You KNOW we are going to play this hand. Watch out people, chips are going to roll. VooFoo Goes All In With Pure Hold’em

Pure Hold’em brings the amazing graphics of the Pure series that we saw with Chess and Pool to the game of Poker. Suitable for players of any skill level, Pure Hold’em deals a winning hand for a budget price on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

DesertSpearFEATUREimage Following The Demon Cycle With The Desert Spear

Michael continues to focus on some of the best new audio book versions of popular sci-fi and fantasy novels this week with a review of The Desert Spear, Book 02 of The Demon Cycle series. Major Spoilers for The Warded Man inside!

LifeisStrangeEp4part5FEATUR Roaring to the end with Life is Strange: Dark Room

This week we should see the release of Episode 5 of the episodic Life is Strange. But before that, we wrap up the creepy and cool Episode 4: Dark Room with a stylish Let’s Play that has everything: teen angst, a wild pool party and a mysterious killer. What better way to say farewell to summer?

street-arena-front Losing Time in Street Arena

Billy is playing Street Arena, a GTA2 clone, that promises him loads of explosions, gunfights and crazy action in a multiplayer setting. Does it hold true?

ShadowrunHongKongLPfeature Entering the Shadows with Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Hoi, Chummers! The wait is over as Harebrained Schemes releases Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Join us as we dive into the shadows for the first hour of gameplay in what is proving to be another epic adventure as only the Shadowrun series can deliver.

GuardiansFRONT Guardians Adds Even More Endless To Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a fantastic strategy game that recently expanded with the Guardians DLC, a $10 expansion that adds great depth to an already fantastic experience. Whether your are an expert with the game or just getting started, adding Guardians can help boost your enjoyment.

BloodofCosmosFRONT Blood of the Cosmos Follows Dark Between the Stars

Michael’s back with the sequel to The Dark Between the Stars this week. It’s Blood of the Cosmos by Kevin J. Anderson!

RymdResaFRONT Exploring Ennui and Endless Space With RymdResa

Those who appreciate games on the more artistic side of the spectrum may very well find something to enjoy in RymdResa, a rogue-like space exploration game by new independent developer Morgondag.

the-last-door-s2-ep3-2 Nearing the Finish With The Last Door: The Reunion

This week Billy is returning to The Last Door series with the newest episode, The Reunion, Does it match up to previous entries in the series?

Approaching-Infinity-LP-Fro Let’s Play Approaching Infinity with the new 1.2 Patch

The Approaching Infinity patch adds many more textures to the game, so expect to see a lot more color in space and on planets. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of space bunnies to pet, if you can find them while dodging all the other monsters that really want to eat your head.

The ultimate Gears of War Xbox One bundle, sure to get any Gear-head's motor running. Why I (Now) Like Bundling

We all know that Todd has been rightly enraged at some of the crazy things retailers tried to bundle with game consoles. However, the new crop of bundles available now offer some really great values in games and peripherals for all consoles.

XboxGamesComHargosh Microsoft Struts Its Xbox Stuff At Gamescom

Microsoft held back a bit from E3 so that it could really shine at Gamescom. And that might have been a good play, as the lineup of games scheduled for 2015 and into 2016 is looking to be very impressive.

China's frankenstein console Building China’s Frankenstein Games Console

The Ouye (name may sound familiar) is the Frankenstein console from China that combines PS4 and Xbox One stylings. Chella designs her own hybrid console, taking the best bits from today’s machines.

icon218 Real-Life First-Person Shooter

After seeing a video of a real-life FPS, Jordan and Joe are trying to do it on their own, with the expected results.

AG-Feature-Story-FRONT Maximum Games Redefining Stealth Action With Alekhine’s Gun

Maximum Games is looking to redefine the whole stealth action genre with Alekhine’s Gun, a title that offers open world freedom, intense stealth gameplay and an exciting Cold War plot that’s not to be missed. Dive into the shadows a bit with its creators.

GoodGameFRONT Getting the Goods on Goodgame Studios

Looking for an amazing place to work in the game industry? We talk with Goodgame Studios, one of the most happening developers in Europe with over 1,200 committed game designers from sixty nations. From a swimming pool to food and beer, we find out why everyone wants to join up with Goodgame.


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