Supreme Ruler: The Great War Epic Belgian Defense

BattleGoat Studios masterful Supreme Ruler series goes to World War I in The Great War, now available as a standalone game or as a free DLC to Supreme Ruler Ultimate. In this run, we take on the role of Belgium, which heroically held out against Germany’s ten times larger army for a month, and arguably saved Paris from a quick capture.

Here, we see if we can do any better, with a skillful combination of diplomacy, military technology research, entrenched troops and expeditionary forces that Germany did not expect! So how did we do? Come and see if our September surprise paid off.

And check out our full review of the game!

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One thought on “Supreme Ruler: The Great War Epic Belgian Defense”

  1. Thanks to GiN for playing our game!

    Please note: There is an error in the details, the DLC is not free. If you purchase SRGW, you get the DLC version for free and vice versa, but SRU and SRGW are purchased separately. SRGW is the same price in both formats.

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