AlienIsolationFEATURE Alien: Isolation Will Make Your Heart Burst In Your Chest

Alien: Isolation eclipses all previous efforts to capture the spirit of the Alien films. Whilst it has flaws, it’s a brilliant horror experience worthy of the 1979 cinematic masterpiece.

CrimsonDragonFRONT Taking Flight With Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon is a downloadable game for the Xbox One where the evils of society like corruption and greed take on the forms of twisted monsters that you fight with your dragon.

PineviewDriveFEATURE Pineview Drive Is The Address For A Unique Horror Experience

Its Halloween week, and our first sinister feature is a review of Pineview Drive, which offers a unique horror mechanic that actually challenges players in the real world not to be too scared by it. Find out how that works – and meet a creepy clown!

prop-hunt-mobile-front Hiding in Prop Hunt Mobile

Welcome Time Wasters! This week I fell back to my phone for my time wasting needs and I discovered a mobile version of an immensely entertaining PC game: Prop Hunt. Well, it’s more of a mod than an actual game. […]

The-Evil-Within-Cover-BenTemplesmith The Evil Within Comic #1

The Evil Within #1 is one of four prequel comics that accompany the game. Charting events before the main story, it’s light on horror and story.

Diablo-3-Edit-FEATURE Blizzard Learns From Early Diablo III Mistakes

Although Diablo III had more problems than most games at launch, over the years the developers have been patching and improving it in a way that fans surly appreciate. Game fan Matt Jones breaks down how Blizzard earned their respect.

SteamIntFEATURE Full Steam Ahead For Steam’s Online Service

The Steam online service just went through a major update that adds personalized shopping, more granular searches and the ability for anyone to become a game curator helping others. We chat with Valve’s Alden Kroll to sort it all out.

DriveclubeditFEATURE Running In Idle With Driveclub

It seemed like a great thing, giving PlayStation Plus gamers a version of the exclusive racer Driveclub for free on the PlayStation 4 in October. But massive problems with the paid version of the game have left the free players spinning their wheels.

yue Light Novel Thursday: Arifureta by Chuuni Suki

Do you enjoy a super-violent series with an Anti-Hero for the protagonist? Michael occasionally does, and he enjoyed this one enough to cover it for this week’s Light Novel Thursday. Prepare to fall with Arifureta by Chuuni Suki.

BCCFEATURE Baltimore Comic-Con Grows Every Year

GiN Publisher Nate Wooley visits Baltimore Comic-Con, and finds a show on the rise that can now be considered in the same breath as the giant cons we all know.

alma F.E.A.R 6 of the Scariest Video Game Characters Ever

The month of Halloween always brings a slew of horror game releases with it and 2014 is no different. But Chella has picked her most terrifying game characters ever. Did your favorite fright make the list of scariest video game characters?

icon180 A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Battle

Hyrule Warriors is one heck of a great game for the WiiU platform. But with so many combatants running around, funny things are bound to happen. Names with this cartoon were changed to protect the guilty.

GiNLoungeSilentHillCover2 Shall We Play Some Spooky Games?

Ghosts and goblins take over The GiN Lounge this week as we discuss some of the classic spooky games of yesteryear and some of the modern titles that should be on your list of must-have games that deliver a fright.

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