Jump and Shoot in Mega Man Arena

This week’s Time Waster is a fan game called Mega Man Arena that tries to turn the classic Blue Bomber into a battle royal game.

The Surge Shows Super Sci-fi Gaming

If you are looking for gorgeous sci-fi combat coupled with deep character modding in a terribly brutal world, then The Surge, along with its three deep DLC packs, stands ready to issue players its hardcore challenge, where survival is the ultimate prize.

Rural Revenge and Murder in Far Cry: Absolution

Hope County, Montana is the land of the free and home of the brave, but also the headquarters for the fanatical doomsday cult known as The Church of Eden’s Gate. Fighting them lets Far Cry: Absolution take us on a brilliant journey that bodes well for the coming Far Cry 5 game.

Avalon: The Journey Begins Offers Challenging Space Adventure

Clearly a labor of love for developer NewHopeGames, Avalon: The Journey Begins features a deep story and some complex space-exploration of an interesting, procedurally-generated universe that more technical players will likely adore, though this is not a casual experience by any measure.

Racing on the Edge in Data Wing

This week our local Time Waster is in love with a mobile racing game called Data Wing that mixes up the genre and tells an interesting story at the same time.

Ethan Carter Game Mesmerizes With Xbox One X Enhancements

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux is a mystery game that got great accolades when it was originally released, and now is breaking more ground with an enhanced Xbox One X version, plus a new free roam mode that lets you just wander around and admire the views.

Teen Fun In #PrettyBoy Must Die

The PrettyBoy Must Die novel tells the angst ridden tale of a kid who is also a CIA agent living deep undercover. That is, until someone posts a picture of him running track late at night. Now he’s earned a terrible nickname, and the wrath of several hitmen.

ChromaGun: Like Adding Colors to Portal

You can think of ChromaGun as a deep puzzle game with a great physics engine backing it. Or, you could consider it a clone of Portal with a few added and colorful features. Both descriptions would be correct.

Rotating Brave is a Unique Spin on Platformers

Billy’s old phone is quickly approaching death, so he got a new one this week and decided to test it out with a 2D platformer called Rotating Brave.

Eat, Slay, Love with Monster Hunter World

Epic is too tiny a word to describe the new Monster Hunter World game, now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are at least 80 hours of tracking, hunting and fighting monsters ready for players, spread across a massive world that is as deadly as it is beautiful.

Delving into Dark Federation History with Drastic Measures

The utopian vision of Starfleet takes a beating in Drastic Measures, a novel set at the time of the Star Trek: Discovery television show. Governmental mistakes compound suffering for one planet, and shape the destiny of several Star Trek characters.

The Invaders are Back in Space Invaders Extreme

It’s been over 40 years since the original Space Invaders began assimilating piles of quarters from obsessed players in darkened arcades worldwide. Now, the little high-stepping aliens are back in the gorgeous Space Invaders Extreme.

Why Don’t We Have PS4 and Xbox Crossplay Yet?

There have been a very few limited windows in the game industry when true platform crossplay almost happened. But you might have to go back to 56K modems to find them. Really, console crossplay’s time has come, so why is someone dragging it’s feet?

What Happened with GiN Last Week?

Michael’s got a quick explanation for what happened to the website the past few days, and he’s included some links to the last two days worth of blog posts as well. Check it out after the jump!

Chrono Trigger Can’t Catch a Break

At this point I really do believe Square Enix just likes making its fans cry, because there’s no other reason Chrono Trigger on Steam should look as bad as it does.

Welcome Back To GiN!

Apologies for the Gameindustry.com site being down for the past week. Our wonderful user base has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to all of you, and we needed to upgrade our infrastructure to accommodate everyone. Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you enjoy the new site!

International Women’s Day 2018: The Women Behind Great Games

This week we celebrate great games made by women for International Women’s Day. There are quite a few, with amazingly talented women working in programming, graphics, sound and everywhere else. Did we get them all?

New GWENT Open Tourney Begins

The March GWENT Open will see the season’s highest ranked Pro Ladder players compete for Crown Points and a share of the $25,000 prize pool. Tournament finalists will advance to the April GWENT Challenger, set to take place deep underground in “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, Poland.

Building an Accessible Apocalypse with Cedar Games

Cedar Games is a five-person studio based in Cologne that is pushing some really big ideas, like an apocalyptic RPG that is customizable enough to be loved by casual gamers, hardcore role-players, PvP warriors and sim-loving crafters. Find out what strange magic is going into the development of their premiere Z-Alert game.

Florence Ken Wong on Florence – a love story for mobile

Lead designer of Monument Valley, Ken Wong, releases the first game from his Melbourne studio, Mountains. Florence is a game about love and Wong discusses the challenges of portraying romance in games.


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