OdallusDarkCallFEATURE Odallus: The Dark Call Goes Retro

Odallus: The Dark Call is an old style platformer that brings us all the joys that the genre offered long ago, when video games were played one quarter at a time. Heed this Call, as it’s the epitome of old school cool.

poly-bridge-front Getting Technical with Poly Bridge

This week Billy is taking time away from reviews to look at an Early Access game on Steam called Poly Bridge. Should it be on your watch list?

HerStoryPart2 Getting To The Bottom Of Things With Her Story Part Two

Chella plays Her Story Part 2 and it just gets more confusing. Now our suspect is talking about STDs, crazy parties and mysterious deaths that might or might not have anything to do with the mystery at hand. Come by and see if she ever gets to the bottom of this crazy mystery.

LiSEpisode4MAIN Let’s Play The Heartbreaking Life Is Strange Episode 4

The fourth episode of Life is Strange – Dark Room is finally out, and Chella is all over it with this fascinating and sometimes tear-jerking Let’s Play. Come by and see all the crazy and intense stuff they packed into the first hour of this story.

ProvidenceRagCOVER Liam Mulligan Series Goes Dark With Providence Rag

Michael continues his review of the Liam Mulligan Series by Bruce DeSilva, and finds a much darker world than before. There is also a character in there named Gordon Freeman, though its not who you are thinking.

Batman: Still a pretty bad dude after all these years. Batman: Arkham Knight Ups The Superhero Game Ante

Although plagued by problems on the PC, Batman: Arkham Knight is really rocking consoles. With its open world type gameplay, amazing visuals, cool bat gadgets and a compelling story, this is one romp through the city you don’t want to miss.

duck-game-inside-2 Shooting High in Duck Game

This week Billy is taking on Duck Game, a fast paced, 2D, dethmatch shooter. Does it earn his seal of approval or is it time wasted in the worst of ways?

ChellaPlaysHerStory Investigating Her Story With FMV And CRTs

Her Story is a deep and twisting mystery told in a series of full-motion video clips where players take the role of an investigator using an old-style police interview database. There is even a shine on the simulated CRT monitor. Created by master developer Sam Barlow, could Her Story help to revive FMV? Let’s Play Her Story and see if Chella can sleuth out enough clues to make the bust.

CliffWalkFRONT More Mystery With Cliff Walk

This week Michael Blaker takes a look, and a listen, to book two of the Liam Mulligan series, Cliff Walk by Bruce DeSilva. Does Cliff Walk trump Rogue Island? Turn the page and find out!

PookPlaysOdallaus Odallus The Dark Call Is Old School Cool

This week Vincent Mahoney takes a crack at the brand new side-scroller Odallus The Dark Call, a game created by developer JoyMasher to have an old school look and feel, but which would run great on modern systems. So how did they do? Check out our Let’s Play and find out.

HargoshXboxOneW10 Will Windows 10 Turn Xbox Ones Into Gaming PCs?

Hargosh is loving all the new features being added to the Xbox One, but one of the most interesting is the fact that Windows 10 is making some console games compatible with PC titles. Will this boost Xbox’s popularity?

GiNLoungeE3pressReactions E3 Expo Press Conference Reactions

With the dust starting to settle on what was a very exciting E3 Expo, the GiN Lounge gang come together to rate and react to the major press conferences put on by Bethesda Software, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Crackdown xbox one Xbox One and More at Gamescom 2015

With Sony absent, Xbox One looks set to rule the show at Gamescom 2015. Chella picks the top games to watch out for across the show floor. Things kick off with the Xbox conference on 4 August.

icon215 PC Gaming Problems

PC gaming has many benefits to it, but there’s always gotta be one thing that keeps it from being the perfect experience.

GoodGameFRONT Getting the Goods on Goodgame Studios

Looking for an amazing place to work in the game industry? We talk with Goodgame Studios, one of the most happening developers in Europe with over 1,200 committed game designers from sixty nations. From a swimming pool to food and beer, we find out why everyone wants to join up with Goodgame.

FFIIIBillyColumn Clearing the Backlog: Halfway Point New Year’s Resolution

Billy made a New Year’s Resolution to play over 25 games in his back catalog. Now that he’s at the halfway part of the year, we check in to see how he’s doing on this monumental project. We know he beat Final Fantasy III, but has a ways to go. Good luck Billy!


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