Westerado-Double-Barreled-front Gunslingin’ in Westerado: Double Barreled

This week out Time Waster checked out Westerado: Double Barreled, which is a western-set game all about avenging your family. Is it worth a buy?

RoomsLetsPlayPreview Let’s Preview Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle from Handmade Game is out on May 1st, but we got an exclusive preview play-through of some of the innovative new levels. See if we can noodle out a few of these impossibly fun puzzles.

Max and Chloe Life is Strange Reviewing Life is Strange Episode Two: Out of Time

The second episode of Life is Strange is out now, and brings with it new characters and a decidedly darker element to the delightful storyline. Join our reviewer as she rewinds time and tries to be kind in face of it all those new challenges.

SupremeRulerUltimateVIDEOre Conquering The World With Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Supreme Ruler Ultimate was the Gameindustry.com Game of the Year for strategy titles. Now packed with new features, online editor Neal Sayatovich gives it a new spin. This time, he tries something really new, taking the state of Ohio for a spin. Can Ohio conquer the world?

GOTepisodethreeFEATURE Game of Thrones: The Sword in the Darkness Hits Hard

Episode Three of Game of Thrones: The Sword in the Darkness by Telltale Games introduces some new characters, deeper mysteries and surprises. It’s the best of the series so far, and that is saying a lot given how good this series is becoming.

grandia-2 New Year’s Resolution Quarterly Update

Billy is working hard on his New Year’s resolution to beat a bunch of games on his backlog and he has an update on his progress so far.

GOTY2014feature GiN Games of the Year Revealed

The votes are counted, and we are finally ready to reveal the top game of the year in various categories, as chosen by thousands of GiN readers like you. Did the best games win?

You would dare purchase a fatality move against me!?! Mortal Kombat X’s Easy Fatalities Sale

Todd has been Ready to Fight since Mortal Kombat X was announced. Now that it’s out, he’s busy unlocking all the characters and skins, and combatting the new controversy that’s allowing people to purchase fatality moves.

BCCFEATURE Baltimore Comic-Con Grows Every Year

GiN Publisher Nate Wooley visits Baltimore Comic-Con, and finds a show on the rise that can now be considered in the same breath as the giant cons we all know.

Mass Effect 4 Leaks Perusing the Mass Effect 4 Leaks

Chella delves into the Mass Effect 4 marketing survey, which allegedly reveals key details about BioWare’s next space opera. She looks at the ship, gameplay, possible characters and new alien races.

icon201 Computer Troubles at Home

Jordan is having computer troubles this week and can’t help bu to compare it to Pokemon.

1372167-silver_surfer_warm_up_by_diablo2003 Marvel Games We’d Like to See

This episode of Argue the Toss is our most prophetic yet. Recorded earlier this week, it predicts a world where Marvel and TellTale are working together to create an awesome comics, meets games situation. Plus James and Chella have a special guest in to talk about Marvel games we’d like to see.

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