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Hey welcome back to another Modern Gamer review! I’m your Host Melissa Pierce and I’ll be telling you all about this awesome new game Ciel Fledg: A Daughter Raising Simulator! But first let me go ahead and say power to the people who are essential workers! You guys are the back bone of our society, providing help wherever you can. Thank you for all your hard work. Also going to share some cool things about game making. But first let me dazzle you with this new gem I got here! Picture it!

You’re in a futuristic Dystopian world where humans have lived in these hovercrafts called Arks in the sky. This is all due to an alien species trying to take over the earth. Ark Seven was shot down, leaving behind a single child. She has no memories or recollection, and you are now tasked to raising this young girl for the next ten years.

Game play is interesting, this is a lot like an RPG. You have to choose your background and what kind of job you do. It’s all dependent on how your new daughter will grow up on Ark 5.

You can be earth born, making you stronger than the rest of the inhabitance, Arkborn natural, which makes you more intellectual and refined, but you can only explore land for 5 days. Finally there’s Ark Grown, where you are a test tube baby and even though you came from Ark 5, your friendliness is down 25%. You can also choose different types of strong points in the game. I chose imagination and became an architect. Which means my kid will be crafting a lot sooner than most.

The game play is really cool. It reminds me of Star Dew Valley, but when raising a kid. FYI, you are supposed to try and raise an upright citizen. You can schedule out your week, plan out meals, making sure your kid isn’t too overwhelmed and you can even fight in the game! You also get to talk to your kid, but be very careful what you say though. This game is more involved than it looks. Everything you do results in who your daughter will grow up to be.

The game is interesting for sure. I like the art. It’s very clean and the graphic design is otherworldly, which reminds me of a few really great anime series. The story itself reminds me of Last Exile with a parent attached. The game looks like it was developed in an engine very similar to Ren’Py.

Ceil Fledge is easily the most unique game I’ve ever played. There’s a lot involved and it will definitely keep you busy while on lockdown. This is great for gamers who like heavily involved games and storylines. Seriously the back story here is awesome. I feel like I’m playing an anime instead of watching one. If you love domestic slice of life titles with a cool sci-fi flair, Ceil Fledge is for you!

Before I go, I wanted to share some extra notes about the Ren’Py engine. Ren’Py is a free downloadable software that lets you can make readable comics/manga and other story based games with. It’s heavily based on art and the coding is supposed to be easy. However yours truly is terrible at coding. I don’t understand a line of it. But feel free to try you luck. They have a pretty nice support group too. So what are you waiting for? Get a team together and maybe one day I’ll be doing a review for your game! Good Luck!

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