Digimon Heroes Is Still A Rookie

This week Billy is checking out a Digimon Heroes on his smartphone and he’s really hoping it’ll live up to his expectations as a Digimon fan.

Semispheres Offers Both Calm and Challenge

For those who appreciate puzzle games, Semispheres is one of the most innovative we’ve seen in a while. It’s calm and serene on the surface, but it’s challenges are downright diabolical once you get behind that pretty facade.

A Magical Tale is Born in The World Walker

The World Walker perfectly blends sci-fi and fantasy in a tale about the birth of magic in our world. Considering few books mix that so seamlessly, it makes for a great read despite a few overused clichés.

Iconic Adventure with Through the Gate in the Sea

In Pathfinder Tales: Through the Gate in the Sea, readers are treated to a sea tale, inter-dimensional travel, a complex commentary on imperialism and a good old fashioned abandoned ancient city.

Tales of Berseria Delivers a Darker, Deeper RPG Adventure

The Sixteenth entry in the series, Tales of Berseria, breaks a lot of traditions to bring us a much darker story filled with murder, revenge and vengeance. Combined with a fine-tuned combat system, Berseria will appeal to Tales fans and RPG lovers of all stripes.

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre Brings the Fun to Mobile

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is the Time Waster this week and it has Billy all nostalgic for one of the first Time Waster reviews he ever wrote.

The Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta Exlemplifies Stealth Combat

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a first person open world shooter where the player takes the role of either a sniper, ghost or warrior and defeat the Separatists in the country of Georgia. We were able to jump into the beta with main character Jon North, former marine and sniper as he conducts special operations. Come see how this realistic shooter is progressing.

Shocking Tank Dueling with ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live brings the classic turn-based strategy battle dueling genre home for a new generation of players. Load the perfect shell. Calculate the shot. And let loose some crazy death. It’s big fun, with even bigger explosions.

Flying High with Star Trek: Headlong Flight

Captain Picard and the Enterprise-E are in for some dimensional shifting in the riveting Star Trek: The Next Generation: Headlong Flight novel. This is classic sci-fi with Star Trek Next Generation action and storytelling at its best.

Intrigue-driven Fantasy with Treachery’s Tools

Filled with political intrigue and deep dialog, Treachery’s Tools is a fine read for those who prefer a more cerebral fantasy story. It’s also the tenth book in the series, so you may want to go back and read the originals to get full enjoyment here.

Spheroids Destroying Giant Bouncing Aliens In Spheroids

A Canadian boy named Lucas learns of an Alien invasion from an alternative universe by a crazy scientist. It is up to him to save the cubic world with only grappling hooks to destroy the giant bouncy alien heads. A 2D platform game, Spheroids is a lot of bizarre sci-fi fun.

Alpha Preview: Android Hunter A

This week Billy is switching gears from Time Wasting to checking out an alpha version of a new Mega Man X-inspired game called Android Hunter A.

GiN’s Hargosh Goes 4K Ultra HD

After months of planning, Todd finally gets all the equipment together to set up a monster 4K Ultra HD gaming system. Equipped with both a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One S, he’s playing new games and remastered classics in improved resolutions.

Bringing a Switch to Online Prices

Online prices for the Nintendo Switch are making the console sound even as we get closer to its launch.

Announcing the 2016 GiN Game of the Year Awards

By almost any measure, the year 2016 was a good one for gamers. We ended up with multiple titles in every genre. There was almost certainly something for everyone this year, from casual titles to hardcore adventures and RPGs, detailed … Continue reading Announcing the 2016 GiN Game of the Year Awards

Games Industry Shows Solidarity in Wake of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

The video games industry responded to Trump’s immigration executive order, known as the ‘Muslim ban’, in a variety of ways. Chella highlights the show of solidarity displayed by the games industry, as we wait to see how it will all end and what impact it will have.

GiN eSports Competition News: January Highlights

Check out the January edition of GiN eSports coverage for the latest news and competition highlights from around the world. Read about the latest from Call of Duty World League, Overwatch, and League of Legends. More competitions are headed in the next months and there is even a movie in the works.

Must Play Indie Games of 2017 Argue the Toss Reveals the 7 Must Play Indie Games of 2017

With so many great indie games to choose from this year, Drew and Chella have whittled it down to the essential 7 must play indies of 2017. This week’s Argue the Toss podcast is all about those quality games with something different to offer.

GiN Meets with Lord British, Richard Garriott

GiN reporter Marie Brownhill got the rare opportunity to sit down with the legendary Richard Garriott, better known as Lord British. We talk about his new game Shroud of the Avatar, his days with Ultima Online, and what it means to make a great games.

DragonCon’s Discussion on Gender, Race and Sexuality in Videogames

At DragonCon, GiN was able to chat with Comics and Popular Arts Conference speaker Johnathan Flowers, a doctoral candidate in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University. His research focuses on Japanese Aesthetics and the philosophy of race, gender and sexuality.


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