DOOM2016freature Hellish New DOOM is a Gamer Heaven

The latest remake of DOOM has come to play, and it’s one wild ride, offering a blistering ten-hour single player campaign plus thousands of hellish snapmaps created by players using the new creation tools. Grab your BFG, because DOOM is a BFD.

HerobrineFEATURE Minecraft Mystery with The Rise of Herobrine

Young readers who enjoy Minecraft will also love The Rise of Herobrine, a fun adventure story with strong themes of friendship, family and redemption. This one would also make a great classroom reader.

LichdomReviewFRONT Lichdom: Battlemage Flames, Ices and Mesmerizes Consoles

Take one mage with practically unlimited power, add in a deep spell crafting engine so that players can do almost whatever they want, toss them at hordes of enemies and you will find Lichdom: Battlemage, a unique action RPG and shooter blend that has finally landed on consoles.

rust bucket 2 Rust Bucket is Mobile Delight

This week out time Waster turned to his trusty smartphone companion to experience a turn-based puzzle game called Rust Bucket.

AURION_WallPaper_STEAM Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan’s Cultural Masterpiece

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is the first title from Kiro’o Games, the first game studio of Central Africa. And it’s a good one. This action adventure role-playing fantasy takes place on a faraway planet, but is dripping with references and an art style from African cultures.

seascapetattooFEATURE Might Meets Magic in The Seascape Tattoo

Michael’s back with something special for this week’s Book Review, he’s reviewed a book that isn’t even out yet! It’s The Seascape Tattoo by Larry Niven!

CandlelightFEATURE Candlelight Ignites Light-Hearted Fun

Indie title Candlelight stumbles a tiny bit in its delivery, but most platforming and casual game fans will enjoy themselves far too much to care in this delightfully presented, suitable-for-all-ages game.

frog fractions 2 Shenanigans in Frog Fractions

This week Billy is caught up in a game that isn’t exactly what it appears to be at first, and its name is Frog Fractions!

Banner saga 2 review Beautiful Storybook Battles With Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 picks up where the first game ended. Happily, for those who haven’t played the first game, you can jump right in with the sequel, thanks to a handy animated synopsis of the first saga. However, you’ll … Continue reading Beautiful Storybook Battles With Banner Saga 2

SkinwalkersFEATURE Viking and Native-American Cultures Mix in Skinwalkers

Pathfinder Tales: Skinwalkers offers a fine adventure story that finds Viking and Native American cultures fighting in a fantasy world based on the Pathfinder Tabletop RPG. Find out if this ends up being a good mix for adventure-seeking readers.

GameEngine Taking Aim at Shooter Engines

Just like an engine makes or breaks a vehicle’s performance, the same can be said for game engines, especially for titles like shooters. Lately, we could almost review a game by looking at its engine. Titles using CryEngine have looked great, but suffered horrible performance, especially on consoles.

EveOnlineNEWS Eve Online Celebrating Fanfest 2016

The Eve Online Fanfest 2016 show is in full swing, and includes everything from previews as to where the space-based MMO is heading to presentations about real science from NASA engineers.

Liyla and the shadows of war Palestinian Game Liyla and The Shadows of War Not a Game Says Apple

A game about the Palestine/Israel conflict, Liyla and The Shadows of War, has proved too political for Apple, claiming it isn’t a game. Apple’s double standard regarding politics and its attitude towards games as vehicles for more than just entertainment is problematic, says Chella.

icon251 Jordan Has No Rhythm

Jordan can’t seem to do well in rhythm games, but that never stops him from buying new ones when they come out.

assassin's creed movie trailer Discussing the Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer

This week, on Argue the Toss, Drew and Chella are discussing the Assassin’s Creed movie trailer. The reputation of films of games isn’t particularly glorious, so they approach the topic with some trepidation.

final fantasy IX Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

Welcome. If any of you are regulars here at GiN, you probably remember that I played through Final Fantasy IX last year as part of my New Year’s Resolution. Final Fantasy IX was a very polarizing game for me. I … Continue reading Why Final Fantasy IX Has the Saddest Ending of Any Game

GOTYFEATURE Celebrating The Games of the Year

With more votes ever cast, the GiN Game of the Year contest was certainly a heated one due to having so many great and deserving games to choose from in every category. But the people have spoken. Here are your choices for the Games of the Year!


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