame Studios

Looking for an amazing place to work in the game industry? We talk with Goodgame Studios, one of the most happening developers in Europe with over 1,200 committed game designers from sixty nations. From a swimming pool to food and beer, we find out why everyone wants to join up with Goodgame.


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