Synth Saturday: Darth Vader Hero of Naboo Chapters 11-20 by AkumaKami

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with another set of chapters  in a Fic I enjoyed. It’s Darth Vader Hero of Naboo Chapters 11-20 by AkumaKami!

Plot: This continues with the story of a time slipped Darth Vader and it continues to impress me with it’s high amounts of engaging content. Frankly I loved this set of chapters, it includes one of the better beatdown scenes I’ve ever experienced across various media. It’s probably not in my top 50, but it’s not a bad scene at all. I will leave the actual details unspecified though to avoid spoilers, but what you think will happen probably won’t.

Characters: We don’t really get introduced to any new characters really, they are all characters any Star Wars fan will be aware of. Still Vader proves to be an enjoyable character in this Fic, which is surprising because I generally don’t like Anakin Skywalker as a character.

Overall: A fun set of chapters in a great fic. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, I really do urge you to do so.

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