Minecraft and Lego Meet Railroad Tycoon in Clever Unrailed

Hey guys welcome back to another awesome Saturday with yours truly! Hope you all are staying warm as this giant snow storm rolls over. Today we’re getting a look at a really cool yet nostalgic looking game called Unrailed! Guys this is perfect for anyone who enjoys trains. It’s really a game for all ages. Also, if you love Minecraft or Lego’s, you’ll love Unrailed! Let’s get the train rolling, shall we?

The goal of the game is to build your tracks for your train to get to the next station before you run out of tracks. You have to cut and mine your materials as quickly as you can to make sure your train keeps going. You also have to watch out for complications like rivers, villains and overheating. As easy as this game looks, it’s a bit harder than one thinks.

Unrailed reminds me of a mashup between the old Minecraft and the Lego games. It’s instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to get used to right off the bat. It’s pretty easy, because it’s not like other gather/build games where you have to pick up your tools and then press another button to cut/mine what you need. Not Unrailed! Sure you have to push a button to gather your tools and material, but you can just walk right up the tree/stone and your guy just goes to town. The movement of your guys is pretty smooth and you have a chance to run if you need to.

Another thing I really like about Unrailed is that you have the ability to play by yourself or with other people. You and your friends can get online and work as a team! But I’ll tell you my favorite part of the game. When you upgrade your train you can walk over, pick it up and plop it down anywhere you choose for maximum optimization. The next game you play will have your new stuff.

But hey that’s not all, if you play by yourself you have a robot to help you. For access to the extra controls you can press the control button and tell him to do what you want. He’ll already be doing something stuff for you. For me, the robot was already cutting down some trees. So it was nice to be able to focus on cutting down trees.

So I mentioned villains before. There are going to men that take your hard earned materials to build tracks and toss them off the side of the cliff. Rude! If that wasn’t enough you do have obstacles like say, mountains you can’t mine. That’s ok, you have the ability to use dynamite. But only when you have the TNT cart equipped, so make sure you load that one up if you want to make some serious booms to cut through the mountains.

Last thing I wanted to talk about really quick is that even though your train moves slowly, once it hits a new area and the old area is off screen, you can’t go back to that place. Which is a pain in the rear if you left you all the materials back there in a stack. So it’s best to keep up with the pile. That goes for tools too. You can leave those behind and there’s no way to retrieve them after they’re gone. Keep everything moving forward alongside your train.

In conclusion, this game is pretty rad and every can play it. It doesn’t just have to be for train enthusiasts. Seriously, Unrailed reminds me of my Out of Space review, where lots of people can play the game together. Best of all you can hang out with your friends. Seriously try this game out, it’s harder than it looks, and tons of fun. Modern Gamer out!

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