Videogame Baseball Season Begins with RBI 18

The RBI Baseball series has always been known for great ballpark details and arcade action, and RBI Baseball 18 keeps that tradition going. Despite some oddball glitches, the new game is lots of fun for fans, and keeps its roster updated daily throughout the season.

An Adventurous Tale with the Good Guys

Having jumped late into reviewing another series of Steven Brust’s books, we were excited to catch up with the new Good Guys novel, which is billed as a completely standalone tale. It doesn’t disappoint for action, plotting, quirkiness or comedy.

Mulaka Blends Classic Gaming With Rich Cultural Heritage

Mulaka is a solid, fun entry into the action-adventure genre. But the greatest and most enduring feature that Mexico-based developer Lienzo treats its players to is a well-researched and deep cultural history of the Tarahumara region, history and peoples.

Let’s Play Into The Breach’s Tactical Mech Combat

From the makers of FTL, Into The Breach is a turn-based mech combat game with some very unique elements, like enemies that show you exactly what they plan to do, and an unlimited number of timelines for re-trying battles. Come watch us blast some bugs!

More Fun-loving Trouble with Personal Demons

What could go wrong when dating both an Angel and a Demon, much less taking them both home for Christmas dinner with the family? Personal Demons continues the interesting saga of our hero Alex as he deals with divine visitations, supernatural enemies, and the echoes of reincarnation.

Chasing Old School JRPG Greats with Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, Battle Chasers: Nightwar has already won a legion of fans on other platforms. And why not? It’s hearkens back to a time of JRPG goodness, and packs a bigger punch than just nostalgia.

There’s Just One Boss

I’m finally off my new smartphone high this week and am returning to browser games. This is always where the heart of the Time Waster has been, and this week we look at There’s Just One Boss, a clever game whose title is slightly deceiving.

A Stunning Mystery from The Council

The Council is not your normal narrative-based game. It has an ingenious system in place to help build out your character while keeping the focus solidly on the fascinating, Lovecraftian story. Those who love deep narratives will want to check out this new episodic masterpiece.

Casing a Spell with The Midnight Front

Sailing in on the popularity of the World War II genre, The Midnight Front novel bridges the gap between historical fiction and urban fantasy, adding sorcery and magic to the WWII storytelling arsenal.

An Atomically Good New Game Service

The new Utomik gaming service offers unlimited play with any titles on their platform for a few dollars a month. We dive into the beta to see if this new method of providing games is going to make a big splash with gamers in a crowded field.

Trap Dungeons 2 is Actually Fun

This week’s Time Waster is Trap Dungeons 2, which promises to frustrate players that enjoy difficult and cheap platformers.

A Realistic RPG with Dirty Fingernails: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most realistic, historically accurate RPGs ever created. Journey into a world where you are anything but a hero, and try to scratch and survive as a peasant in a muddy, dirty, impoverished medieval kingdom. It’s actually great fun!

The King of Kong Con

For years, everyone believed that gamer Billy Mitchell earned the first one million point score on Donkey Kong, but a deeper investigation into the matter has uncovered a more sinister truth. Mitchell’s Twin Galaxies score has been voided, and the gamer banned from further score submissions for life.

TNT: Talisman Emperor Chapters 41-80 by Xiao Jinyu

Michael’s back for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday with the continuation of Chen Xi’s adventures. It’s Talisman Emperor Chapters 41-80 by Xiao Jinyu!

Is Monster Hunter World Too Easy?

Monster Hunter World has been out for a while now, and that’s given players plenty of time to sink their teeth into the game. However, some veterans can’t help but feel it was made easier to draw in a larger audience.

GiN Game of the Year Winners

The voting is finally complete. Come see what games earned a coveted GiN Game of the Year award in each category following an incredibly heated battle where thousands of gamers let their choices be known. Did the best games win? Find out right now!

A Good Society I played Jane Austen RPG A Good Society, and It’s Great

A Good Society is a Jane Austen inspired tabletop RPG and Chella got her hands on a preview copy to test with her roleplaying friends. No dice, no GM and no prewritten campaign – A Good Society is an RPG with a difference that lets players drive the story.

Isle of Dogs Isle of Dogs review: Wes Anderson’s latest charms and offends

Wes Anderson doesn’t have a clean record when it comes to representing people of color well, but Isle of Dogs is his worst yet. If you can overlook the cultural appropriation, color coding and white savior, it’s a charming film with beautiful animation. Drew and Chella discuss in this episode of Argue the Toss.

Stunlock Partners with Twitch and Nexon for Battlerite Pro League

Teams of three Battlerite Pro League players can sign up for the qualifiers to earn a slice of the $80,000 prize pool. Twitch is the exclusive live streaming partner for the league, while Nexon is handling production and distribution for the league in Korea.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Shenanigans

Capcom has finally announced the details of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 releases, and yet again Switch owners are getting the short end of the stick with no physical release of the second collection. Despite the second collection getting a physical release in Japan.

Building an Accessible Apocalypse with Cedar Games

Cedar Games is a five-person studio based in Cologne that is pushing some really big ideas, like an apocalyptic RPG that is customizable enough to be loved by casual gamers, hardcore role-players, PvP warriors and sim-loving crafters. Find out what strange magic is going into the development of their premiere Z-Alert game.


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